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We Ate This Updated – Tony Roma’s Ribs – Pavilion

Awesome ribs, a bit pricey tho!

Tony Roma's Beef Ribs

I’ve been meaning to try out this place for quite some time, will check out the Cineleisure one too.

More at:

Tony Roma’s – Ribs, Seafood & Steak – Pavilion, KL

BTW please leave your comments over at We Ate This and not here – Thanks!

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Movie Review – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Whipsnapping!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

In 1957, Indiana Jones is thrust back in action, venturing into the jungles of South America in a race against Soviet agents to find the mystical Crystal Skull.

So Indy is finally back with the 4th part and high expectations with the first Indiana Jones movie back in 1981 being one of the best movies ever made (Raiders of the Lost Ark – #16 on IMDB). The Last Crusade was good too, Temple of Doom wasn’t so great but was still enjoyable. All in all a great trio of movies..I was excited about Indy 4 coming out since it was rumoured then announced..

Finally I got the chance to watch it!

All in all it was good, it wasn’t fantastic…it won’t go down in the archives as a classic like Raiders of the Lost Ark but it was pretty decent.

Does Harrison still have it as Indy? Yeah he does! He kicked butt. I have to say the humour of the earlier films wasn’t there in this one. It seemed a little too polished and a little less fantastic.

Our man held his end up tho, old he may be he still rocked and he was still pure Indy!

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Shia LaBeouf was actually pretty decent and far less annoying than I expected him to be, Ray Winstone was far less of a bad-ass than he usually plays.

The rest of the cast were good, not a lot of depth to the characters though and I think the first time I’ve seen Cate Blanchett playing a real baddy.

The action sequences were good although the ending was a bit ‘WTF is this ID4?’

It’s certainly lacking the magic and suspense of the earlier 3 movies..I’d have to say so far this is the worst Indy.

Direction was good of course by Spielberg but mainly I think it’s the script that let it down, should they have made this movie? I guess not…but they did, I hope they don’t make another. Let Indy live as a legend!

All in all I’d give it a worth watching 6/10.

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Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging Party – June 21st Hartamas

So the party was a blast! Loads of people turned up and the outfits were fantastic, all different kinds, self made, cobbled together from existing stuff and the more flashy rented outfits (gorillas and cows were popular).

Liang was a great emcee as usual and it was a good night all in all, nice food, good company, loads of bloggers and free beer (yay!).

I was keeping it real in my mad tiger skin.


I didn’t wear it all the time as it was hot inside and out…and the jacket was quite thick.

Firdy doesn’t need the monkey mask, Nicholas doesn’t look too impressed.

Nicholas and Firdorilla

The hawt nuffies before one of them had to cover up..


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Movie Review – The Incredible Hulk – HULK SMASH!

The Incredible Hulk

Scientist Bruce Banner desperately hunts for a cure to the gamma radiation that poisoned his cells and unleashes the unbridled force of rage within him: The Hulk. Living in the shadows–cut off from a life he knew and the woman he loves, Betty Ross–Banner struggles to avoid the obsessive pursuit of his nemesis, General Thunderbolt Ross.

The new Hulk movie came somewhat out of the blue and very quickly after the fabulous Ironman, it’s another Marvel production and considerably better than the first Ang Lee effort “Hulk“. It wasn’t as hyped as Ironman and perhaps they should have bought it out first…

Not to say it’s not a good movie, but it’s hard to compete after Ironman. It’s doing well om IMDB with a 7.9 at the moment – I’d say it’ll go down to somewhere about 7-7.2 as it’s not quite that good.

Some found the Ang Lee version much to ‘talky’, this one is a bit slow in the beginning too – it does pick up. Hulk is a sad story after all and thankfully it’s much better played out in this version though.

Edward puts in a good performance as the weakling Banner trying to hide away and solve his problem with Gamma poisoning.

Edward Norton as Bruce Banner

Liv Tyler is a bit annoying, she seems to be lacking depth..the Hulk on the other hand is fantastic. Especially the show down with the Abomination!

Hearing those immortal words of “Hulk Smash” was fantastic.

The Incredible Hulk

The rest of the cast was solid, William Hurt was great as the general and looked as though he came straight out of the book. Tim Roth was good as the slightly twisted Blonsky and the rest of the cast supported well (with the cameos from Stan Lee and the REAL Hulk Lou Ferrigno).

The Hulk is a bit of a one dimensional character himself, only the aspect of Banner adds something to the story…and the tussle between Ross and the General.

I’ll be interested to see where they take it after this.

I give it a Hulk Smashing good 7/10.

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I’m a TV Star – I was on NTV7 Venus

I just remember I hadn’t posted about this as I was at the building management office paying for my car-parking and the fella asked if I was on NTV7 Venus a while ago..

So yes I was! On May 30th I was on an edition about Public Transport and Taxis.

The regular host is Aishah Sinclair but she wasn’t around so it was hosted by Sariah who is also the Producer of the show.

You can watch it below:

Part 1

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Sean Kingston Live at Zouk KL – Malaysia

So last month Sean Kingston was in town to perform a few songs in KL, his first stop was Zouk KL – it was in conjuction with Hotlink and

You might know him from his overplayed song “Beautiful Girls” – I do prefer this version though “Sean Krapston – Suicidal Song“.

