Honda Green Art Project & Hybrid Cars

You know the craze on the roads and in the automotive industry now right? Yes you got it – Hybrid cars. Those magical things which run on both electricity from batteries and petrol as with a conventional combustion engine. They look like this:

Honda Insight

Recently Honda came out with an incredibly sexy car though, the Honda CR-Z (for all those old fans of the classic Honda CR-X):

Honda CR-Z

It’s a mighty good looking car isn’t it? And incredibly good for the planet – the feature I really love about this new generation of Honda Hybrid cars in the coaching feature that changes the colours back-lighting the dials depending on how economically you are driving.

Honda Hybrid Speedo Guidance Function

Another cool thing Honda have been up to lately (apart from making gorgeous cars) is the Green Art Project at the KLCC Convex Tunnel (the tunnel leading to KLCC & the Convention Center).

Instead of just printing the visuals and sticking them on the walls (as any regular company would) they got local artists to draw murals about the environment on the walls instead – to fit in with the theme of being friendly to the environment. Work started on May 7th and completed two days later on May 9th:

Honda Green Art Project

It’s a really cool piece of artwork and I hope it raises awareness about being environmentally friendly – every little helps!

Honda Green Art Project

You can find out more here:




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2 Responses to Honda Green Art Project & Hybrid Cars

  1. KY June 12, 2012 at 4:58 pm #

    the CRZ is one sexy hybrid, love the way it looks, and the center console is so damn pwetty too!

  2. George Lim June 15, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

    It is quite nice in both exterior and interior. May I know where can I take a test drive? The one in PJ area doesn’t have a demo car.

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