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Happy New Year 2011!

Happy new year! Man this year has flown by fast, before you know it – it’s 2011 already.

It’s been a hard but fruitful year in many ways. Spend pretty much the whole of it being broke because of the new house. But that’s pretty much sorted now, still a lot of bills to pay and things to buy!

Anyway just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading and commenting and I hope you all have an even more fantastic 2011.

I shall finish with my own self indulgent wish list for 2011:

– TV Cabinet
– Awesome massive wardrobe
– Bed side tables
– Shiny microwave
– Denon 3311 AVR
– 5.1 speakers (PSB, Polk etc with velodyne sub)
– Curtains
– New screen protector for my phone
– New rims for the car that can fit a BBK
– K-sport BBK
– Rebuild my engine
– New dual monitor desktop PC
– New HTPC that is small, sexy and can actually play high bitrate 1080p files
– New clothes
– New shoes
– Visit another new country
– Visit UK
– Washing machine
– Weights bench and punch bag or wooden man
– Find a good Wing Chun school
– Update my blog theme/layout
– Finish my photography site
– Get fitter
– Eat healthier (home cooked meals yay)
– Save money and invest more (despite all of the above purchases LOL)

Mostly boring house stuff – sorry!

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The Unifi Installation – My Experience

One of the (many) reasons I’ve been excited about moving into the new place is because…it has Unifi! Thankfully my area has had it for quite some time.

We had the internal wiring done way back so we could do the skimming and painting safe in the knowledge that we wouldn’t be disrupted again by any more wall drilling. It’s worth getting it done earlier especially if it’s a new house and you’re doing some touch-ups or if you are doing renovation like we are.

Thankfully the subcon we had was really efficient and professional, he even helped us fit double LAN face-plates for the cables.

You also need to know which side the fiber cable will come from (front or back) and plan the equipment location accordingly (router, fibre termination box, modem & phone) plus then you have the IPTV STB which needs to be attached to the TV via HDMI.

I had a CAT5e cable pulled from the study to the living room for the Unifi IPTV so we could keep the modems etc out of the way and had the fiber cable outside hidden.

So far my experience with Unifi has been great, called them about 10-12 days ago and signed up. They took my details once, explained everything properly to me (installation procedure, plan cost, installation cost and so on) and arranged for installation on December 27th 2010.

The fee for installation since October 1st is now RM200 unless you sign up for the 20MB plan – then it’s waived.

Our original appointment was set for 2.30pm but the installer team called us from TTDI to let us know they’d finished their morning job and could come at 11am.

They arrived on time and were polite, professional and tidy. They explained everything properly and set-up everything nicely. And they brought along all these goodies with them! I almost mistook them for Santa!

Unifi Goodies

From top to bottom – Panasonic DECT Cordless phone, Fibre modem, D-Link Router & IPTV Set-top Box.

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Merry Christmas 2010!

Just want to wish you all a Merry Xmas for 2010, I apologise for the lack of updates recently – but I’ve been super-duper insanely busy. I’ve hardly had time to be at the computer at all.

Here’s a hand-made xmas card my Mom sent me all the way from the UK – thanks Mom!

Merry Xmas 2010

Anyway that’s all – enjoy the weekend 馃檪

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EveryoneConnects Manchester United Vs Chelsea Viewing Party!

I’d guess amongst my readers there’s a fair few EPL fans out there, and amongst those I’d say a large proportion should support one of the two giants playing this coming Sunday.

So are you a Man Utd fan?

Manchester United

Or a Chelsea fan?

Chelsea FC

If you are, you HAVE to be interested in this! TM EveryoneConnects is having a massive viewing party for the Manchester United vs Chelsea match at Padang Timur PJ on Sunday 19th December.

EveryoneConnects Manchester United Vs Chelsea Viewing PartyClick the banner above to view the larger size.

The LIVE viewing party will have the largest TV screen in S.E.A – so you gotta imagine how EPIC that is gonna be. You can also catch up with the latest Man Utd news before the match day at The Stadium on the EveryoneConnects website.

EveryoneConnects Stadium

You can also post comments and feedback about the game at the Kopitiam on the EveryoneConnects website and chat with other football fans (kaki bola!).

