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Maybank has recently launched a completely revamped version of it’s main website (Not to be confused with the online banking service, Maybank2u) –

It’s a lot bolder, brighter and fresher than the old design – which is quite innovative for a Malaysian bank, I hope this leads on to more innovate products from Maybank in the coming year.

It has a similar style to the Metro type interface on Windows Phone and the newly launched Windows 8 (favouring a text based rather than graphical navigation, in a block format). New Website

It looks great on phones and tablets and anything with a narrow viewport, the site layout is dynamic and responsive. On a Mobile Phone

When viewing on a mobile it has a near drop down menu that replaces the large spanning menu. Mobile Navigation

All the relevant information is there with sliding/ticker type dynamic content and the interior pages following the same design queues.

There’s information on:

  • Investor Relations – Annual Reports, Key Financial Data, Bursa Announcements etc
  • Scholarships – Like the Maybank Foundation Scholarship
  • Careers – If you’d wish to join Maybank
  • News – Latest publications and articles pertaining to Maybank
  • Maybank International – Operations in Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and Hong Kong Careers

It’s good to see a local bank moving with the times, with a lot of consumption happening on mobile platforms now – it’s highly important for companies to have websites where information can be easily accessed on the phone or tablet.

Of course it’s important it looks great on the desktop too, which it does.

I’ll be interested to see if Maybank2u will be undergoing a similar revamp with a responsive/mobile friendly design – that would be a good idea for Maybank to look at IMHO.

I checked a few of the other major Malaysian banking websites and non that I found had anything near to a responsive design, most of them in fact seem to be stuck at Web1.0 and haven’t even caught up with Web2.0 yet – and here’s Maybank hitting up mobile/tablet friendly design. Kudos for that.

I genuinely hope more Malaysian companies follow suit (not just banks) as the general landscape of websites in Malaysia is quite hideous.

Anyway do check it out here:




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