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Life’s Little Jokes

Strangely enough a day after writing about Corruption in Malaysia, I got stopped by a ‘roadblock’ on MRR2 at about 1.30am.

It didn’t look particularly official and I don’t think they even had a speedtrap set-up, they were just fishing for bribes.

I thought this when I pulled up, but it was soon confirmed..

The first guy came to me…looked at my white face and walked of summoning his colleague (in BM of course) “Eh come here la, I don’t know what to say”.

Then another guy came over, then finally the more senior guy came up. Luckily I wasn’t going particularly fast anyway.

Eventually he managed to ask me how fast I was going…it was something like this..

Him: “Your licence?”
Me: (Passes him license)
Him: “International license?”
Me: “Yah”
Him: “You from where?”
Me: “Bandar Sri Damansara”
Him: “You er….”
Him: “You how?”
Him: “You er…how ah?”
Him: “You how long?”
Me: “Huh? Do you mean how fast was I going?”
Him: “Yah yah, how fast?”
Me: “Around 85-90km/h”
Him: “Speed here, 80km/h on bridge 60km/h”
Me: “Ok fine.”
Him: (Leaning into car) “So you want summon?”
Me: “Yeah sure, give me a summon”
Him: (Looking puzzled) “Er ok…”

Then he ciaoed, got on his bike and rode off.

I waited a while whilst another few officers inspected me, my car, my license and hung around, asked me some more stuff – mostly the same questions again. Where am I from, where am I going, how fast was I going, had I been drinking etc..

One even breathalyzed me.

And eventually said I can go, ‘last warning’.

They obviously were doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing and were just fishing for bribes.

So in the end I drove off without paying anything, why? Because I’d done nothing wrong.

Everyone else around me was paying their hard earned 50 bucks for no reason, other than to support corruption. When you pay the bribe you can’t be sure if they were really going to summon you or not.

Accept when you do wrong and pay via the proper channels, don’t let them push you around 馃檪

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Happy Divali/Deepavali/Diwali/Deepawali – Festival of Light

Happy Divali/Deepavali/Diwali/Deepawali – however you want to spell it or name it – to all my Hindu/Jain and Sikh readers and friends.

Happy Festival of Light!

May the lights and lamps uplight the darkness and signify the victory of good over evil within you all.



You can read more at Wikipedia here:

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Corruption – You bribe too DON’T YOU – It’s all YOUR Fault

Now this is an interesting topic…and it comes back to the same old subject again sadly. Malaysia hypocrisy and apathy.

It’s a fairly serious topic, but one that comes up fairly often. It’s somewhat confusing as a foreigner in Malaysia, especially at first, trying to comprehend the Malaysian mind-set.

At first Malaysians seems like patriotic people who are passionate about their country and want to see positive changes in the bureaucracy and governance of the country. But later you realise they just like to talk about it, and aren’t actually willing to do anything on a ground or grass-roots level to make the changes.

My case in point today is corruption.

You’ll often hear someone or other whining about corruption especially with this $27 million cop splashed all over the papers, and even before that they’ll moan about corrupt cops, corrupt politicians and corrupt business practices.

All you have to do is ask them…when you get stopped for a traffic offense do you bribe the police to get away?

95% of the time they’ll say “Yeah of course la, what else to do?

Which makes them just as bad as the people they are complaining about, it’s their fault corruption still continues and is so blatant. I hold all people that pay police bribes on the street accountable for the corruption in this country.

Me? If I do something wrong, I take the summon and pay it like a good citizen. If I didn’t do anything wrong, I won’t allow the police to harass me into paying them just so I can get away easily.

Stand your ground if you didn’t do anything wrong, don’t pay just to get away faster. You are just making things worse and opening more doors for them to do it in the future.

If you did something wrong, accept the summon and pay it through the proper channels. If you get a discount in the police station that’s fine. But don’t bribe the man on the street.

When the police ask me if I want to settle I offer them RM10 – just to insult them and ask for them to hurry up writing the summons.

In a way you can blame it on the government for paying the police such pitiful salaries, they ‘need’ to collect kopi duit to survive…apparently.

And from what I know corruption on high levels exists in some form in every country in the World, according to the local cultural practices.

Business has opportunity cost as well which even in UK or US might have some kind of ‘gift’ associated with it.

It’s just not so blatant and it doesn’t effect the people.

The problem with the police on the street being corrupt is you have no faith in them solving important crimes or looking after the citizens, their first priority after all is collecting YOUR money – which YOU are allowing them to do.

It effectively removes the whole point of having a police force.

No doubt in UK the government is corrupt at high levels, but the man on the street be it a bobby walking the beat or a traffic cop is 100% corruption free and you can trust that whatever their interest in a given situation it’s not according to money, bribes or sweeteners.

This makes you feel safe.

Stop bribing and the corruption will stop, the police will have to start doing their jobs properly and they will eventually get paid properly.

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Hot Chicks & Cold Beer

Hmmm fluffy white outfits and free flow sub zero Heineken beer!

Heineken Babes

What a deal.

They sure know how to make us happy 馃檪

More soon of course.

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Sometimes I HATE PR and Events People

I’ve written about this before some time back, it’s happening less frequently I have to admit..but it still happens.

Remember 鈥淵ue May Not Mail Me Anymore鈥, well another occurence happened today. Even worse they had my real e-mail address as I have dealt with the agency before.

The agency incidentally who likes to poach jobs from other people by undercutting, then getting inexperienced staff to do the work – professionalism? Appropriate? I’ll leave that up to you.

Anyway I’ve been to some events by this company, and they were decent..unfortunately their standards seem to have declined and whoever they have approaching bloggers now is a complete fucking tool.

Picture this:

Subject: Urgent. Please Get Back to me



I’m from RetardedAgency and we will be having an event soon. Could you please help us feature this event on your Blog. Hope it isn’t too much hassle. Would really appreciate it. Please contact Dumb Fuck (03) 2xx3 2xx7 for further information. Or you can just reply my email. 馃檪 Thanks a blast. Hope you response asap.


Etc etc standard press release about the event.

The funny thing? I tried to reply to her to tell her what a dimwit she was….as it was so urgent, and it BOUNCED – can you beat that!

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 5.1.1 is not a valid mailbox

Anyway back to the original mail, do you notice the lack of name, lack of introduction, lack of personalisation?

Does it smell like spam to you? Sure does to me.

Can you miss the retarded English?

Thanks a blast. Hope you response asap.

Darling that should be thanks a bunch and hope you respond ASAP.

And the tone of the e-mail, do I look like a push web site for your shitty press releases? There’s this thing called an ADVERTORIAL ok, if you want your shitty event on my site you can PAY like everyone else.

Or if it’s interesting, I’ll write about it anyway for free.

If not you can fuck off to and publish your shit there.

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Not Posting Today

In protest of no-one commenting on my entries…….NOT ENOUGH COMMENTS PEOPLE!

Come on you should know bloggers are comment whores, we thrive on comments…even though I see the page views, the unique visits….you are here, you are reading, watching, stalking..

Stop being silent, say something, say my post sucks, my pictures are bad….anything.

Anyway if you have something to say, anything to say – just comment. Don’t be shy, I’d love to see at least 10 comments on every post.

Give me some feedback, let me know if I’m boring you, if I’m posting stuff that interests you – or otherwise.

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