The Apartment – Style Edition

It might surprise some people to know that I love watching home makeover and interior decoration shows (along with cooking shows of course !). It helps I’m from the UK so we are bombarded with such shows every night, I guess I really started watching them more though when I was buying a house and had to start thinking of renovation.

I even started a new category on my blog for the house and renovation, although the whole process wore me out so much I never ended up writing much about it.

I’m not the most stylish fella on the block, even I’ll admit that – so some inspiration from flamboyant designers and epic homes really helps. I really enjoy watching Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud, which is shown often on Hypp.TV – so it’s very accessible here in Malaysia. But honestly the stuff they do on that show is way out of my reach.

Kevin McCloud

Another show in a similar vein that I enjoy watching is Changing Rooms with the rather flamboyant Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen>

It’s a much more accessible and practically useful show though as it just focuses on overhauling one room with a limited budget.

I was glad to hear there’s a makeover show in our very own Malaysia, and it get’s better than that – one of the judges is Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen himself!

The Apartment Style Edition premiers with 8 teams of amateur designers competing for the biggest prize in design television history that would change their lives forever – A brand new and luxurious apartment at #TheVeo, courtesy of Sime Darby Property.

The show will be hosted by award-winning design icon Jamie Durie and is co-created by Sime Darby Property.

Jamie Durie

The contestants are quite an eclectic mix, the majority having no design experience:

  • Alex & Chelsea – A radio DJ and a fashion model
  • Cynthia & Paula – A performer and a blogger/housewife/mother
  • Paul & Ash – An Aussie Bistro boss in Singapore and a student of biology and chemistry
  • Jesper & Killian – Brothers who have lived continents apart for years
  • Kish & Mera – An event manager and an art director
  • Agri & Clarissa – A fashion blogger and a makeup artist
  • Iva & Philippe – A couple that lives on a boat and travels the world
  • JP & Daniel – Complete strangers that were connected by a mutual friend

I’m looking forwards to watching it!

The Apartment - Style Edition


If you are interested in the show you can find out more on Facebook here:

They’ve also recently come out with a cool app to make the show more interactive called #StyleYourVeo:

Style Your Veo

You can login to the app during/after each episode to unlock new items, you can also share it with your friends or share your design on Facebook to unlock new stuff. The app enables you to decorate a sample room with your choice of furniture (including location & orientation), choose the paint scheme, floor colour and electrical fittings, here’s my attempt:

Style Your Veo

Check it out here –, there are Prizes too! Don’t forget to search for my name ShaolinTiger and vote for me!




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