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New Years Resolutions & R U Ready?!

New years resolutions, interesting things aren’t they – I’ve mentioned them a couple of times and I even made some half arsed resolutions back in 2004 here – Random Crapola.

I don’t usually make resolutions, as I said back in this post – Welcome 2009!

Do I have any resolutions to make for this coming year? Not really – but I’ve already made some changes that will effect my 2012 hugely – and I’ll be having my wedding of course (if all goes to plan #BRIDEZILLA).

Anyway what would I like to achieve in 2012?

– I’d like to stick to my diet for longer than a month – the slow carb diet does seem to work for me and my weight has been surprisingly stable and going down rather than up over the xmas period.
– As of the above, I’d like to lose weight and my target is to be less than 100kg by January 2013
– Tied in with the above 2, I’d like to get fitter (both cardio and muscle tone) and I plan to get some gear in the back yard and a treadmill to step up my training
– I’d like to achieve some kick-ass shit career wise, I’ve had a good break and now I’m ready to bust some heads and make some awesome things.
– I need to finally revamp my blog which I’ve been intending to do for over a year – this 2007 design is getting old and breaking.
– Take more pictures with my new camera and post them
Travel a lot (and post about my trips in a timely fashion..)
Dive a lot
– Basically work hard and play harder.

That’ll do for now, I’ll take the rest as it comes.


As a side note, if you are thinking of buying a property you might want to check out my note published on the R U Ready page here:

R U Ready to buy a house?

It covers my experience of buying my first house in Malaysia and some of the points you might like to consider.

Make sure you like the R U Ready page here –

R U Ready

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Merry Xmas For 2011 – What A YEAR!

I hope you all have a wonderfully joyful christmas and a very happy new year, I know those of you coming to our inagural xmas feast will surely be having the best xmas EVAR!

We somehow ended up cooking a sit-down dinner for 22 people, we really wanted to move into the new house in time for xmas last year – but we just couldn’t make it and ended up moving in on January 15th. Anyway this year we’ve been in 11 months and we felt ready to rock out a big dinner for maybe 8-12 people….which seemed quite daunting.

When it ended up as 22 people I shit my pants…anyway I think we’ve gotten things under control (including nibbles, 2 appetizers, 4 types of meat for main courses, 3 types of potatoe, a few vegetables, 3 desserts, a cheese board and coffee)…

I’m actually REALLY excited, first time xmas has been special for a long time.

And well seen as though I’m married now, here’s a family picture to fill your hearts with joy 馃榾

Merry Xmas 2011

I’d also like to share this video as well as it really amused me.


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Koh Lipe I Miss You..

All the excitement now is towards xmas and the epic xmas dinner we are preparing for on Sunday. New year is coming soon and new opportunities may be starting soon, who knows. New Year, New Challenges – that’s what I look forwards to.

This picture was actually on the way back from Langkawi to Penang on the slow (and extremely cold) ferry back to some food at New Lane. Awesome sunset, we were all sitting outside until a MASSIVE storm engulfed us because it was simply too cold inside (I measured the temperature at about 23 degrees, none of us had jumpers or jackets..).

Sunset Over the Ocean

I miss Koh Lipe, friends, fun, sun, sea, diving and awesome food every day. I need another holiday stat! It’s quite a journey to get there, but it’s worth it and I’d do it again.

Yes I’ve actually processed all the pics and uploaded them, yes I love the Nikon D7000 馃榾 Yes I will try my best to write properly about the trip soon..

And the other trips I’ve skipped over, I need to get my blogging mojo back – seriously.

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Tiger Balm Really Helps After a Long Drive!

As you might know if you’ve been following my blog, I’ve been on quite a few trips lately like Lang Tengah, Redang and of course the most epic of all Koh Lipe where I got engaged.

I also wrote about Tiger Balm Warm & Cold Plasters recently, another use for them I found is after a long drive.

The small ones are very useful when you are on the move too, you can just slip a couple of packs in your bag and slap them on after sitting in the car for hours, especially after driving for hours you’ll be aching in all kinds of places.

Tiger Balm Plasters

Including your knees, elbows, shoulders and more. The warm plasters really do give me relief after too long in the car (the worst is driving to Redang or Lang Tengah jetty – it’s a 5 hour+ drive!).

It really makes the whole journey much more pleasant! You can get the Tiger Balm plasters at any of the major pharmacy chain stores and many smaller local stalls too.

Tiger Balm Plasters

Tiger Balm Plaster FTW!

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Heineken Thirst 2011 – With Tiesto (And Some Other Drama) – Sepang, Malaysia

Tiesto was phenomenal – absolutely brilliant. I’ve actually seen Tiesto every time he’s visited Malaysia, the first time was WAY back in 2005 and also at Sepang – DJ Tiesto 鈥 Live at Sepang Malaysia! (videos here).

The second time was Tiesto & Cosmic Gate LIVE at Freedom 08 鈥 Port Dickson, Malaysia – also a great party.

