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Movie Review – The Bourne Ultimatum – What a FINISH

The Bourne Ultimatum

Bourne is once again brought out of hiding, this time inadvertently by London-based reporter Simon Ross who is trying to unveil Operation BlackBriar–an upgrade to Project Treadstone–in a series of newspaper columns. Bourne (Damon) sets up a meeting with Ross (Considine) and realizes instantly they’re being scanned. Information from the reporter stirs a new set of memories, and Bourne must finally, ultimately, uncover his dark past whilst dodging The Company’s best efforts in trying to eradicate him.

As it was a trilogy from the start, I’ve always looked forward to the next Bourne movie since I saw The Bourne Identity (7.5) back in 2002. Following that was the excellent The Bourne Supremacy (7.5) in 2004 – which I’m happy to say was above my expectations. The first two gave me faith that the third would not disappoint.

Unlike Matrix….which had the best first part of any trilogy – one of the best movies ever. The second two were barely worth watching.

Lord of the Rings ended badly.

Most of the others are just franchises gone on too long (Ocean’s 11, Pirate, Spiderman 3) – all which were horribly dissapointing.

I’ve been waiting most of the year for The Bourne Ultimatum – and I have to say it didn’t disappoint – AT ALL.

This is probably the first trilogy that gives me 100% satisfaction without, each movie is different enough to stand strongly alone – but similar enough to fit well in the series. I’d kept hearing it was great, good, amazing but I stayed away from the reviews.

It’s jumped into the Top 250 on IMDB at #98.

Matt Damon is of course superb again as Jason Bourne.

Matt Damon

There is however a lot more development of characters in this movie and considerably less action, which in a way makes it even more compelling. The Bourne character has been well developed, and his relationship was somewhat abrubtly ended…so the development is more on those inside the CIA and those that made Bourne and others like him – which they call ‘assets’.

I shall be buying the original box set trilogy as I love each movie and can see myself watching them many more times.

I give it an excellent finish to the series 9/10.

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Star Celeb ‘Photo Contest’ at Bed – Heritage Row

A while back I went to some ‘Photo Contest’ at Bed in Asian Heritage row down in KL – I don’t go to KL often….so I had to drag myself down there.

But I was supporting Kim – so it was ok 馃榾 I briefly posted about it just after the event, but with the server crash and some other stuff I’ve been a bit hectic since then.

We were there to take some pictures of the Star Celeb contestants in a clubbing environment, challenging for both us and the contestants.

There was 3 sections basically – Pose, Groove and Chill being a fixed pose on the stage then 30 seconds of emcee time, then dancing inside the club, then hanging out respectively.


It was pretty tough with odd lighting and extremely low ambient light conditions. Plus it was my first time shooting in a clubbing environment, trying to get the settings right was interesting to say the least.

Su Lin

Kim is very natural on the mic.


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Speedzone 2007 for MotoGP at Zouk with Seb Fontaine and Matt Darey

Last weekend I went to Speedzone at Zouk, in honour of the MotoGP at Sepang the next day.

I was attracted by the top notch line-up (Matt Darey trance god and Seb Fontaine).

I was on the media board – femes can?!

Speedzone Media List

The backdrop of course was KLCC visible clearly behind Zouk.

KLCC Behind Zouk

Then when we went in there was some cool bike simulator, you couldn’t actually control it – it was more for experience but it was fun. The screen was massive and the sound loud.

Motorbike Simulator

It chucked you around pretty hard too – kinda cool.

Motorbike Simulator

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Krystal – End of Day 1

So back to Krystal it is, somehow I got some steam over the weekend and finished the first day of the Krystal shoot….some nice pics in there. Day 2 is still looming with another 4GB of RAW files to look through.

I expect to be getting back up to date though as processing on this PC is a pleasure rather than a the old setup. I just need to learn to manage my time better.

These were shot in the abandoned bungalow in KLPac nearer to midday, that’s why the light is quite harsh – but I had fun with that aspect. I tried to make this a more emotionally varied set.

It was fun anyway! Mostly shot with Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 for the wider shots and Nikkor 70-300mm VR for the tighter ones.

Mono Thoughts

Mono Thoughts

Legs Forever

Legs Forever



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Welcome to Marco

Just to say hi to Marco and a healthy birth and healthy mother!


Damn new-born has more hair than me nowadays…we look alike though otherwise right?

Go say congrats to the happy mother.

It’s not my turn next thanks, I have enough problems with one child in the house and the occasional kittens. Imagine a baby – nothx for the moment.

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My New PC Setup – Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 – 2GB RAM

So I got my new setup finally and working, the files haven’t been completely transferred yet….not time lately. And it’s bloody slow as the PCI LAN card got fried on my old setup so I have to use Wireless…so copying large chunks of data takes hours – literally.

Anyway here’s the core of my setup..

2.66GHz Core 2 Duo E6750 Conroe Chip & Asus P5K-V motherboard.


This is the actual chip itself – as you can see Made in Malaysia!

Intel C2D

This is the very decent standard Heatsink/Fan combo that comes boxed with the CPU.

