Samsung Galaxy S II – Great Blogging Tool, Great Camera & Much More!

This is definitely my favourite gadget video that came out recently, I’m sure pretty much everyone reading this knows someone who has an iPhone 4 and has dropped it at some point and had it totally smashed up..

It just goes to show how well made the Galaxy S II is and that it’s pretty much resistant to a drop from any height – that’s impressive for something with such a large screen!

Also as far as the I Love Samsung GALAXY S II contest goes, I can empathize with this video by Kimberlycun as I’m a blogger – the large screen, fast processor (dual core) and great WordPress app make for a very good blogging experience on the go.

Plus the camera takes really good quality images (8MP with LED Flash), so rather than a camera and a computer – you can blog entirely from the S II!

And as someone who does business sometimes, the productivity apps on the S II are really good allowing you to respond to queries immediately, view all kinds of documents including PDF files and even edit stuff on the go. As detailed in this video by Yap Thomas.

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I think Android is a superb mobile OS (I own a 10″ Honeycomb tablet) and the marketplace is growing fast meaning your phone can become pretty much whatever you need it to be just by installed cheap or free applications.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is truly a device that can simplify your life – especially for those of us caught up in the digital age. It has great Twitter apps like Plume, great games, it’s fast, slim, light and as you saw in the first video – pretty darn sturdy!

You can check out more here:

What kind of apps would make your life easier on a device like the Samsung Galaxy S II?




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3 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S II – Great Blogging Tool, Great Camera & Much More!

  1. KY October 31, 2011 at 9:58 am #

    it’s a dman good phone that’s for sure! can’t wait for the galaxy nexus too.

  2. myhorng November 1, 2011 at 9:20 am #

    I want an app that makes the batt last forever. Kekeke

  3. ShaolinTiger November 10, 2011 at 3:18 am #

    KY: Time for you to change soon?

    myhorng: Got it’s called the off button 😛

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