Volkswagen Das Auto Show – Bukit Jalil – Malaysia 2011

The big buzz this past weekend (especially in the automotive world) was about the VW Das Auto Show at Bukit Jalil stadium, we really knew very little about it when we were invited. There’s not many things that can get me up so early in the morning – but cars are one of them!

We headed over to Bukit Jalil early in the morning to be confronted with this rather impressive structure erected in the carpark.

VW Das Auto Show

It was pretty packed when we stepped in with the crowd excited to see the show, there were plenty of familiar faces there.

VW Das Auto Show

We had to pass through multiple rotating doors and then we eventually ended up in a large dome with seating platforms in the center, we were asked by the dome itself to take our seats.

VW Das Auto - Take Your Seats

Elaine Daly was the emcee and introduced us to the experience.

VW Das Auto - Elaine Daly

It was a pretty mind-blowing audio visual experience, the whole dome (360 degrees with full coverage) became a video screen for intricate renders of scenery which rolled out as the cars drove out onto the platform – accompanied with surround sound audio!

VW Das Auto

I captured a video (woohoo I have a dSLR that can take video now!) as it’s easier to watch it than try to explain it. It’s in 1080p for your viewing please (HD FTW!).

Pretty awesome right? You can imagine the scale of it because that’s a Golf GTI and it looks pretty small! There was then a brief intro to each of the cars in the VW range whilst the others circled around on the platform against the video backdrop.

VW Das Auto

There was even a live song performed by a young choir accompanied by the famous rockstress Ella.

VW Das Auto - Ella

Also (one of the highlights for me!) I got to check out the brand new VW 21st Century Beetle and I have to say it looks pretty damn cool.

New 2011 VW Beetle

And well that was pretty much the end of the show!

VW Das Auto 2011

After the show was over we got to walk through a kind of showroom area where they had all the cars for sale in Malaysia, you could sit in them – talk to sales reps and so on.

All in all it was a very well executed concept and a very unique way of demonstrating the VW line of vehicles.

If you want more information you can check it out here:

Volkswagen Das Auto Show

P.S. For those interested, these pictures are straight out of the Nikon D7000 with no editing at all, the video too.




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2 Responses to Volkswagen Das Auto Show – Bukit Jalil – Malaysia 2011

  1. Chai Heng September 15, 2011 at 11:39 am #

    I guess only the press/bloggers get the good to ANYONE attending the show afterwards if they share your sentiment. Show over in 2 min, after waiting for 2 hours?? and the cars in the “showroom” afterwards are all locked. And you get the same cars in any VW showroom anyway.

    well, since this is advertorial..

  2. ShaolinTiger September 16, 2011 at 12:43 am #

    Chai Heng: Yah I heard it was oversubscribed – it was fine when I was there tho.

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