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Movie Review – Source Code – Entertaining Sci-Fi

Source Code (2011)

When decorated soldier Captain Colter Stevens wakes up in the body of an unknown man, he discovers he’s part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. In an assignment unlike any he’s ever known, he learns he’s part of a government experiment called the “Source Code,” a program that enables him to cross over into another man’s identity in the last 8 minute of his life.

I’m a huge fan of the science fiction genre, be it books, movies or anything related. We haven’t had any decent sci-fi flicks for quite a while so I was looking forwards to Source Code.

The most recent would be The Adjustment Bureau, which was disappointing to say the least. I didn’t really know much about Source Code, I hadn’t read any reviews but I saw it was doing very well on IMDB (currently 7.8/10) – so it seemed like a safe bet.

Thankfully we managed to watch it on opening weekend, so we got to sit in the massive THX screen 1 at TCM GSC, that was nice! As for the movie itself, it was good! I’d say a little better than I expected, even though I am a Jake Gyllenhaal fan (all the way back since Jarhead) – I didn’t expect it to be great.

The movie is basically a one man show, it’s dominated by the lead character Colter Stevens played by Gyllenhaal – and played extremely well I might add.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code (2011)

Vera Farmiga could be considered the supporting actress in the film I guess, there wasn’t really any other character of note apart from Christina Warren played by the very cute Michelle Monaghan. Both played their parts well – although in all honestly they didn’t have that much to do.

The movie is suspenseful, paced brilliantly, shot well and even though the premise of the movie points to repetition the movie is at no point repetitive (unlike other similar movies conceptually – Vantage Point anyone?).

Anyway back to Source Code, the movie is shot well, the score is good without being disprutive and it’s great to see a movie that is original for once.

Yes it’s not based on a book, nor an old movie, nor a comic book, nor a computer game, nor a sequel/prequel/whatever nor a legend etc etc..

It’s an enjoyable sci-fi thriller with a very human element, some people find the film quite moving. It’s well worth watching, especially if you are a fan of the genre – yah it’s no Inception – but it is a mighty fine film.

I give it a solid time-looping 7.5/10.

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Johnnie Walker Black Circuit 2011 @ Palace Of The Golden Horses

As you may have noticed (or not), I have a new category now called Alcoholic Frolic. You may ask why? Well the answer to that is simple, I love drinking and I drink a lot.

So it’ll give me something to write about, not that I don’t already have too many things to write about…but there you go. Anyway the best party of the year so far was the 2011 Black Circuit Lounge by Johnnie Walker – which was held at Le Marquee, Palace of the Golden Horses. The theme was of course black and gold glam, there were a few people out of place but mostly everyone made an effort and looked spectacular. I busted out my “Hugs NOT Drugs” t-shirt and my Onitsuka Tigers!

Me & Kim

In all honesty things started off a bit slow, there was a problem with the central air conditioning unit so we were delayed going in. When we did get in it was bloody hot and well the DJ that was playing when we first arrived was horrible. He kept chopping up songs, his videos were cool – but his mixing? Tragic, seriously.

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit

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Random Post #15 – Home-made Food, Flapjacks, Grimbergen & Black Circuit

Hmm so what have I been up to lately? Well we’ve properly moved into the house now and started to get things tidied up, we’ve got curtains in – my study is in a reasonable state (I have a desk and some kind of organization system for all my mess).

We’ve definitely spent the most money, time and energy on the kitchen – that includes kitchen gadgets, containers, utensils, a console table, spices, food, condiments and the list goes on. It’s paid off though as Kim has been cooking up a storm and I’ve made a few things too.

Here are some of my favourite dinners so far:

Pan-fried Dory with garlic flowers and creamy layered potatoes.

Pan-fried Dory with garlic flowers and creamy layered potatoes.

Grilled pork steaks with mashed potatoe and Chinese vege.

Grilled pork steaks with mashed potatoe and Chinese vege.

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25 Questions Tag

It’s so long since I did a MeMe – I just kinda felt like doing one – so here you go.

25 Questions Tag

1. Where were you 3 hours ago? — Right here where I am now.

2. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? — My shirt is a kind of raspberry pink.

3. What are you wearing right now? — Grey & red limited edition Pumas, light blue Levis, ancient raspberry pink quicksilver t-shirt.

4. What are the colours of your bedroom walls? — Brown and white.

5. Who is the last person you sent a message or comment? — The gf.

6. What does your last text message say? — It’s ok settled already thanks.

7. Can You Taste The Difference Between Pepsi And Coke? — Yes, Coke ROCKS.

8. Is your hair curly or straight? — Hair? What…what hair?

9. Which is the hardest thing you ever had to do? — Leaving a highly paid job because it was shit and made me miserable. Turned out to be an awesome decision tho.

10. Favorite 2 color combination? — Red & black.

11. What is your favorite accessory? — My G-shock Mudman.

12. Which current celebrity’s style do you admire most? — Honestly I don’t really know, I don’t exactly follow celeb lifestyle. But I have to say Charlie Sheen is #winning.

13. What is your favorite fashion store/shop? — Levi’s, Cuffz, Puma, ASOS, Threadless

14. When was the last time you drove out of town? — Not very long ago, I’ve driven up to Penang twice recently.

15. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? — The aircon, some construction.

16. What was the last thing you bought? — Some Carlsberg Gold from the kopitiam last night to tarpau home 🙂

17. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? — I NEED TO PEE!

18. Favorite Food? — That’s an impossible question to answer seriously, but right now it’s pretty much anything cooked by Kimberlycun!

19. Biggest turn off?People who eat with their mouths open and make lip-slapping/chomping sounds.

20. What do you always have on you/wear? — Money, iPhone, Wallet & Watch.

21. What does your screen name mean/ how did you come up with it? — You can find the answer to that here: Why ShaolinTiger – What’s in a Name?

22. Favorite style of top/blouse? — Polo-shirt.

23. Favourite TV show? — Right now? Probably Breaking Bad, Walking Dead & Spartacus.

24. What is a favorite TV show from your childhood? – Hmmm, that’s a LOOOOONG time ago. I’d have to say A-Team and probably Baywatch (for the teenage years LOL).

25. What does your dream bedroom look like? — Pretty much exactly how it looks right now.

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