He played what we wanted, Maximal Crazy and plenty of tracks from his newer Kaleidoscope album, he also played a few old classics. And he banged it for 3 hours straight, we thought he’s only going to play for 2 hours but he played solid all the way from 11pm till 2am – it was fantastic!

Tiesto at Sepang 2011

Haven’t partied so hard for a long time, and almost all the gang was there.

Partied a little too hard at one point though, and the VIP section barrier collapsed (most likely my fault #fatass) – sorry Celine!

I took a 3ft skydive onto my arse, and Celine fell awkwardly.

The events people were well worried and we had paramedics come over.

Twisted Ankle

Luckily it was just a sprain and I have a massive bruise in my arse! No major injuries though thankfully! Oh my Burt’s Bees Wax lip balm exploded..

Got stuck in the car park for about an hour too before things started moving and we manage to get out of there.

I warned the others that there would be loads of drunk/high people on the way out so be careful..

It didn’t help me though, I still got rear ended by some gurning dude.

My Broken Numberplate

Again thankfully no major damage, a small dent and a shattered number plate.

Will get it fixed and bill the dude for it.

This post was written on my phone whilst lying on a massage bed waiting for a facial mask to dry – so I apologize for any typos

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7 Years Together & Yes We Are ENGAGED!

I don’t really talk much about my personal life on my blog – not my relationship. Honestly I don’t ever remember writing about it here, in plain terms anyway – there are of course plenty of cryptic mentions here and there.

Kim and I have been together for 7 years today, December 6th 2004 was the day we first met and started dating and I’ve never looked back since. It’s our 7th anniversary today and also a very special month, the month we finally got engaged.

This is one of the first pictures of us together that I could find, take on December 24th, 2004 at the Christmas Party we used to have regularly back at KY’s place.

Xmas Party 2004

It’s a pretty typical picture of us, with me looking like a complete idiot (yes I’m not very photogenic). Here’s another example from 2006..

Idiot and Beauty

We’ve been on a lot of trips together, this is about the earliest I could find from September 2005 when we went to Redang with the whole gang. It was an awesome trip, and something we tried to recreate recently with the Koh Lipe trip (even though not everyone was there).

Redang Trip

You’ve probably grasped the theme by now, me looking like a tool and Kim looking hawt – welcome to my life.

I was traveling a lot at that time for work so we didn’t actually get to spend that much time together, which sucked obviously. We did get around Malaysia quite a bit though when I was back, with Penang being our favorite spot back in those days.

I did look back through Facebook for old pictures, but I think we only started using Facebook properly in 2007 – so there are only pictures from 2007 onwards.

Anyway back to the point, we have of course discussed marriage before and it’s something we’ve both agreed that we want. We just weren’t sure how, or when or whatever – so it got pushed back. Especially until the house was fairly well sorted, after all the house did look like this when we first started….so it took a fair amount of work.

The House

The house was a huge step for us, a large commitment that we were taking together (both financially and in life). The next logical step of course, was to get married.

Marriage can become a very technical matter if you let it, something for the family, something for society and something to ‘get out of the way’. I didn’t want to let that happen, I started reading a lot about diamonds..they are after all a girls best friend – whatever your girl says…she’d love a big rock. Of course I’ve watched Blood Diamond and I’ve read about the inflated prices and whatnot, but sometimes life is not about being logical, or doing things which make sense.

Sometimes it’s just about romance, and pleasing the person you hold most dear in your heart. At least that’s what it was for me, I wanted to get the very best diamond ring I could find (and afford of course).

Let me tell you one thing if you’ve never been down that path, it can get very complicated….I ended up dizzy after reading about diamonds for a while. Colour, cut, clarity, dimensions and so on..after extensive research and considering shipping a rock from the US ( if you’re interested). It was hard work getting the ring sorted out ‘undercover’ without Kim working out what I was up to, I managed to order it without arousing suspicious – but then collecting it was another problem.

Thankfully we went for dinner in Gardens with a friend of ours (ohai Lainey), and I pretended to go to the toilet after we’d finished eating. Actually, in reality, I was running downstairs to DeGem to pick up the ring and make-sure everything was ok. Lucky I was wearing my trust cargo shorts so I could shove everything in the pockets without being noticed.

In the end, I think the result was totally worth it. I thought it was very apt to propose at an island (it’s more ‘us’) than in a restaurant or somewhere traditional, I didn’t go for anything complicated or elaborate – my goal was complete and utter surprise..which I think I achieved. Judge yourself – the proposal video is here:

Koh Lipe was beautiful, it was an amazing trip with amazing friends – here are all 9 of us:

Koh Lipe Gang

A perfect place to propose if you ask me, on a beautiful tropical island amongst our nearest and dearest friends. Here we are minutes before the proposal:

Nov 26th - Best Day EVAR

Happy anniversary Boo & congrats on getting engaged 馃槈 Yah, I put a ring on it 馃榾

For reference – here’s a post from Kim’s perspective: A special 7th anniversary 馃檪

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Kids React To Dubstep – wubWuBWUB

Dubstep is so awesome now, so awesome in fact that it got itself some Grammy nominations – wuwu.

Anyway you gotta know I love Dubstep, so check this out –


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