Checking out Hypp.TV – Local Video Content Finally!

I recently found out about a new initiative from TM called Hypp.TV. Basically it’s a new site delivering free and premium video content on a local platform, which is great for people who are into the whole rich media scene of Web two point oh. I managed to get a free trial and checked it out.


With everyone addicted to Flickr and Youtube, Malaysia needs more local content as our International peering is slow, loading from US or European sites is troublesome and sometimes nearly impossible. Even accessing specialised IPTV services such as Joost can be tough.

This is where Hypp.TV hopes to come in, it’s starting off by offering content focused on football, mainly from the EPL (Barclays Premier League) where subscribers can log on and watch match highlights, exclusive round up videos, special themed clips and such.

The site layout is pretty standard, quite graphics heavy, but that’s expected for a rich media site.

Hypp.TV Site

You can find the news channel here:

Hypp.TV News

And free content from the local scene here:

Hypp.TV Local Scene

The premium content such as the football media is very affordable at RM9.90 for Streamyx subscribers and RM14.90 for non-subscribers per month. You can find the full rates here. With the cost of registration at only RM89.90 for a year, that’s a measly 25 cents per DAY!

Hypp.TV Premier League

The videos buffer fast and the picture quality is definitely better than Youtube, it seems to have some problems streaming the high quality version though.

They also currently have a contest going on where you can win a 3-month subscription for top Barclays Premier League Content absolutely FREE!

All you need to do to win a 3-month subscription to top BPL videos is answer two simple questions and complete the slogan, you can find out more and enter the contest at:

Hypp.TV Contest

Fans get it!




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