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Random Post #6 – World Cup Fever, Tiles & FOOD

So what’s been happening lately? Well most of Earth has ground to a halt during World Cup season, I’ve been sleeping when it’s time to wake up and feeling dead most days often taking naps between midnight and 2.30am.

Drat those late games!

There’s been some really tedious matches and some fantastic ones, the last 8 is a bit surprising but totally dominated by South American teams. Spain for once played superbly last night against Portugal, so I can see they were just holding back for when they needed. They have a good chance to go all the way, #BRA vs #ESP anyone?

Anyway a while back Myhorng said he was going to eat at Water Lily a fairly new Balinese restaurant nearby my office which I pass every day when I go home, I’d wanted to try it since it opened..and finally got my chance.

I have to say it was superb! This is their signature Waterlily Nasi Campur. The prices aren’t low, but for the portion size and quality of the food it’s very good value for money. It is cheaper than other equivalent places. Kim wrote about it here – Balinese food at Water Lily, Mutiara Tropicana.

Water Lily - Balinese Cuisine

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Depressed, that’s all I need to say.

RIP England

RIP England, just another 4 years of shame before we get embarrassed again in Brazil 2014.

BTW for those debating the facts, the 2nd England goal DEFINITELY WAS NOT IN. See proof:

England 2nd goal Against Germany World Cup 2010

I would have liked to have seen an Argentina vs Germany final, but it’s coming up next game – that’s gonna be one hell of a match. #BRA vs #ARG final anyone?

I think semi-finals will be Uruguay vs Brazil (too easy for Brazil?) and Argentina vs Portugal.

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The World Cup 2010 – Does England Stand A Chance?

Well judging by the face of the fans after the drawing 0-0 in Algeria game what do you think?

England Fans Boo After 0-0 Draw with Algeria

And drawing 1-1 with USA…honestly it’s not looking very good is it? Rooney was pissed off with the fans, and the fans were pissed off with Rooney..which The Sun labelled the Roo-Boo-Zela LOL. He wasn’t really best pleased was he?

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Movie Review – The A-Team – I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

The A-Team (2010)

A colorful team of former Special Forces soldiers were set up for a crime they did not commit. Going “rogue,” they utilize their unique talents to try and clear their names and find the true culprit.

2010 is actually turning out to be a pretty decent year for movies, the summer blockbuster season is just starting to come into effect and we’ll be treated with some more big titles around Christmas time I would imagine.

So far my best movies of the year would be pretty close between Kick Ass and Ip Man 2, but honestly they just both got beaten!

I’ve always loved A-Team even since I was a kid watching the original series and wondering what monster they were gonna build in the abandoned hangar (which happened every episode!). It was the only series where 10 guys could shoot at you with fully-automatic machine guns, make your car flip over 5 times and you could get up unscathed!

Those were the days, the days of Knight Rider, A-Team, Street Hawk and Airwolf!

And well The A-Team movie really brings back the feel of the original series, superb casting and awesome action sequences. The dialogue was great too, plenty of funny moments and classic lines. Liam Neeson has really grown as an actor for me since Taken – probably my favourite movie from 2008.

He really nails it as the cigar smoking Hannibal.

The A-Team (2010) - Liam Neeson as Hannibal

Bradley Cooper is pretty good as Face, but not as good as the original. Quinton Jackson is well cast as B.A. Baracus and if you didn’t know he’s actually a champion MMA fighter in real life. Bring on the gold chains in the sequel!

I ain’t getting on no plane SUCKA FOO!

The A-Team (2010) - Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson as B.A. Baracus

The movie is doing very well on IMDB with a solid 7.6, which i suspect may go downhill after a while as the movie is getting panned by the critics with mostly C- scores. But then people like Ebert and Morris don’t particularly like movies like this.

I personally thought it was great, it’s a fairly long film at 3 minutes under 2 hours, but it doesn’t drag at all and certainly doesn’t feel long. It’s a fun film to watch and I can see myself watching it many more times.

I give it a tanker sinking 8.5/10.

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Project Alpha Season 2 – Lost World of Tambun – Part 2

So what else happened at Tambun during the Project Alpha Season 2 filming? After my first post – Project Alpha Season 2 — Lost World of Tambun — Ipoh we continued on and watched an AWESOME snake show by some super skilled handlers who whipped out some crazy snakes, including some which had fatal venom!