Join EveryoneConnects on Facebook here and get a cool wristband at the TM Booth!

Everyone Connects | Facebook

Also while you are the viewing party, signing up for any TM products or services can get you some exclusive Man United merchandise and Fan Zone seats!

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A Trip To Penang With The Mitsubishi ASX

I recently had the chance to try out the new Crossover from Mitsubishi known as the ASX (Active Smart X-over), it’s a new genre of car which is becoming very popular. It has the utility of an SUV but the driving characteristics of a sedan.

It’s quite a fierce looking car and very well specced (Kenwood head unit, front & rear proximity sensors, reverse camera, paddle shift and much more). You can find the details/specs and features from the Mitsubishi Malaysia site here – Mitsubishi ASX.

In some markets this car would be known as the RVR, earlier models of which have a lot of similarities with my car – the Airtrek. Now all we need is them to come out with a 4B11T RalliArt Turbo edition! There are some similarities between the two as you can see here, coincidentally it was also great timing as my car was due for a service and some work on various bits so I dropped it off at the workshop while I had the ASX.

Mitsubishi ASX vs Airtrek Turbo

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Off To Hyderabad – India!

I’ve actually been to Sri Lanka twice, but that’s the closest I’ve come to India. I’ve not even transited there, only in Bangladesh flying on Emirates.

This is my first time heading to a country I’ve never been to before and it’s exciting, plus the fact I haven’t really stepped on a plane for the past two years and haven’t had a holiday since I can remember.

I assumed being British and all I didn’t need a Visa for India…I was wrong, very wrong – in fact EVERYONE needs a Visa for India. For anyone wanting to apply, all the info you need is here –

Getting the Visa was actually a very pain-free experience.

Watch out India – here we come!

India Visa

It’s not truly a holiday, but it is in part. I’m mainly flying over to attend a wedding of a very good friend and ex-colleague of mine who is getting married. But we extended our trip for a few days so we could take in some of the sights, sounds and smells of Hyderabad and the surrounding areas.

Either way we are both really excited about it, it’s our first time in a new country together and our first overseas holiday in a VERY long time.

I’ll be back on Monday 13th December, so don’t expect any posts before then. If by some miracle I can post (using my iPhone and WiFi) – I will. But don’t hold your breath.

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6 Years Together – Today.

This is the first time I’ve really mentioned my relationship here on my blog, but I’ve been less secretive about it lately and well here is my first real post about it.

It could be called 6 long years, but honestly it hasn’t felt long at all. Of course we’ve had our ups and our downs, but in the end the downs only brought us closer together. It’s been an incredible 6 years, we’ve been through a lot of things, seen a lot of places together and planning to see a lot more!

We just came back from an amazing weekend getaway to Penang (more about that soon) with our closest friends and it was just a perfect trip. You could say we are having a week-long anniversary celebration with the weekend away in Penang and (fingers crossed) we are flying off again on Wednesday morning to somewhere neither of us have even been before.

And immediately when we come back we will be embarking on a new section of our journey together, we hope to be moving into our new house during December (again – fingers crossed!). From there it’s only onwards and upwards!

This is us this past weekend at the new Straights Quay in Penang (which coincidentally is a gorgeous place, can’t wait to see it when it’s finished – yet another reason to visit Penang!)

Happy 6th Anniversary

It’s been a fantastic 6 years and here’s to many, many, many^芒藛啪 more. Happy Anniversary Boo!

You can read Kim’s post about it here too:

6 years.

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EveryoneConnects Celebrates 1st Birthday With New Look & Feel

What is EveryoneConnects?

It鈥檚 a TM-powered movement for the youth to demonstrate the power of connecting, communicating and collaborating, fortifying the belief that connections make anything possible. The URL is

What have they done so far?

They organized the BIGGEST karaoke event last year at Bukit Bintang hosted by Bunkface with their single 鈥淭hrough my window鈥 – they also got Tokio Hotel to KL!

You might remember the Bunkface song from the campaign last year, the video is here:

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Random Post #13 – Weddings, Getting Senget, Getting Tortured & More

It’s been a hectic few weeks with the house and the fact it seems to be wedding season, in just 4 weeks I’ve to attend three weddings. Two have passed by successfully and I’ve got one more on December 11th which I’m really rather excited about.

