Petronas Motorsports Interactive Wall @ KLCC

So Petronas Motorsports has this cool Interactive Wall installation going on in the KLCC Visitors center, to find it you just need to go to Tower 1 and take the escalator down. It basically looks like a huge TV with some metallic shapes on it, if you spot this:

Petronas Motorsports Interactive Wall

You have found it – well done 🙂 It’s right opposite the place where you get tickets and queue up to go up the Petronas Twin Towers to the skybridge.

Petronas Twin Towers

This is how it looks in it’s default state with the liquid at one side and the metal at the other, you can see the queue of people going up the towers.

Petronas Motorsports Interactive Wall

It’s powered by a nifty Kinect sensor that detects motion and the action on the screen follows what you do.

Kinect Sensor

You can see how it works in this video here:

It’s up until January 18th, so if you’re around KLCC area go and check it out – it’s pretty cool.




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