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Top 3 Chicks You’d Love to *Ahem*

Saw this post from Audrey today – 3 chances which got me thinking about my own top 3 chicks who I’d like a free pass to have at it.

It’s a common thing I think in relationships to discuss some stars which you get a free pass for, as the chance of it happening is zero anyway it’s just something fun to talk about. If you ask most people they already have a list stored in their heads.

Now for me I have a bit of a problem with this, I’m not a particular fan of the new generation of stars….so my choices a bit on the old-skool tip.

#1 – Monica Belluci (Malena time) – the sexist woman in the world EVAR with no contest.

Monica Belluci

To me there’s no one that can compete with her, not even close.

Monica Belluci

#2 – Tyra Banks (Around 1997) – when she did the Sports Illustrated cover.

Tyra Banks

Man she’s like a perfect chocolate barbie doll, superb!

#3 – Rebecca Romijn (Mystique in X-men) – wow she surely made an impression just wearing body paint 馃檪

Rebecca Romijn


Anyway that’s my thoughts, honorable mentions would go to:

There’s a nice of female flesh for a rainy Monday to bring balance back to the Universe!
Do share yours in the comment section below, I wanted to balance it up a bit with the guys opinions cos Audrey’s is all full of girls and nonsense like Zac Efron *stabs own eyes*

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3D Movies – The Current Trend – Overrated, Overdone and Overpriced

Having just watched another 3D movie on Monday I have to say it’ll probably be my last. I’m starting to find this trend of tacking ‘3D’ onto the end of a mediocre movie to sell more tickets…rather annoying.

At least they have the option for 2D and 3D, if I have the choice I’ll watch the movie in 2D or watch it at home later when it becomes available – like the latest Resident Evil movie which I watched in 2D. I remember there was a brief phase for 3D movies back in the 90’s I went to see Nightmare on Elm Street 6 (Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare) in 3D. The 3D effects back then of course weren’t that advanced and quite basic, they mostly just used the gimmicky stuff flying out of the screen and didn’t really add much depth to the movie.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

But it was fun in those days with the flimsy paper 3D glasses, it was a gimmick then and it’s a gimmick now and honestly I hope it’s just a passing fad and it dies off again because too many shite films are getting attention just because they have a 3D version.

The tickets are more expensive, I’m sure the movie production is more expensive, the cinema setup is more expensive, the new generation of fancy 3D glasses are more expensive.

And the latest fad, woowoo, 3D televisions so you can have the 3D experience at home in your living room…not sure why you’d want to. The only reason I think it might be cool is because Playstation 3 is going to support 3D games – that might be neat. But I’m pretty sure however neat it is, it’ll also be extremely headache inducing.

3D Television

I can honestly say I did enjoy Avatar 3D and it didn’t give me a headache, but was a little uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure it would have been equally as good in 2D. I just wanted to see it in 3D as that was the movie that relaunched this whole 3D fad.

I hope it doesn’t last too long and the studios can focus on making GREAT original films (which there has been a distinct lack of this year). Let’s have less game/book/comic book spin-offs and get some real screenplays written.

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Movie Review – Resident Evil: Afterlife – Scary Zombies Wuwu

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice, continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend. A new lead that promises a safe haven from the Undead takes them to Los Angeles, but when they arrive the city is overrun by thousands of Undead – and Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap.

The 4th in the series which started back in 2002 when video game adaptations were just starting to take off. Resident Evil is a game everyone is familiar with and many people love (to the point of obsession for some). The first movie was better than expected, the 2nd and 3rd weren’t too great and thankfully the 4th one is better.

This was a movie I went into with extremely low expectations, probably because of the two films that came before it in the series. Also an interesting fact, this is the first video-game adaptation movie to be shot in 3D.

Anyway it’s a movie I had to watch, and honestly speaking I have to say I’m glad I did – I really enjoyed it and it was 1000x better than Tekken. It’s doing pretty well on IMDB for this kind of movie with a solid 6.7/10.

Milla Jovovich is still hot of course (and that always helps) and truly kicks ass in this movie plus Ali Larter who is always a winner in my book.