CPU Heatsink/Fan

Gone are the days when they didn’t give you one, or they gave you some puny thing you straight away chucked in the bin and bought a decent one – especially when you’ve been using AMD chips like me which you can fry an egg on.

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Sometimes simple words can mean a lot to someone…when I get messages like this it makes me want to improve, to keep pushing and to inspiring people.

Hi Shaolin,

Your Shots are simply fantastic and your work is marvellously awesome. I am so thrilled and happy to add you as my contact. You are truly a legend and a master photographer. Thank you very much for uplaoding such amazing photographs. I really liked them very much . Some of the photos, such as the models photographs are truly awesome that i dont have words to describe them. I have become a great fan of you now. I will await for your future photographs.

Well done Shaolin. You are my hero and role model in photography

Do take the time to drop a note to someone that inspires you, it may mean a lot to them and it just takes a minute.

I do often take time to leave a comment or drop a mail to people who’s work makes me question my own and push me to another level.

I had a really great shoot the past weekend in Genting with Hannah Tan, look out for some of those shots soon!

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Getting There

Ok I鈥檝e just painstakingly restored all the posts I could find since September 10th until now from Google Cache, I’ve lost some of the content of the posts (just a couple) because I was using the more tag…so they weren’t cached on the front page and the individual posts weren’t cached at all 馃檨

Everything should be back up and working now! All posts are restored.

Anyhow things should all be restored now – and it was incredibly boring鈥o it shows the power of taking regular backups. I鈥檓 incredibly thankful I took my own backup on September 10th鈥 can鈥檛 imagine what it would be like if I hadn鈥檛 backed up or it was 2-3 months out of date.

I made a few upgrades as well seen as though I was re-installing the whole site..I鈥檝e upgraded to the latest branch of Wordress – 2.3 and I鈥檝e internalized the tags so they no longer point to Technorati. I鈥檝e also upgraded all plugins and mods so we should be stable and secure now.

You can now click the tags on the index or inside posts and they will take you to the tag archive page for that tag.

The sites feels a bit faster and more responsive to me after I鈥檝e upgraded to 2.3, but that might just be me.

Do let me know what the performance is like from your side, especially now I’m using a Malaysian host it should be much more responsive for local browsers.

Now I gotta set-up some proper back-ups!

If you spot anything funky or something going wrong/error/weird behaviour/files missing just drop me a comment or use the contact form and let me know.

There’s just a couple of image files I’ve found which are missing and the CSS file needs a bit of tweak to get the comments looking nice again – but I think that’s about it.

Upgraded, recovered and back on track.

Regular posting will resume in the next 1-2 days after I get some sleep. I’ve still got 6 million other things to do! Argh!

Thanks for the kind words, e-mails and comments – I appreciate it!

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Crashed Real Bad

Well it’s working to some degree, half of the images are missing and a bunch of other stuff isn’t working properly yet.

Plus the last time I backed up the database was September 10th so all posts/comments since then have been lost.

I’ve gotten the Google cache from the front page, but those posts I was using the ‘more’ tag…I’ve lost the rest of the post.

I’ll try and recreate them the best I can over the weekend if my original host really can’t recover anything.

Apparently there was some kind of cascading failure, so when the hard-disk failed it also b0rked the backup server…and that was the end of that.

Everything is gone, all my important sites, money making sites…everything.

Luckily I was getting suspicious last month and did a quick backup, I’m not sure if I backed up the files though.

And now this site is hosted in Malaysia so it should be blazingly fast for people in Asia-pac.

Hopefully I’ll get the latest SQL dump from the previous host and put all the images back and we’ll be sorted.

If not I’ll patch things back together the best I can do.

Another lesson – don’t rely on others BACKUP REGULARLY…I wish I had got around to setting up the automated back-up for all the servers accounts like I kept meaning to.

It just goes to show procrastination is the mother of all fuck-ups.

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Return of the Kitteh & I got a conscience?!

Ok so I came home….and I found the kittehs hunched up in the same little space between the grill and the glass door, no doubt if the glass door had been open a crack they would have squeezed into the house again and sat on my speaker in the lovely smelly warm place next to my sofa.


So I got a conscience somewhere along the way…and made them a little house from an box and an old t-shirt.

Kitteh House

They were a bit wary of the box when I introduced it to them..

Kitteh Box

Then when I opened the grill they went outside, one just sat in the middle and went back to sleep…so cool!

Chill Kitteh

I put the box outside and poured them a small saucer of milk..


And left them to it, I’m not sure if they were using the box, 2 of them were in it last time I checked, but I think they don’t like it facing outwards..

Anyway when I was hoovering the dust up it scared the hell of out them, so they ran to the other end of the balcony, I turned the box to face inwards then…so I think they are using it now.

It’s pitch black but I can’t see them on the balcony, so I guess they must be inside the box.

Will check up on em tomorrow!

Kittehz for the win!

Btw if you don’t get some of the references in these last two posts…you need to check out I can haz cheeseburger.

And the latest blend of two Internet meme’s Post Secret and lolcatz….we get lolsecretz (your sekret gived us lolz!!)

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