Zouk is blessed with being in a rather iconic location with the KLCC towers looming behind it, this always makes for good pics outside.

Sean Kingston Live at Zouk KL - Malaysia

There were lots of people outside taking pics and having fun with the Hotlink boys and girls.

Hotlink People

Inside was pretty packed with everyone waiting for the arrival of the star for the night.

Crowd in Zouk

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Movie Review – Iron Man – Film of the Year?

Iron Man

Billionaire industrialist Tony Stark builds a high-tech suit of armor and leads a double-life as the superhero, Iron Man.

Well everyone has been buzzing about this movie, I have to admit I’m a little late in watching it – been WAYYY too busy lately. Managed to catch up with a couple of movies this week! I tried not to set my expectations too high for Iron Man as that tends to lead to disappointment. After a sneak peak at IMDB and the stunning 8.2/10 I was rather looking forwards to it (Not to mention it went straight into the top 250 movies!).

It is of course also the first Superhero/Comic movie that Marvel has actually made themselves, the others are made by big studios…and well now I think everyone hopes Marvel will continue making their own movies. Hulk is coming out soon, after that a list of others (Spiderman 4, The Avengers, Thor, Nick Fury etc).

Anyway back to Iron Man, this movie ROCKS! Plain and simple, Robert Downey Jr. absolutely owns the character of both Tony Stark and Iron Man.

Robert Downy Jr. - Iron Man - Tony Stark

The CGI is flawless, the way he interacts with the holographic renderings is fantastic. The way the whole movie is put together is believable, it’s not too fantastic or unrealistic and it shows the development of Iron Man. Iron Man itself is also a nice concept, a man made hero rather than something spawned from a genetic mutation or a spider bite or a nuclear reaction.

Of course there will be comparisons between this and Transformers – I’d say this has the edge very slightly due to the fact the jokes and character interplay are slightly more adult oriented. Transformers is excellent, bit a little kiddy in parts.

Iron Man is funny, I laughed out loud quite a few times, the lines are great and Stark is of course obnoxious but witty. I have to say I think this is the best movie of the year so far and something is gonna have to do bloody well to beat it.

If you haven’t watched it yet…do stay until after the credits. The credits are damn bloody long, but it’s worth it!

You have to watch this before it goes off the cinema – if you haven’t already of course. This is a movie that has gone onto my “Buy Original DVD” list..

Ironman rocks, nothing else to say – 9/10.

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We Ate This Updated – Chef Loong SS2

Another favourite of mine in SS2, way back I posted this picture…see how long it took me to actually create this post! That was just before I started We Ate This.

Chef Loong SS2

Anyway if you are looking for good Xiao Long Bao at a decent price, do check it out.

More at:

Chef Loong – Siu Loong Pau (Xiao Long Bao) & Dim Sum – SS2

BTW please leave your comments over at We Ate This and not here – Thanks!

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Expensive Expensive? Fuel Price up to RM2.70 Per Litre!

So the petrol price has gone up by 78cents, approximately 40%…that’s a pretty hefty hike. I’m sure everyone knows about it by now.

Most people feel like this.

Screw the hike

Judging by the horrific jams last night near every petrol station (3-4km tailbacks according to radio traffic reports) it seems like most of the country had heard about it.

I checked a few petrol stations and by 10pm they had actually run out of fuel, I didn’t bother queuing to pump fuel. The price is inevitable and I’m not going to waste an hour or two idling to save RM30.

So what do I think? I think as a net exporter of petroleum products Malaysia should be able to afford to give subsidy to their citizens.

But then, if they remove the subsidy (believing the economy can support it) they will free up a LOT of money for development of health care, education and public transport.

Now if public transport was adequate I don’t think anyone would be complaining about the fuel prices as you would have a viable option.

Also if car prices weren’t ridiculously inflated less people would complain.

Honestly I think removing the subsidy is fine….IF and it’s a BIG IF – the public transport system is effecient, effective and has enough spread to be available to everyone in the urban area (including suburbs) AND cars are sold at the true market price (around 60% of what they are currently being sold at).

I’ve seen the government propoganda showing fuel prices compared to other countries nearby – but when are they going to show the prices we pay for cars compared to other countries (and please factor in the pricing parity or economic strength).

Rumours have it that the price may go up again in August as the current 78 cent hike still has a 30 cent per litre subsidy.

The plan is to give those with cars under 2000cc RM600 per year back, that’s fine if you pump petrol once a month, but for everyone else it doesn’t cut it.

Even for those with 35 litre tanks a full tank will now cost around RM95 where previously it cost RM67.

Say on average they pump a full tank twice a month, they are losing out RM672 a year, so with the subsidy they aren’t too badly off. I think on average tho mostly people will pump a full tank once a week, so they will be losing out about RM600 a year.

It’s still an additional headache however and we have yet to see how effecient the system will be.

Interesting times, I want to see what they are proposing to do with all the saved funds.

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Deerland Park – Lanchang – Pahang

So after we visited Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, we headed to this really cool place nearby called Deerland. We thought it was just a deer park but it actually had all kinds of animals inside and was really interesting..

It was more interesting than the Elephant Sanctuary, which was the main purpose of our trip!

So the first thing we did when we went in, was feed the deer of course!

Deer Feeding at Deerland

Up close and personal with a deer 😀

Up Close

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