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Down with the Christmas Tree, up with the Twigs!

It’s Chinese New Year again, that time of the year when we all manicaly clean our houses, condos and appartments, me included.

I finished it off yesterday by taking down the Christmas Tree (I wanted to keep it up till my Mom was here!) and putting up my Pussy-Willow branches in a new vase I got from Genting.

I spent yesterday wandering around Sungei Wang and Low Yat (Low Yat was totally closed), Sungei Wang had about 30% of shops open, BB Plaza about 50%.

And spent the evening in KLCC Garden watching the fountain show, then off to PJ Uptown for some famous Kajang Sate.

I bought some more CNY ornaments and things for my ‘tree’.

Pussy Willow

I think it looks really nice now, very festive indeed.

Chinese New Year

Anyone want to give me ang pow, feel free 馃槈

Not sure what to do today, you might catch me at the butterfly park, the orchid garden or at home watching some DVD’s 馃檪

3 for 10RM at Sg Wang now (DVD5), 3 for 20RM (DVD9), with special features RM12 I think.

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Happy Chinese New Year!!oneone1

Gong Hei Fat Choy!

Hong Kong Fireworks

I have my road tax now, so I can legally drive, yay!

Well my appartment is clean again, yay!

Bought some new stuff at Ikea, yay!

Going visiting now.

Happy New Year.

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The Jungle Trekking Tomb Raider Returns

Guess where I’ve been?

If you already know, you are disqualified.

Cute boy

No I didn’t get a tan.

Will post more later, it’s CNY now, so time to get my road tax sorted, pay the bills and clean the appartment.

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Rambling Freely

Well, now that the excitement has really gone out of this guest blogging thing, and my DIY post seems to have been received with fairly much the response I anticipated, ie, man, thats dull… I am left with little choice but to ramble on about nothing in particular, its been an ok day. Had an interview, seemed to go well but you can never tell. Rates quite good. Other then that life is fairly much plodding along at its normal rate, one day every 24 hours.

Its been sunny today, though damn its cold. These icey winds they mention on the weather programs aren’t much fun, and are leaving my hands looking like I am about 90 years old. I’m going through e-45 like there is no tomorrow, which, I am sure there will be, so don’t worry your self unduly.

In true English style I have managed to cover the weather again, its involuntary I assure you, but to be honest its about the most changeable thing in my life. That is how essentially boring I am. Why on earth any one has read this far through such rambling rubbish, I don’t know. But its your mind your putting this in to, I thankfully and getting it out 馃槢

I can’t think of any thing else to say really, its actually really difficult to talk about nothing. I have no idea how so many people spend so much time doing it, but I guess its a talent I don’t really have. Try as I might, I just can think of any thing interesting.. Sorry about that, any idea’s can be sent to me on a post card at the following address:


Oh, while trying to think of a title for this post the wombels came to mind, and I have to say they are so cool, we are not talking old people here, but the fury trash collectors that live in wimbaldon, some times on a quite night you can actualy hear them singing. But they do do an excelent job of keeping the place clean. What they do with all that garbage I am not sure.

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You want ShaolinTiger? I’ll give you ShaolinTiger!

How To Win Your Girlfriend Back – For once, this is not about me, Suanie the Magnificent.

So maybe you do miss the Ah Beng Tiger; absence maketh the heart grow fonder and all that Hallm

How To Make Him Text You, How To Win Back Your Ex How Do You Win Back A Guy That Likes Someone Else

how to get a girl after a break up

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How Do U Work At Getting Ur Ex Back When They Are Still Talking To U

how to win back a woman

text your ex back

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How To Win Me Ex Back

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Does Text Your Ex Back Work If Your Ex Are Working Things Out

How To Get Your Ex Back

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how to make your ex want you back

Getting Back My Ex Boyfriend

how do you get your ex back

ark jazz. I shall oblige the best I can, though you'd better pray for my well-being when he gets back.


Aww so kiutttt!!!!!


Tiger of all trades indeed.

I just knew those photos would come in handy one of these days.

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PHP File buffer

Ok, so it has been said that normal posts here are 鈥渢echy DIY鈥 so I’ll give that a go. Recently I have been working on a template engine, its not just varable replacement, its more for the back end and controls the way the site is built, not just the way it looks.

There are some quirks with the PHP 4 object model that make the job a little bit ugly, mainly the missing property access methods. But to parse the template file we can basicly use a cascading object tree, passing a file buffer down a tree as its built.

The reason for using the buffer is speed, its quicker to just read the whole file in to memory, and then just pop along it. Using an object means we don’t also have to pass the index with the buffer as well as being just hand for adding short functions.

Any way, as I am still working on the main parser part, or at least the latest version there of. I’ll go with the file buffer. It a fairly straight forward object.

The base class in this case doesn’t do any thing, I just use it as good style.

BaseBufferClass is used as a basic buffer, this can then be passed around as a slightly lighter buffer in the parser objects. It maintains the storage and pointer.

The file buffer class then extends the baseBufferClass to add file access. This is mainly done by the use of the constructor and openFile methods. When a file name is passed in the constructor openFile is then called to load the data from the file. If the file name is not passed, then openFile can be called directly.

Its not the worlds most complicated bit of code, but it fairly handy.

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My biggest problem is thinking of a title.

Suanie, is right about one thing, this guest blogging is kind of fun. I can just say any thing I like and it really doesn’t matter. