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Windows 8 Pro – My Thoughts & Review So Far

Windows 8 is a very integrated type of OS, it’s what made me excited about Maemo back when I first got my Nokia N9. It’s been something many companies have been trying to do for a long time.

Remove the need for so many apps, and integrate all the things people really use often tightly with the operating system. It’s something phone operating systems like iOS and Android have come along with much further than desktop versions (so far). But with Windows 8, things are changing. There’s finally a truly cross device OS with a seamless experience on your phone, your tablet and your desktop.

Plus you login directly to the OS itself using your Windows Live/MSN account – pretty convenient! The thing which everyone talks about, and works so beautifully on touch screen appliances is the Metro UI Start Center. It’s an extremely visual and self explanatory representation of what you might want to on your computer.

Windows 8 Metro UI

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The Apartment – Style Edition

It might surprise some people to know that I love watching home makeover and interior decoration shows (along with cooking shows of course !). It helps I’m from the UK so we are bombarded with such shows every night, I guess I really started watching them more though when I was buying a house and had to start thinking of renovation.

I even started a new category on my blog for the house and renovation, although the whole process wore me out so much I never ended up writing much about it.

I’m not the most stylish fella on the block, even I’ll admit that – so some inspiration from flamboyant designers and epic homes really helps. I really enjoy watching Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud, which is shown often on Hypp.TV – so it’s very accessible here in Malaysia. But honestly the stuff they do on that show is way out of my reach.

Kevin McCloud

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How To Transfer/Export Your SMS From iPhone iOS & Import To Android

Well I’ve finally decided (with a little help) to ditch the only Apple device I own, my previously trusty iPhone 4. I’ve had it for almost exactly 2 years (got it the day it launched, October 2010). The Samsung Galaxy S3 did interest me a fair bit, but really the Note 2 is such a beast – who could resist?

Especially for someone my size. Anyway I was waiting eagerly for the iPhone 5 announcement and it was extremely underwhelming, then I installed iOS6 hoping it would make my life better – but it only made it worse (Google maps…are still the best). Anyway I’ll write more about this is another post, as the purpose of this post is instructional and related to something that took me a while to figure out.

Most of my stuff is already in the cloud (Gmail for contacts, Dropbox for files etc) – but SMS is the one thing that’s still stored locally in the phone and I had no idea how to get my SMS out of my iPhone into my Android. I had 1000+ messages so I’d prefer to keep them, I mean I could probably ditch them and survive, but I’d prefer to bring them along on the Note 2 journey if I could.

What I found out is as long as iTunes backup isn’t password protected or encrypted, you can extract your SMS from the iOS database and convert it to XML – which you can then import to Android. So here’s how you do it:

1) First step, plug your iPhone in and sync it with iTunes so you have the latest backup
2) Navigate to one of these folders depending on your operating system:

Windows 7 and Windows Vista: %AppData%\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\ (\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\)
Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/
(There will be a folder, or a few with a bunch of random looking characters, navigate into the one with the most recent timestamp.)

3) Locate the file named – 3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28

iPhone SMS Database

4) Upload that file to – this site will take the database, and convert it into an Android friendly format, you will have to pay $7.99USD to download the full file though – but at least you can see from the preview if it worked correctly.

Convert to XML

5) Choose the option – XML for Android right click, “Save as…” – you’ll get a file called android.xml
6) Install the following Android App on your phone – SMS Backup & Restore
7) Plug your Android phone into your computer, copy the android.xml file into the mass storage device in the folder named SMSBackupRestore
8) Detach your phone from your computer and open the SMS Backup & Restore app, choose Restore and select the android.xml app – confirm the import and it’ll make it happen.

SMS Backup & Restore

9) The end!

Happy now with my iPhone SMS on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 馃檪

SMS on Android!

P.S. I found a free site that does the same, but I tried multiple times and it didn’t work properly so I opted to save myself the hassle and pay 8 bucks, feel free to try the other site if you want –

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Movie Review – The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – Mind = BLOWN

The Dark Knigh Rises (2012)

Eight years on, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham’s finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy.

Obviously this film was some time back, but I’ve been quite a fail blogger as late….and I’ve been meaning to write about it for ages. Now another film has come along that I want to write about (guess what?) – so I need to get this out of the way first.

So far, as 2012 goes, this is still the film of the year for me – and quite possibly one of the best films of all time in my books. Of course I watched in full IMAX glory, and it blew my face off.

I was literally on the edge of my seat for the entire 165 minutes – which makes it rather a long film. But did it feel long? Not at all. It’s at 8.8 on IMDB and already #29 on the top 250. I believe it’ll go higher, quite probably into the top 10 at some point. At least I think it deserves to be there anyway.

Batman Begins started the trilogy way back in 2005, and I think, heralded a new era in darker – more realistic super hero movies. Then The Dark Knight came along in 2008 and blew us away with the creepy, truly scary rendition of the joker.

And then July 2012 came, and the movie we’d all been waiting 4 years for came around – The Dark Knight Rises. Christian Bale was once again phenomenal as Batman, this time showing a wounded, much more human portrayal. An older, frailer Batman – not something we’d seen in the comic book style movies that came previously.

Christian Bale as Batman

And then there was Catwoman, who didn’t love Michelle Pfeiffer and well…Halle Berry was just disastrous. But Anne Hathaway – yummy! Great casting, and it was a much more realistic spin on the whole thing…rather than some old spinster getting eaten by her cats and getting super powers. She’s just a hot cat burglar…in a tight leather suit…mmmmm

Anyway enough about her. On to Bane, Bane scared the shit out of me – seriously. He was just quietly terrifying, and you could imagine when he hit you…it REALLY hurt. He was such a brute, but so fast and dextrous.

Quite possibly the best villain ever seen on the silver screen.

Tom Hardy as Bane

The action sequences in this movie were amongst the most immense I’ve ever seen, the score, the cinematography – everything just culminated into audio-visual mindfuck. The stadium scene, with the sweeping panaromic shots and the bass of the explosion rumbling in your stomach..That my friends is movie making.

There’s not much more I can say about this film, and there probably isn’t much more I need to say as you’ve most likely seen it already. And if you haven’t you’re silly because it’s not on IMAX any more.

I give this film 10/10 as I truly can’t think of anything I’d want to improve upon.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Launch – Plaza Low Yat – Malaysia October 29th 2012

I’m a LONG time Microsoft Windows user, I’ve been using Windows since before many of you were born…I was using Windows 3.11 when it was 16-bit way back in 1996. And before that I used DOS.

I’ve used Windows 3.11, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE & ME (blurgh), Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and I absolutely LOVE Windows 7 64-Bit – that’s what I use on all my machines now.

To be honest I’ve been looking forwards to Windows 8as they’ve concentrated a lot more on the UI/UX aspects (which is where Apple has historically been strongest). Windows has had all the features Apple has had for YEARS, they just never polished them up or marketed them properly (with catchy names like TimeMachine). I could see that changing in Windows 7 and they seem to be getting there with Windows 8.

Plus Windows 8 has a massive focus on cross device user experience, tailored for touch screen so it works amazingly well on your phone and you get the same seamless experience on your tablet and your touch screen laptop/notebook. There is a desktop mode too (for those dinosaurs like me who love the keyboard).

Anyway back to the launch, it was held in Plaza Low Yat on Monday October 29th 2012 (yah 2 days after my wedding!) and it was packed!

Windows 8 Launch Malaysia

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I Got Married On October 27th 2012 – Officially!

Yah, it seems surreal but it’s all over now. I’m all grown up, I wear a wedding ring..I have a nice watch to wear, I have a beautiful wife and a new awesome extension to my family.

We were surrounded by friends, family and those who mattered – it was an amazing day. I can’t say I enjoyed the lead up to it, it was intense, exhausting and easily the most stressed I’ve ever felt in my life.

