Buddy Up – There’s Nothing Better Than Traveling With Your Buddies!

Friends are great, in most part they are what makes life worthwhile. What is even better? Partying with them! I’ve been living in Malaysia for almost 8 years now and a large part of my love for the country has been having a great group of friends to hang out with, eat and travel.

We’ve been partying hard way back since 2004, you can see the original post about it here – The Christmas Experience – yes I’ve been blogging for a LONG time.

Xmas Party 2004

Yes I even blogged about this Redang trip way back in September 2005 – and yes we are still traveling together.

Redang 2005

We may be a little older and look a little different (mostly for the better haha) – but we still love hanging out and traveling together! I just got back from a trip to Lang Tengah with my buddies 2 weeks back and at the end of last year a few of us headed up to Penang for a makan and road trip.

Penang Road Trip

It just makes it better traveling with your buddies, people on the same wavelength as you – they enjoy the same foods, the same pace and the same past-times.

Luckily now you’ve got the chance to go on an awesome trip with your buddies at someone else’s expense! Great Eastern is celebrating its 103rd anniversary and they’re giving away cash and trips worth more than RM55,000!!

Great Eastern Buddy Up

What you’ve got to do is pretty simple:

  1. Create a wish list of your dream holiday getaways.
  2. Share the wish list of your desired getaways with your buddies and invite them to Buddy Up with you.
  3. Go back regularly to the Buddy Up website. Keep sharing your wish list.

Those with the most friends who Buddy Up with them, will be rewarded with fantastic trips of their choice! Best of all, winners get to bring 3 of their friends along too.

There’s really nothing better than going on a holiday with your friends, so join the contest, buddy up and let’s go traveling!

For the winners, you get to go to one of these awesome places:

  • Grand Prize – Adventurous holiday to Hong Kong Disneyland or Dreamworld Gold Coast in Australia, your choice.
  • Second Prize – Shopping extragavanza to Bangkok, Hong Kong or Bandung.
  • Third Prize – Relaxing beach vacation in Phuket, Bali or Club Med Bintan.

If you want to take part or just find out more details about what you can win, do click here:





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