Damn HDD Failure Sucks – Dell SOS PhotoStory Contest

I’m not sure how long you’ve all been reading my blog, but if you’ve been reading it for 6 years there’s a slight chance you may remember this post:

No I WONT fix your #%$!#@ PC! & Some FREE tips

If you didn’t read it, or well even if you did – go read it (again). I’ve had plenty of computer related disasters, including smoke coming out out of my PC…power supply failures (PSU), motherboard fried by lightning, network card died, graphics card died, corrupted RAM – you name it I’ve had it, troubleshot it and repaired it.


What really annoys me is when you buy something from a supplier or vendor that has TERRIBLE after sale service, especially if they refuse to honour the warranty or just delay the process. I’ve experienced numerous occasions where the warranty process was so long I had to buy a new item to use in the interim – not good!

I built my first iteration PC back in 2005 in Malaysia, the second major update came in 2007 – which has lasted until now.

It’s getting woefully slow right now tho (Hi Dell! Please give me an awesome new desktop with two of those lovely 27″ monitors you have!)..Anyway so far the worst of the worst failures you can have IMHO is as per this post title – HDD failure..the old IBM click of death as we call it in the industry.

I’m super paranoid about this since a major loss, so I have mega backups using stuff like the 2TB WD MyBook Mirror Edition and more recently I added a network attached storage for backups – the D-Link DNS-323.

D-Link DNS-323

Anyway – if your PC or laptop is getting old (like mine is!) – Dell is currently running the Dell SOS PhotoStory Contest that lets you submit creative pictures with captions on how you feel when your PC fails you.

Dell is one company that works hard to help consumers and the folks that purchase Dell products, I’ve used numerous Dell products and have never had a problem with warranty claims, with extended coverage they will even come to your home/office and fix your problems within a few hours.

They also have numerous resources on the Dell Malaysia support site such as:

  1. Top Solutions – Provide common problems/issues and solutions which users can use troubleshoot and fix their computers.
  2. Drivers, BIOS and other system updates are also available.
  3. Customers can track their order and delivery status online.
  4. They can also get support on hot topics such as Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, security, networking etc.

As for the contest, two of the top three voted entries will be chosen to win the new XPS 15z and have their system inspected by Dr Dell.

Dell XPS 15z

Contest Details

  1. Contest period is between 27 June and 15 July inclusive of both dates.
  2. Prize winner will be selected based on the entry describing their PC down time via photo and text in the most creative way. 2 winners will be selected.
  3. Prizes consist of (a) 1 Dell XPS 15z worth RM3,799 and (b) Dell appointed technicians will set up onsite the winner’s system which includes data transfer, LAN setup, etc.

The first winner has actually already been selected, so there’s only 1 more XPS 15z to win for the contest, the winner will be selected on 14 July.

Full Terms & Conditions for the contest are available here.

The prize is great and it’s over pretty soon, so don’t wait – join the contest now!

Dell SOS PhotoStory Contest

Also check out the Dell Facebook Page here:





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3 Responses to Damn HDD Failure Sucks – Dell SOS PhotoStory Contest

  1. KY July 15, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    don’t jinx my PC!

  2. easyriderlovescs July 19, 2011 at 8:45 am #

    Hi may I ask how old is your PC? The inside looks pretty cluttered and untidy in the photo. Should tidy up a little la. Anyway I bought this wrong mobo with CrossFire which I don’t need as I only use one graphic card. And now I can’t remove the screw in the expansion slot of my graphic card. I just bought a new hard disk drive and I need to remove the graphic card to slot it in 🙂

  3. ShaolinTiger July 19, 2011 at 6:09 pm #

    KY: What’s it gotta do with your PC? 0_o

    easyriderlovescs: How old is it? No idea, different parts are different ages. The case is probably 9-10 years old (just replaced all the case fans a couple of months back). That picture is 7 years old I think. About time for an upgrade I think.

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