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Shong Lee Photogenic Catwalk Photography Contest – 1-Utama

This would be part one I guess, seen as though I got less than 10 comments when I use only words it must mean I’m a lousy writer, I better stick to pictures! Hahah.

As I mentioned, I went off to 1-Utama on Saturday afternoon to shoot some catwalk pictures of some lovely young girls holding all the latest cameras. It was a fairly informal contest, you could only enter 1 picture per person, no post processing allowed, you had to print it there on site on one of the provided Canon printers.

The rules were to shoot the girls WITH the cameras, the cam had to be in the shot.

I had a quick triple play and a beer at Chili’s then headed down to shoot the contest.

From a photography point of view I think I did ok, pretty well without flash and shooting with a f/2.8 macro lens with no stabiliser 馃榾

Compositions could be a little more adventerous, but just need to learn the basics first..

Anyway, enough of that, what you want to see is the GIRLS right?

Well here you go..

Christina Ng with a new Sony DV Cam.

Christina Ng

The infamous Rose Chin with the Leica D-Lux

Rose Chin

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Popping My Cherry Twice

I wonder if I’ll get any comments with no pictures only words 馃槢

It’s become such a habit to post picture, maybe I’ve overdosed on pictures this weekend, pictures of females anyway.

Let’s just talk about what I did instead of looking at the results for once.

Was back to the office on Thursday and Friday…definately not enjoying the blue skies whilst stuck in my cubicle!

Friday night went for some good Indian food in Bangsar One at Sagar, then onto a local photography magazine TT (DCM), a TT for the uninitiated is a Teh Tarik or Technical Talk session, there are loads of groups that have these kind of meetings.

Basically it’s for a group of ______ geeks to get together and talk about their hobby, equipment, techniques, upcoming events and so on (______ can be car/camera/fishing/bird watching/diving etc).

After that a coffee at Starbucks with Paul Tan for his birthday, happy birthday Paul and hope you are enjoying the D80 馃檪

Saturday morning was off to 1-Utama for a quick lunch and then a chance to shoot catwalk models for the Photogenic contest sponsored by Shong Lee.

This was my first try at shooting catwalk and my first competition.

It was quite fun and quite easy although my compositions were not very creative my technique was decent, I’ll post more and some tips on DigiSniper.

Saturday night was a light dinner with KY at the Mee Sua place, then off home to process some pics and sleep early..

Early because Sunday morning..I got up at 8.30am! For an outdoor model shoot, again another first for me, I’m not really good at portrait/model shooting and it’s something I really need to work on. So I’m practising and trying to improve.

After that it was off to 1-Utama again for the competition prize ceremony and to collection my consellation prize (I came 10th out of 21 entrants), which is not bad for my first try and I shot without flash..

Got horribly lost in KL after that picking something up, then there was a downpour and the roads flooded…so I got stuck and stressed, by the time I got home it was too late to go to a BBQ I was invited I chilled at home, processed a few of the model shoot pics from the morning, I did ok 馃檪 Need some work on posing the models though.

So that’s two firsts this weekend, popped my cherry twice in one weekend!

And today, back to work zz..

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Putrajaya – The Haze & The Dew

I was up early one morning so I headed to Putrajaya to take the sunset and some architecture pictures, all I got was haze..super duper mega haze.

Disappointing to say the least, not a cheap journey either, 20 bucks petrol, 10 bucks toll and a couple of hours.

I did manage to get a couple of shots of the morning dew though, then I got bitten to death by mosquitoes, it’s a shame I think they would have been great pictures.

Putrajaya Mosque

The famous Palace of Justice, the only building with an English name in Putrajaya, odd eh?

Palace of Justice

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Blue skies..


On the day I come back to work, I’ve been wanting to go and take pictures, lovely beautiful pictures with nice long shadows and good bright light.

What do I get?

YEAH I GET HAZE…haze…more haze, flat light, no shadows, diffusion, lacking textures, boring flat tones

I come to work, blue skies, super blue skies, super clear, super bright, clearer than a normal day in KL.

I can see miles, I can breath the freshness in the air..

Until I step into my purple cubicle under the flourescent light..

Now I’m trapped again.


RAGE X 10000000.

Murphies law at work folks. October has some of the most beautiful skies and light of the year and it’s all been wasted.

Anyway I sincerely hope you enjoyed the holidays more than I did, cos mine were crap.

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Singapore – Chinatown – Part II

The night shots!

