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Windows 8 Pro – My Thoughts & Review So Far

Windows 8 is a very integrated type of OS, it’s what made me excited about Maemo back when I first got my Nokia N9. It’s been something many companies have been trying to do for a long time.

Remove the need for so many apps, and integrate all the things people really use often tightly with the operating system. It’s something phone operating systems like iOS and Android have come along with much further than desktop versions (so far). But with Windows 8, things are changing. There’s finally a truly cross device OS with a seamless experience on your phone, your tablet and your desktop.

Plus you login directly to the OS itself using your Windows Live/MSN account – pretty convenient! The thing which everyone talks about, and works so beautifully on touch screen appliances is the Metro UI Start Center. It’s an extremely visual and self explanatory representation of what you might want to on your computer.

Windows 8 Metro UI

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