Milla Jovovich as Alive in Resident Evil: Afterlife

The filming was good, soundtrack was good, characters were decent, monsters were suitably scary, bad guy was suitably indestructible and the action sequences were hard and fast.

All in all a good action/horror film with a bit of suspense and some awesome fight scenes. I watched it in 2D but I can imagine the 3D might be quite spectacular, especially the shower room scene with the hammer dude (The Executioner).

There’s definitely going to be a 5th installment judging from the end, and we may well have just got introduced to the new heroine.

If you go into this movie expecting what it is (action, horror, suspense, cheesy dialogue and some beautiful scenes) you will get exactly what you paid for. Just don’t expect anything deep and soul moving..because it aint that.

I give it a very enjoyable OMG THAT’S A BIG HAMMER 7.5/10.

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Random Post #10 – Hamsters, Sepang, Village Park Nasi Lemak & The Nokia N8

Phew things been a bit hectic lately plus Streamyx is totally dead at home, suspect it’s the cable from the phone faceplate to the appt distribution point that is dead..cos the TM guy came and plugged in directly to the DB and the phone worked. Not under the remit of TM to fix it and they don’t have the number of any contractors who can fix it…so need to sort it out ourselves. Meh! Blogging maybe sporadic until that’s fixed.

As this post is Random style, I’ll start out with something completely random – The cutest furry little bastard EVAR!


Man these little fellas are hilarious, I just stood there for a good 10 minutes watching them. There was one little critter who kept thinking he was bi-pedal and standing up on two legs..then promptly proceeded to topple over backwards much to his dismay. And he kept doing it over and over…extremely amusing. Oh well they do say…simple things amuse simple minds LOL

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Selamat Hari Raya For 2010

Just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Eid!

Selamat Hari Raya 2010

If you are driving off anywhere, please do make sure your car/tyres etc are in good condition and drive safely. Take a rest if you are feeling sleepy.

If you are sticking around KL, enjoy the empty roads!

And remember, today is a day for forgiveness – so let go of any grudges, be happy and love thy neighbour.

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Brand New Combine Harvester – The Beard That Was

You might remember a while back I posted about Removing The Safety Blanket 鈥 Shaving Your Head! when I chopped off my safety blanket. After that I decided to grow a beard to see what it was like.

I took some pictures of the experience and whilst browsing my archives I found this one which just straight up had me in stitches. And well I thought I’d share it so you could laugh at me too.

Brand New Combine Harvester

When I saw the picture for some reason I thought of this song.

I have no idea what I’m looking at or why I look so CHEESIN – I look like some kinda weird mormon/farmer dude who just saw his shiny new combine harvester.

Will write about the beard experience at some point if anyone cares 馃榾

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Happy 2nd Birthday To BFM Radio – Bloody Fantastic Music!

BFM - The Business Station

If there was one thing I really missed from the UK it was the quality of radio broadcasts, yah we have shitty format radio in UK too (Capital, Virgin etc) but we have the pure win that is BBC Radio 1 – that was pretty much the only station I listened to. They had awesome hosts an amazing variety of musical genres and it was just generally interesting, although I can happily live the rest of my live without having to listen to Tim Westwood again.

Most of the time I actually couldn’t stand to listen to Malaysian radio, Lite is ok now and then but the music was a little too gentle and lulled me to sleep. Mix is moderately better than Hitz but still plays trash pop on repeat all day long.

I resorted to ignoring the radio and listening exclusively to CDs in the car.

And then I discovered BFM! I actually love BFM, this paragraph from their about page perfectly sums up the situation for me:

But format radio, really now in its 14th year, has taken a toll on the quality of the radio conversation. Radio DJs commonly talk down to their audience and breakfast show topics are reduced to trivial, inconsequential topics. Even music programming retreats to the lowest common denominator of mass market music. Many mature listeners wish for the return of quality conversation and discerning music.

And this is where BFM steps in.

This is bang on for me, I don’t want the slapstick, the stupid gotchas or whatever, I want to hear good music and intelligent conversation and this is what BFM delivers and they deliver it consistently. They play a fantastic selection of music from the 60’s all the way to current (non-pop) tracks.

