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Celcom Reload Frequency – Cash Prizes & Awesome Rewards!

Your way to awesome rewards!

Celcom is giving out Cash Prizes and Awesome rewards to its very lucky Xpax, U.O.X and S.O.X members who reload their phones with a minimum of RM10 a total of 10 times in a month between now til 28 February 2011. It’s perfect timing as you’ll have a lot of RM10 notes from the Ang Pows you receive during Chinese New Year!

In case you’re wondering, the asterisk sign (*) on the banner above doesn’t mean “Terms & Conditions” apply. Look closely and you can see it’s a combination of “+” and “x”. That means the more you reload in terms of amount (“+”) and the more times you reload in terms of frequency (“x”), the more cool rewards you’ll get from Celcom!

The next time you see this sign at any locations, you’ll know that you can reload your Xpax, U.O.X. or S.O.X. number right there! And it’s so convenient because there are thousands of locations where you can reload.

You can participate in this promotion regardless of whether you’re an Xpax, U.O.X. or S.O.X user, except that the cash prizes for each plan is different as below:

Celcom Reload Frequency Cash Prizes

The cash prizes are HUUUUGE so you people are not going to wanna miss out on this! It’s real simple – the more times you reload, the more we reward you with awesome goodies!

There are also other awesome rewards available during this period:

Celcom Reload Frequency - Awesome Rewards

It’s real simple:

  • Just reload a minimum of RM10, 10 times between now and 28 February 2011.
  • Remember to do your 5th reload on the same day as the 4th reload and you will receive 100mins of FREE talktime to any number on the same network valid for 2 days.
  • Also, you have to do the 7th reload on the same day as the 6th reload and you will receive FREE CALLS & SMS to their 15pax/8pax for 1 WHOLE WEEK!
  • 10th reload MUST be done before 28 February 2011
  • When you hit your 10th reload you will get RM10 FREE CREDIT and will immediately be in the running for the big prize of COLD HARD CASH!
  • You will receive an SMS notification every time you reload.

More on the Celcom site here:

Celcom – The more you reload, the bigger the rewards.

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I should…

There’s a lot of things I should be doing, and a lot of things I am doing – meaning I have to neglect some of the things I should be doing…like blogging!

As usual it’s not a case of bloggers block as I have PLENTY of things to write about, I’ve just not had the time nor energy to put finger to keyboard and get them done.

Part of the problem being I had no computer for quite some time, and previous to that my PC was in the old apartment but I was in the new all I had was my phone. I did try blogging from that a couple of times but it didn’t work out particularly well.

I’ve got my office in the new place set-up now though, got the desk up, chair is cleaned and in, got one of those plastic Ikea mat things to protect the floor, cleaned the shit out of my PC and changed all 5 case fans cos they were noisy, dusty and basically nasty.

I also got myself a Gigabit switch and the whole house is running on Gigabit now! Well at least from my study to the TV as that’s all that matters (for both the Unifi Hypp.TV and the HTPC I’ve got sitting there). I’ve got 3 things running on Gigabit which is enough (the DNS-323 NAS, my desktop the downloading beast and the XBMC box plugged into the TV).

My blog has moved over to the new hosting – so it should be faster and more stable now. It’s on an IPServerOne Green Server (more about that later).

This is actually my first post since last year, and my first post using Unifi – My Unifi Installation Experience here. I’ll talk more about the using Unifi experience soon (the line speed, latency, the TV offerings and quality and the phone line).

And we’ve officially moved into the new house now, got our bed up last Friday, completely cleared out the old place on Wednesday & Thursday night (until 5am..), the whole day Friday and Saturday morning. Then Saturday afternoon we got the cleaners in and Saturday night handed the keys back to the landlord – so we are actually officially out of there now!

It was indeed pretty stressful and wow….6 years of crap sure is a lot of junk. We had to be brutal in what we wanted to keep, sell, throw away or take with us. We ended up giving most of the big items to charity as the shop concept only really worked well for small items. And there were a lot of people who FFKed.

Anyway super busy at work now too and my mom is coming towards the end of this week…so even less likely I’ll be blogging. But I will try anyhow.

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