Following on the from the last series, I got the rest of the pics done and uploaded so here they are, again all shot with two prime lenses 馃檪

It was the end of a hot and sweaty (and extremely hazy day), the lanterns weren’t as impressive as the Bukit Jalil Lantern Festival in Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh!

There’s plenty to see (and more importantly photograph) in Singapore Chinatown so I do highly recommend checking it out.



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More of me..

Those who asked for more of me after the Hulk post, is this enough?


Or is this more than you can handle?

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Happy Anniversary to!

It’s two years since I’ve been filling the Internet with my bullshit, amazing eh?

It was October 19th 2004 when I wrote my first proper post on bBlog, time flies eh?

I e-mailed a few people and got comments on my first post, teh awesome!

I got deep into bBlog and even did some development for them, the whole thing was setup with Textpad, Paintshop Pro and hard work!

I moved to WordPress January 1st 2006, earlier this year, so it’s been about 10 months with WordPress.

I do suggest going back through my archives and reading my earlier posts as I was a bit crazy then so it was interesting, you can see how varied my posts are aswell and how inconsistent they were, I used to write a lot about my personal life and about 5-6 different things in one post a-la-lainie style.

Of course I also wrote some great posts, but not all the time 馃槢 Some memorable ones from the first two months would be…

Anyway happy birthday to me blog, it’s getting older..and hopefully better!

This year has loads of good posts, but you’ve probably read em all so no point linking those 馃槈 You can check them out on the archives page or just look at the most popular posts page for an idea on what people like.

I hope you all enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it, even though I kinda run out of things to say sometimes, I thank you muchos all my commenters and readers for giving me the incentive to write.

Even if you are a silent violet just drop a comment on this post so I know you are there.

I forgot to post this earlier in the day, I’m having some kinda flu thing because of my dust allergy and the haze so I sleep most the time and the rest I feel like I’m gonna itch my eyes out and put them in the fridge.


Last years blog birthday post here.

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Pixart Pocket Book – My Review



You might remember about a year ago when I was in Brunei I reviewed the Pixart Coffeetable Book.

Well they mailed me a while ago to let me know they’ve released a new cute small version called the pocket book.

The featues are touted as:

  • Place your favourite pictures on the cover – Here’s the opportunity to have your very own photos and captions printed on the book cover
  • Handy Size – At only half the size of the current Pixart coffee table book with pages approximately the size of 5R photos, the pocket photo book is extremely handy and fits into your backpack or handbag easily
  • Easy To Create – Create a 12 page pocket book (double side printing) in 15 minutes or less with simple to manage layouts designed for quick & easy compilation. You may even use the “Autofill” feature to automatically load your photos onto the pages

Pixart is a local company so that’s why I support them, they also actually listened to the feedback we gave last time and worked towards improving their product from the standpoint of the consumer, not just turning bigger profits.

I have to respect their commitment to providing a quality product.

I liked the small size aswell as I’m taking up photography seriously I can keep it in my camera bag as a portable porfolio of some of my best shots.

The Software

The software was easy enough to use and install apart from the odd fact I had to install .NET version 1.1 when I already have .NET 2.0 installed! Dominic said the Pixart team is looking into this.

The first stage is getting the pictures, which is quite easy but definately the most time consuming part, it’s easier if you know what you want and put them all in a folder..I was picking my favourite from all over the place, but I had most of them in mind so it wasn’t too hard.

Get Photos

After that you can create the cover, remember to put the least important or detailed picture in the middle as it will be across the spine.


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Are You Scared Yet?

I found this old real clay mud facial thing in my cupboard when I was cleaning up, so I put it on my face. I guess I’ll be more beautiful after..maybe?!

Mud Clay Facial Mask

Are you scared yet?

(Yes I can Camwhore too..)

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Singapore – Chinatown – Part I

The first day I went to Peninsular Plaza near City Hall MRT stop to buy camera stuff, which no one would be interested in so I’ll post it at DigiSniper 馃檪

Do you care if I got a Giotto rocket air blower?!

The second day I went with my Mom to Chinatown as it’s hustle and bustle, bright colours and lantern festival should be interesting, along with some good food you can find there.

Well here we are, alighting at Chinatown MRT station, diving into the heart of Chinatown in Singapore at Pagoda Street and following the tourism boards recommendation for a walk around Chinatown to take in the interesting sites.

First real outing with the new D200 馃檪

Singapore, a Fine City (You get fined for all kinds of things, like not flushing the toilet, eating chewing gum etc..)


Lanterns lanterns everywhere, the lantern festival at Bukit Jalil heralded nicer lanterns of course.


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