The interviews are interesting and the people they talk to are relevant and the hosts don’t have stupid fake American accents. They discuss some hard hitting topics and they don’t hold back on the questions.

They also have some interesting niche segments like the tech segment with Matt Armitage, the book section with Umapagan and the new movie section.

They also have some football coverage which is pretty entertaining – sorta like a bunch of chaps in a pub discussing what’s going on in the premiere league.

Honestly in my car there is only 1 station in the memory on my stereo and that’s BFM! If you don’t listen to it, you should retain whatever brain cells you have left (format radio turns your grey matter into mush) and tune in.

I also love the way they embraced social media with their podcasts, live stream and the use of Twitter – they really interact with their followers. You can follow them on Twitter here: @BFMRadio and their Facebook page is here – BFMRadio

Of course I find it awesome they had me on too back in August last year, you can listen to my interview here:

You can tune into BFM at 89.9 on your FM dial or listen online here –

They are launching a new site soon and will have a new cross platform live stream (the current one uses Windows Media Player), a mobile version of the site and much more. So look out for that soon.

Rock on BFM!

Coincidentally Eyeris also wrote about the same thing today 馃榾

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Breaking Bad – The New BEST TV Series EVAR!!

Breaking Bad

A drama about a high school chemistry teacher who’s suffering from the world’s worst case of mid-life crisis and becomes a criminal.

As you probably know I’ve become quite a TV Series Junkie and have been rabidly looking for new awesome shows to watch.

I guess it’s partially do to with the fact movies in recent years have mostly been disappointing, there hasn’t been that many great movies or new movie series to get interested in.

One of my UK friends recommended I start watching Breaking Bad, he was the one who told me I should watch The Wire – which I still maintain is one of the best TV shows ever aired. Breaking Bad starting airing in 2008 and has just completed its 3rd season and all of us fans are eagerly awaiting the 4th season coming in 2011.

And simply put, is a superb piece of Television in every way. It’s almost like a prolonged movie, the same kind of feeling you get from The Wire and Sopranos. It’s deeply involving, very dark and extremely realistic. The street life isn’t glamourised or stereotyped, it’s just very much how it happens in reality. The characters are inspired, especially Walter H. White played masterfully by Bryan Cranston (best known for playing Hal in Malcolm in the Middle.

The chemistry between him and Aaron Paul who plays the particularly useless Jesse Pinkman is just fantastic. Walter White is just such an intense character, he has his funny moments and watching him sometimes can be heartbreaking.

Jesse Pinkman and Walter White

The series in general isn’t super complex like Sopranos which has at least 2-3 layers of sub-plot at all times and is constantly throwing in new characters. Breaking Bad is a true masterpiece in character study, there aren’t a whole lot of characters and complexities. There is a main group of people that the series focuses on and a few more peripheral roles and transient characters who come and go.

There are some nice twists, some very interesting events and thankfully it doesn’t do that stupid cliffhanger thing at the end of each episode – which the US tv shows generally seem obsessed with. Probably because they don’t need to, it’s just so well written, well filmed and well produced you just HAVE to watch more even without a cliffhanger.

I love the way it’s shot too, it’s not overstylised, not pop style, it’s almost like watching a very nicely shot documentary.

The pilot starts out at such a frenetic pace you really wonder how they are going to keep it up and top that, but it dissolves itself wonderfully into the back-story and then proceeds to go forwards from there.

Truly Breaking Bad is a masterpiece and I hope we see another 2 seasons to give it a nice round 6. It’s definitely a show that can stand up to repeated viewings as it’s not gimmicky or trying to be deep. A testament to that is that this show has WON 6 Emmy Awards (it has won in all 3 seasons 2008, 2009 & 2010) and has had a shitload of other nominations.

If you are looking for something new to watch, you like drama style series, you can take fairly dark content and you want something original and different – perhaps it’s time you checked out Breaking Bad.

More on:

IMDB: Breaking Bad
Wikipedia: Breaking Bad
AMC: Breaking Bad

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