We actually learned a lot during this segment with a lot of information about snakes, the different types, their behaviour, why they attack, different kinds of venoms and lots of other stuff…including some rather gory pictures of snake-bite victims.

Honestly I think this guy looks far too happy handling this dangerous snake.

Snake Handler

They did some crazy stuff, including kissing a cobra on the head 0_0

Cobra Kiss

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You know time it is? Yah it’s time to grow up…*sigh* – you know buy a house, get a decent car, start thinking about the future, making investments, start retirement and education savings plans and so on.

This past weekend I was invited to an event to introduce and their presence in Malaysia. I have to say it was very good timing as I have started considering investments in the recent years (Yes I own the book “The Financial Times guide to using the financial pages) and when my house renovation is finished it’s something I’m going to be looking into more seriously.

Quite a few other bloggers attended, we were treated to lunch and we mingled around for a while before they gave us a presentation about Introduction

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Random Blog Post #5 – Busyyyyyyy & Broke

Been quite busy max lately so my blog has taken somewhat of a back row position in my life at the moment. 1 major project should be wrapping up this weekend and apart from teething problems it should be settled by next week.

Have damn a lot of things to blog about, but no time to sit down and do it (All Asia Kyukoshin, N900, Sri Lanka and much more!)

Anyway lately…I has been broke, and got almost completely broke yesterday by handing over the 3rd (rather large) payment for the renovation over to the contractor. It’s coming along well though, pre-finishing stages are starting! Wall skimming is being done now, all the windows are in, grill designs are being chosen and next up is to start the tiling and flooring work (laminated wooden flooring through-out the upstairs), tiles for bathrooms and possible front porch/yard area).

Sometimes I still need to eat nice food though! One night we headed over to Betty’s Midwest Kitchen in Aman Suria because I just really needed a big wedge of meat and some mash. I went for the meatloaf which was actually really good and reasonably priced.

Betty's Meatloaf

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Seriously…Banking CAN Be Better.

Can Banking Be Better?

Can Banking Be Better? I’m sure it’s a question you’ve asked yourself before, even a topic you’ve discussed with your friends. Everyone has complaints about the banking system here, as a foreigner here in Malaysia I probably have more than most.

A few things that irk me are..

  • The fact I need a guarantor for loans, I’m not going anywhere seriously..
  • The fact I can’t get a credit card without a fixed deposit, then I get a credit limit equal to the does that make sense?
  • The fact that charges when banking foreign cheques are extortionate (handling fee, admin fee, courier fee and it takes 4-6 weeks?!)

My salary is pretty decent, I’ve been here 6 years, I’m clearly not going anywhere? What’s the issue with giving me some credit? The issue with the cheques is ridiculous too, the charges were huge and it took an inordinately long time to clear..sometimes more than 2 months – how is that for efficiency?

Thankfully things have gotten slightly better, due to me building up my own personal positive credit history..and the source I used to get cheques from now issues using Western Union (which simplifies things a lot).

There’s STILL a lot of things to improve though like general levels of customer service, counter service and pretty much all of the banks have horrible online banking solutions. Ever waited a few days for the TAC/PIN SMS to arrive? And sometimes never receive it all when you have to make an important payment – yah been there done that.

Another thing that bugs me is how the level of service can vary from the same bank brand between different branches, it’s like night and day sometimes. Some branches are just great and some…are just hideous.

I remember one time I applied for a credit card from a local bank as they were having some promotion and I thought it’d be good to have a credit card as a backup, just to be safe. Anyway I filled up the application, fulfilled all the criteria and submitted it to the bank.

Then I waited….and waited and guess what? Waited some more.

Actually I think I completely forgot about the credit card application until I saw another promotion from the same bank, which reminded me about my application.

So I promptly called up the bank and inquired about the status of my application, guess what? My application had been rejected and well they didn’t even bother to tell me. They just leave you hanging and expect you to work it out on your own?

How hard would it have been just to give me a quick courtesy call and let me know my application had been rejected? Not very right..

And well to this day I still don’t have a Malaysian credit card, their loss right?

If you have grouses with banks, you too can voice your dissatisfaction here:

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