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The 2012 Das Auto Show In Malaysia – The Icon Is Back

A lot of people remember the 2011 Das Auto Show as it was something very different for Malaysia (plus the issues with queuing etc) – my post about it here:

Volkswagen Das Auto Show – Bukit Jalil – Malaysia 2011

It was a cool show indeed, so when I heard the show was back for 2012 – I looked forward to it! Thankfully the logistics of the whole event was 1000% better this year, there was a cool registration site where could choose your slot and which day you wanted to visit. And of course the location – KL Convention Center is much easier to get to and has better parking than Bukit Jalil.

Plus if you wonder outside, you get to check out the awesome sight that is KLCC – I really have to admire it every time I am near.


Getting in was a breeze, I just needed to enter my pre-registration code at the ticket booths and up popped my name. I was given a wrist-band and in I went, it was pretty packed (I chose the last show on Sunday night).

Das Auto 2012

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