Sunway Velocity – Finally Integrated Mixed Development in Cheras!

For those familiar with the Cheras area you’ll know there’s not a lot in the way of commercial property there, as in big shopping malls or developments. There’s Leisure Mall which has been there for ever and some other small places like Paragon Point and the Giant complex at Connaught. There’s a lot of shop-lots and small developments but nothing on the scale of Mid Valley or 1-Utama, there’s more around the Ampang side than anywhere else.

Well things are set to change with Sunway Velocity which is beginning development at the Jalan Peel area. It’s a fairly old area with a mix of light industrial and eating spots, all of which are expected to be redeveloped into a mixed commercial hub in the near future.

Sunway Velocity Shopping Mall

The development site itself is quite large at 22 acres and will be a mix of retail (shopping mall), commercial (office lots) and residential (service apartments). The shopping mall will be fairly large with around 1 million sqf of retail floorspace. It’s a triangle shape with a fairly main road running along each side – Jalan Peel, Jalan Cheras and Jalan Shelley. Jalan Cheras is already a fairly wide road and it’s most likely that Jalan Peel will be further enhanced as the area continues to develop.

Sunway Velocity Layout

We were given a great & very informative presentation by the Senior Marketing & Sales Manager for Sunway City Berhad – Eric Seow.

Eric Seow - Sunway Velocity

After the presentation we had the privilege of viewing the show units for the service apartments, one of the 900sqf variety and one of the 1500sqf variety. They are well laid out with plenty of space for storage and good sized bedrooms.

Sunway Velocity Service Apartment

The prices are estimated to be around RM600 p/sf so for an average 1000sqf apartment it should be around RM600,000. This is the layout model for the ‘Type B’ 1512sqf unit – the same layout as the show unit we saw.

They have the advantage of 3 entry points from 3 different roads and they have planned for more than 5,000 car parking bays in the mall itself.

There will also be a central park (good to see some more greenery in the city!) and the feature that really interests me is the ‘Environmental Walkway’ concept they have. It’s a walkway that goes around almost the whole development raised 1 floor from the ground, it’ll be something like a terrace dining concept with restaurants and eateries – greenery and a nice place to walk away from the dust and pollution of the ground floor level.

Sunway Velocity Environmental Deck

I think at the price with it being only 3.8km from the very center of KL it could be a good purchase for either living in or for investment purchase, it may be a fairly long term investment as development will take some time. But with prices in KL generally being well over RM1000 per sqf – getting something in that area for less than RM1000 per sqf could be considered a steal.

I’ll be keeping my eye on the project to see when they open sales, another plus point for me personally is that the company behind it (Sunway City Berhad) has a good history and no incomplete or totally failed projects.

The launch will be happening soon, the details are as follows:

Date: 9th April 2011
Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Location: Velocity Sales Gallery (Jalan Shelly, KL)

For more info and the location of the Sales Gallery you can check out their site here:




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7 Responses to Sunway Velocity – Finally Integrated Mixed Development in Cheras!

  1. Mark Leo April 5, 2011 at 10:30 am #

    I just hope that they offer the pre-launch of these units to their staff first because as with other Sunway properties, by the time it reaches the public, the staff who booked it would have flipped it and made a hefty profit hence driving the prices up!

  2. PPKia April 5, 2011 at 12:37 pm #

    The project is like building a golf course in a padi field in Cheras. Then try teaching the peasants to play golf. Get them to stay in apartments and they don’t pay maintenance fees. They vandalises elevators and scribbles on walls.
    Cheras is a farked up place. Cheras folks is farked up no class. They throw rubbish everywhere. They spits on the floor. They wear T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops to shop and dine and sleep. They can’t differentiate wine from ribena.
    It will be a slump in no time.

  3. KY April 5, 2011 at 1:14 pm #

    plenty of good food around the area, this should be good

  4. Ano April 5, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    I had a look at the showroom last week. I used to work in an office around the area. I’m not too impressed with the current population profile in that part of town.

    Current apartments in Warisan Cityview (across the road from Sunway velocity) are being sold for around RM200 per square feet, so RM600 per square feet for the sunway apartments is a real stretch.

    I kinda agree with PPKia above re. the place will be a dump in no time.

  5. Huai Bin April 5, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    It looks like a really nice place. I would invest in it if I had the money, unfortunately, I don’t. 🙂

    I heard someone say that about Cheras (e.g. the people there) – I’m not from KL so I don’t know if it’s a stereotype (like how people talk about residents of Klang) or not.

    I thought Cheras is a pretty good place (except a bit of a maze).

  6. Rob June 1, 2011 at 3:29 am #

    I wouldn’t touch sunway with a barge pole. After they screwed up sunway damansara ( very expensive townhouses ), and have still never been able to fix their mistakes or accept that they should not use unskilled labour. Anyone wanting to buy into a mixed development should get themselves a very good lawyer to show them the flaws in the rights you have. My wife worked with many of the major developments in KL and was able to point out the poor legal standing most buyers have when they agree to buy these places. Caveat emptor

  7. segamat perspective June 22, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    buying into a “slump” which is a mere 4km from klcc and also next to the upcoming KLIFD is the way to go!

    if it was all nice and polished now – won’t we have been too late?

    I also think buying into mixed development is the new trend and the way to go… setia walk, tropicana mall condo….

    And yes, the townhouse at sunway damansara has made tons of money for the original buyers – developer price about 600k+ and iproperty now advertising units at 1.2M I can’t see why buyers will be upset by this :)… not unless, you are kicking yourself for not buying then

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