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Family Portraits – So Kuit!


An ex-colleague of mine has such a beautiful son, I offered to do a set of family portraits for him.

The kid has such big eyes I thought he must make a good model, and a cute subject.

It turns out I was right! It was an interesting experience and the first time I’ve done any family type portraits. It was challenging too, to think of positions and compositions that would be interesting, aesthetic and convey some kind of emotion.

Anyway here’s the shots, do tell me what you think and which you enjoyed the most!

The boy started off a little shy and nervous, he didn’t know us and didn’t really know what was happening, he soon warmed up though 馃檪


Look Over THERE!

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Real tears…

See the larger version for more drama –‘Trapped’ On Black.

Good photoshoots, but got sunburnt, watched a play on Saturday night and had some good food, all in all a productive weekend. 900 shots to look through now though…urgh!

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King of the Swinging Nipples

KL Bird Park rocks!

The largest covered bird park in the world, and I take pictures of a monkey.


Strange eh?

Appreciate the amazing detail in the large version.

I’ll be workshopping this whole weekend with some famous photographer dude, so I’ll update when I can.

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Movie Review – Babel – Meaningful


In the remote sands of the Moroccan desert, a rifle shot rings out–detonating a chain of events that will link an American tourist couple鈥檚 frantic struggle to survive, two Moroccan boys involved in an accidental crime, a nanny illegally crossing into Mexico with two American children and a Japanese teen rebel whose father is sought by the police in Tokyo.

This is a movie I’ve heard a lot about, Oscar winner and various nominations up the wazoo, I wasn’t really sure what it was about though. It’s got a very strong 7.8 on IMDB (BTW as a side note, IMDB has gone all web2.0 and I couldn’t even find the score on the new page, took me a while to spot it, I think partially because I’ve blocked the ads it ends up in a weird place).

From the name, Babel, I implied it might be something to do with language, or at least some kind of divides between humans.

I was right in a way, it’s more about cultural divides though.

To surmise I would say the movie is about other people’s stupid mistakes can effect your life so small mistake or one oversight or one bad decision can totally change your life.

The examples in the movie are of course exaggerated and dramatised.

From the tag-lines, the movie is more about being lost, lost in the desert, lost to yourself or lost the world.

It an interesting concept though and bridges English, Moroccan, Japanese, Mexican and I think even a bit of French.

Must be a nightmare for the translator!

It’s a beautifully directed movie with excellent cinematography, the composition of the shots are excellent, like perfectly taken photographs.

Brad Pitt put in a good performance, to be fair Cate Blanchett really didn’t have to do anything except look pale, which she does just fine without the help of makeup.

The Japanese part of the story was a bit more confusing and I don’t really see how it was linked to the other two parts (the whole gun thing with a bit spurious).

It would have made a good stand alone story though and was a strong part of the movie.

Somehow the movie reminds me of Crash as it deals with race, family issues and other hard hitting topics.

Anyway if you haven’t watch Babel I highly recommend it, it’s a pretty intense movie though so don’t watch it if you feel like something light.

I’d give it a strong 8/10.

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I Went to EUROPE!

Not really..

But guess where I was?

Guess Where

Can you?

I have to admit I know Selangor Valley pretty well, and I’ve never even heard of this place, let alone been there.

Europe indeed, was a hectic day, need to sleep now…and *sigh* back to work tomorrow, why can’t I get the whole week off!

Had a pretty busy few days…need a holiday after that, Mom is having a good time.

Some of her New Zealand pics are awesome, trying to persuade her to blog her trip.

Oh yah, feel free to tell me how awesome my pic is!

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Triple 7 – God of Gambling

Don’t gamble so much…it’s bad for you!

Especially when it gets up to 30 bucks a hand…then the dealer gets 21 and you have to cough up 60 bucks!

w00t to my triple 7, this wasn’t staged, I actually got it!

Triple 7

Playing Blackjack at Chinese New Year, the only hand better than Double Ace, and highly unlikely! Triple 7’s.

The orange on top of the money symbolises fortune as the word for this orange is ‘Kum’ which is the same word for Gold (if you didn’t know).

Happy New Year, come gamble with me a bit 馃檪

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Happy Chinese New Year – For the Year of the Pig

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous year of the pig!

Oink Oink.

Happy New Year!

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Might be lacking in updates for a while as it’s the holiday season and my Mom just arrived back here from New Zealand yesterday, so she’s here for a couple of weeks.

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

Cheese Prawns, Pork Knuckles, Steamed Pomfret, Tofu with Oyster Sauce, Mixed Vegetables, Steamed Chicken and some Turnip with Lettuce.

You can see the Flickr Page for notes of what all the dishes are.

I’ll update whenever I can!

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Combating Spam – Disable Trackbacks for Older Posts in WordPress

I’ve been inundated with spam recently, up till the point I’ve had to install some stupid maths plug-in to annoy people try and stop it.

