Heineken – UEFA Champions League – Be Prepared!

Heineken UEFA Champions Leage - Be Prepared

So it’s that time of year again UEFA Champions League! Heineken come out with the ‘Be Prepared‘ game as the first installation of the ‘Great Together‘ campaign.

The idea is based on the simple universal truth that there are 3 ingredients that make up an awesome match night:

  • Great mates
  • World class football
  • Extra cold Heineken!

Part of this is a cool online game where you can win some awesome prizes! Football fever is gripping the World, even the EPL was put on hold the previous weekend for the World Cup Qualifiers…the UEFA is getting into swing and the EPL itself is heating up.

KY and Suanie recently won an exotic island trip at the launch of the Be Prepared campaign in TTDI, I wish I went now! You can stand your chance to win too. It’s a while since I played any fun online flash games so it’s good to see something new to try out, you know men – we are terribly competitive!

Heineken - Be Prepared

The online contest is a flash game with 3 stages, after the first stage I need a 2nd and 3rd player to help me complete the game! I get a pretty decent time of 44 seconds for the first stage, so I need two quick witted team mates to help win the star prize!

That’s where you come in, the first two people who comment (and are interested to play) can join with me to complete the game – please leave a valid e-mail address in your comment so we can arrange a time to play (the fastest combined time wins, therefore all players should play one after the other to minimize time spent).

Heineken - Be Prepared

The first stage isn’t too hard, but I have absolutely no idea what the following stages are! Anyone care to find out with me?

Don’t be shy!

So don’t forget to play the game here:


You can play with your own team or join with me, if you want to play along with me leave a comment below.




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3 Responses to Heineken – UEFA Champions League – Be Prepared!

  1. moons November 3, 2008 at 3:08 pm #

    Ah the fun flash games.. did the first stage in 40 secs and cant try the other games =/

  2. Kumaran May 26, 2009 at 2:59 pm #

    Hi, are there any parties by Heineken for the final tomorrow?

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