My car is due for service too, not a good time seen as though it supposed to be finishing fairly soon and there is still a LOT of things to pay for/buy. Plus I think I’m about due for a tire change as the last set has been on since October last year.

Picked up some new projects at work too, some of which are rather complex and require a lot of brain power – the most tiring type of work-out. Plus one of my sites has been having a resource problem, now having too much traffic is never a bad thing – but it does take some thought to sort things out.

Now the craving Kim has for Sushi Zanmai has been continuing, one day we headed to have Sushi Zanmai with Kerol and Suan…but due some miscommunication we ended up at 1-Utama and they ended up at Sunway Pyramid! Then the queue was too long and we were hungry by then so we headed to another Sushi place that I’d heard of on Twitter a few times – Sushi-Q.

It’s an interesting low budget kind of concept, with all the food pre-packed in boxes and you just select what you want, sit down at the cafe style tables and eat. The salmon was good, prices reasonable and the lobster rolls were delicious – I will go again!

Sushi-Q Bento Box

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Movie Review – The Social Network – Interesting & Entertaining

The Social Network Movie (2010)

On a fall night in 2003, Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg sits down at his computer and heatedly begins working on a new idea. In a fury of blogging and programming, what begins in his dorm room soon becomes a global social network and a revolution in communication. A mere six years and 500 million friends later, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history.

This is a movie that I’ve been interested in since I heard the first whispers about it, Mark Zuckerberg is an interesting character and his achievement is phenomenal. The youngest self-made billionaire in history, this is certainly quite a claim.

Being a techy myself, and of course being interesting in social networks and so on this is a movie in my realm of knowledge and interest. Honestly I didn’t expect it to be very good, but once the reviews started coming in I was a little surprised. We were originally supposed to be watching it on November 1st – but it ended up being postponed by the distributor to November 22nd.

So I finally got to catch it this week, it’s doing phenomenally well on IMDB jumping into the Top 250 at #126 with a score of 8.3/10.

Jesse Eisenberg is simply superb as the slightly odd Mark Zuckerberg, you really get the feeling he’s like that – ubersmart, likes to write the code himself, rants, sarcastic, witty, arrogant and so on. I can believe it totally, because believe it or not I know people like that – some of the greatest coders/hackers I’ve ever met.

Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network

Of course there are also people who think they are smart and act like that, but that just doesn’t cut it and usually doesn’t end well for them. Andrew Garfield was great as Eduardo Saverin, who I recently discovered in the rather intense movie Boy A. And of course JT, the one and only Justin Timberlake who was the douchebag coke head Sean Parker of Napster fame. He’s always been a good actor, much to the surprise of many – I knew it since I saw Alpha Dog – which is actually a good solid film.

Rooney Mara was ok as Erica Albright, but didn’t play much of a part in the movie – just to add drama I guess. And she has her name changed, apparently her real name is actually Jessica Alona – but as she’s never come forward it’s not been proven. But it’s according to the online diary Zuckerberg wrote and was used in the Facemash scenes of the movie.

The score by Trent Reznor (of NIN fame) was absolutely banging, gotta get a hold of that later on. Cinematography was good, as to be expected with Kevin Spacey as the producer and the gritty look from director David Fincher (Fight Club, Se7en, Zodiac, Benjamin Button etc.)

As for how true the whole thing is? Well after all it is a movie, some things were changed to add drama + make the storyline more coherent. Most of the things happened in some form or another, but the timeline they were portrayed in the movie isn’t purely accurate. And as the story was fed to the original book author by Eduardo Saverin, it shows him in a better light – apparently he was a much bigger asshole in reality than shown in the movie.

If you’re really interested there’s a lot of stuff online about this, then the original book the movie was loosely based on (The Accidental Billionaires) and another supposedly more ‘accurate’ book called The Facebook Effect.

On another note I was somewhat ashamed that I understood every single thing Mark Zuckerberg was mumbling about in the movie (Apache indexes, PERL scripts, EMACS etc..), which just shows how truly geeky I really am. Well if it can make you a billionaire, I guess it’s not that.

But then again, I’m certainly no Mark Zuckerberg 馃檪

All in all it’s a good movie, definitely worth a watch and I give it a facemashing 8.5/10.

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