Johnnie Walker – Keep Walking and “THE PACT” – Part 3

Johnnie Walker - Keep Walking

You may remember I wrote about the new short movie series by Johnnie Walker called “THE PACT” a while ago, when episode two came out.

Go check out episode 3 now!

After struggling with finding some inspiration and getting into his stride in Part 2 Jason’s friends pulled him out of the whole and got him back onto the right track.

That didn’t stop him running into serious trouble in Part 3 however! His friends are there for him this time though, all the way in.

It’s a good feeling when you’re having a hard time and someone is there for you not just with words but with action – especially if they are willing to give up something that’s important to them to help you.

That’s true friendship.

You can find out more at:

In conjunction with this Johnnie Walker have also selected 6 local characters to represent this campaign locally, these six individuals, (also known as the Johnnie Walker Personalities) come from different career paths and each tell a story depicting themes that see the individual living the Johnnie Walker’s ‘Keep Walking’ way of life.

Next up is Eugene Fong Kien Cheong who had the drive to pursue his lifelong love of music and turn it into a successful career.

Eugene Fong Kien Cheong

His parents decided that they might have a budding Jimmy Hendrix on their hands and thus nurtured Eugene’s passion for sound by signing him up for piano lessons. Eugene unfortunately dreaded attending his classes but eventually grew to enjoy them. He did not consider himself the greatest student, as probably testified by his piano teacher, but he worked hard to get to Grade 7.

“Thanks to my passion for music and those piano lessons, I decided early on that the music industry was where I was going to make my mark, and hopefully, become among the major players in the local scene,” he added.

“There are a lot of talented people in Malaysia. I would love to see them known on a worldwide scale! Plus I would also love to win an international music award,” he said.

Lofty goals but he credits his parents, friends and girlfriend on being very supportive in allowing him the freedom to choose his own future.

Follow the continuing journey of Eugene Fong Kien Cheong as we delve into another inspiring story next post. Keep Walking!




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2 Responses to Johnnie Walker – Keep Walking and “THE PACT” – Part 3

  1. Huai Bin November 28, 2008 at 4:21 pm #

    I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I’ve never gotten over the need to have a stable career as an anchor. I guess it’s been drilled into me since a kid – go to uni, graduate, work in office.


  2. ShaolinTiger December 5, 2008 at 4:55 am #

    Huai Bin: I guess your call will come day when you have an idea or inspiration or find something that you’re really good at and enjoy doing and you might take a break from the norm and do something on your own.

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