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Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale at 1-Utama – The Finals!

So it came down to the Malaysian Dreamgirl Final 3 for Season 1!

Adeline, Cindy and Hanis – Hanis being the clear public favourite, Adeline seeming to be popular amongst the young Chinese population and Cindy being expected to win due to certain ‘outside factors’.

The finale itself was held as part of Fashion on 1 at 1-Utama new-wing Oval, on the main catwalk for the Fashion shows.

I propped myself up on the photographers platform with Kimberly and Mike and my new monopod and got a few shots in.

The stage was set for the MDG Finale in 1-Utama.

MDG at 1-Utama

There was a pretty decent crowd in and outside.

MDG at 1U

And the photographers were ready on the platform.

MDG at 1U

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