But in the end it was worth it, we did amazing, our families helped so much and our heng dais and ji muis were just INCREDIBLE. It wouldn’t have been what it was without all of you and your patience and help.

I’ll write more again later, but I’ll just share the same day edit video we played during dinner of the morning session – for anyone who wasn’t there – enjoy!

Make sure you watch it 720p full screen! And don’t laugh at my singing too much please…

It’s by – – I’m so happy with the video! And they edited that during the afternoon between the morning session and dinner! I can’t wait to see the full thing when it’s done.

And of course I’m super stoked about seeing the pictures by Anna-Rina and Matthew!

What a day! For those that came and enjoyed a special evening with us – I hope you had as much fun as we did 馃檪

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Koh Lipe & Pulau Weh – I Miss You!

Seriously need to sit on the beach and do nothing.

Koh Lipe – November 2011

Koh Lipe

Pulau Weh – March 2012

Pulau Weh

Beach holiday – coming soon!

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Some Reasons I LOVE Malaysia

I clearly love Malaysia, and have done for 8 years – which is why I’m still here! Food is one of the many reasons I love Malaysia.

Lorong Selamat Char Kway Teow

There are plenty more though, and one you may have never guesses – find out more here:

Some Reasons I LOVE Malaysia

Do follow the link above and share my post if you like it 馃檪

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The 2012 Das Auto Show In Malaysia – The Icon Is Back

A lot of people remember the 2011 Das Auto Show as it was something very different for Malaysia (plus the issues with queuing etc) – my post about it here:

Volkswagen Das Auto Show 鈥 Bukit Jalil 鈥 Malaysia 2011

It was a cool show indeed, so when I heard the show was back for 2012 – I looked forward to it! Thankfully the logistics of the whole event was 1000% better this year, there was a cool registration site where could choose your slot and which day you wanted to visit. And of course the location – KL Convention Center is much easier to get to and has better parking than Bukit Jalil.

Plus if you wonder outside, you get to check out the awesome sight that is KLCC – I really have to admire it every time I am near.


Getting in was a breeze, I just needed to enter my pre-registration code at the ticket booths and up popped my name. I was given a wrist-band and in I went, it was pretty packed (I chose the last show on Sunday night).

Das Auto 2012

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Staying Clean & Getting Manly With Dettol

So I have a dog, he’s an English Cocker Spaniel, he’s awesome and his name is Charlie. I used to walk him every night, but recently Kim has been really busy so now I have to walk him every night…AND every morning.


The night isn’t so bad, it’s quiet, pretty cool and usually pleasantly breezy – and well I believe in treating my dog right, so I don’t just take him out to the grass verge to do his business. He get’s a proper walk, it’s approximately 1.6km – twice a day.

He get’s pretty excited when it’s walkies time, especially when he’s busting for a pee.


The difference being in the day…it’s hot – REALLY hot and we do have massive amounts of fun…but it’s really sweaty.

Hanging out with #emocharlie

Yah sometimes I have to take a rest..And it’s not sweaty in a glistening way, sweaty in a omg my sweat is sweeating kind of way. Half way through, I’m soaked and getting pretty warm.

Sweaty mofo

So when I get home, I have to take a nice, long cold shower…and usually end up smelling like lemons or flowers or something. But no more! I do already use Dettol shower-gel and I love it, but finally they have come out with a new High Performance for Men range.

Dettol High Performance for Men

And for those that like it oldskool, or travel a lot (like me) there’s a soap option too.

Dettol High Performance for Men

So now you can smell manly, and get that deep down clean that Dettol provides (kill 99% of germs, germs make BO etc)..

Dettol is also giving you the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S3. All you need to do is the survey (which is actually quite fun!) and think of a good slogan.

Dettol Survey

The questions are kinda humourous..

Dettol Survey

You can participate at the Facebook page here:

Dettol Malaysia

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