The main problem is not the spam, as it all ends up in Akismet, it’s very accurate..the problem is when there is false positives and real comments end up in Akismet, there are just too many comments to go through and fish out the real ones, (200-400 per day)…so I just end up deleting all and often losing real comments.

I’ve decided most spam is not actual comments posted through the form but auto-generated Trackbacks, that’s how it seems anyway.

I’ve installed a trackback validator plugin, but that’s really not helping as it just ends up in Akismet with all the other crap, so I still have trouble spotting the real comments.

I also installed Did You Pass Math? (DYPM) But it just seems to annoy people and doesn’t do anything about Trackback spam.

What I’ve come to think is the the most sensible solution is to disable old Trackbacks, as real Trackbacks are most likely to come on new posts.

So go to your database or in my case phpMyAdmin on my domain and bring up the SQL query box, then paste this in:

You can change the date to suit when you want to turn off Trackbacks, just make sure you keep the date in the same format.

phpMyAdmin returned “Affected rows: 593 (Query took 0.0375 sec)

And that was that, Trackbacks were turned off for old posts before December 1st, 2006!

Even with this and DYPM disabled, I get about 60 spam comments a day, so the best solution is to disable old trackbacks and keep DYPM installed and active.

I’m loath to disable comments for old posts as I still get people popping up and commenting on old posts regularly.

This brings spam back down to a manageable level (just a few each day).

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Yeah Valentine’s Day STILL Sucks – Be My Anti-Valentine

I’ve always been anti-valentine’s day, I’ve even been in the papers for my views on this.

It seems trendy in the last 1-2 years to go against Valentine’s day, it seems anti-commercialism is finally hitting the mainstream.

Valentine's Day

What’s the point really? Overpriced flowers? Overpriced dinners?

As I mentioned before, I learnt a very good lesson about 20 years ago from my lovely mother, I bought her some tulips on mother’s day as is customary.

She scolded me upside down..

The gist of her message was why…why did you buy these flowers today when they are triple the normal price? What does today mean? Why do you need to buy these flowers today? Can you not show your appreciation to me on any day? Or every day? Because the flowers are triple price, that means on other days you could buy me flowers 3 times rather than 1, and they would be unexpected, so more appreciated.

She advised me if I wanted to do something, make her a card, or make something, that would show I really put some effort and not just dropped some money, which anyone can do. And it doesn’t support the commercial bastards who are intent on emptying our pockets.

Basically she said the day is bullshit, and the same goes for Valentine’s day, appreciate your partner every day.

Not just when the man wants you to so he can grab your money. Buy your girlfriend flowers whenever you see some nice ones, surprise her with a nice dinner. Celebrate your anniversary, because that is a meaningful day.

Don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or whatever other spend-your-money Day they come up.

And to those singles who say Valentine’s day makes you feel more single, you are a bunch of wet, spineless, no brained fuckers too.

Valentine’s day has never made me feel anything, either way…because it’s a meaningless day created to make money.

Don’t support Valentine’s day.

Valentine's Day

Be my Anti-Valentine.

Images from VD.

You can see what I wrote about Valentine’s day 2 years ago:

Happy Valentines Day..Or not..

And other people who agree:

my perfect valentine
364 days but not Valentine’s Day
The Mathematics of Valentines

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Do You Have Blood Type A+?

If you do, do a good deed and help a family out that needs some kind souls to donate some of their fairly rare A+ blood for a heart bypass operation.

The operation will take place on March 1st, 2007 (Thursday) and the surgery requires fresh blood and the surgeon has requested for at least 10 people of similar blood group (A+) to donate on the day of his surgery. We know that this is not a common blood group and we appreciate it with all our heart if you can assist us.

Below is the information you need if you wish to give blood:

  1. Blood group required : A+
  2. Name of Hospital : Subang Jaya Medical Centre (New Wing), 5th Floor
    (Blood Bank)
  3. Opening Hours : 8.30 am – 5.30 pm (Monday to Friday) (Operates during
    lunch hours) 8.30 am – 12.30 pm (Saturday)
  4. Patient’s Name : Lee Chiew
  5. Date of Surgery : March 1, 2007

Set out below are the procedures for the blood donation;

  1. The Donor has to be healthy;
  2. The potential donor is required to go to the above hospital any day before the surgery date to have his / her blood screened. Should the potential donor do not know his / her blood group, the hospital will conduct the test;
  3. If the potential donor can only attend the screening test on the weekend, he / she will need to give one day prior notice to the hospital.
  4. SJMC (Blood Bank) contact no. : 03-56306575
    Contact person : Ms Siva

  5. After having passed the screening test, the Donor will need to come to the hospital again on the Surgery date (9.00 am) for the donation.
  6. Please be informed that the hospital will issue time-off medical certificates for both the screening and donation days.

Please feel free to contact the family members should you have questions on the above. Karina (012-3930993), Kevin (012-2998769) or Adrian (012-2317912).

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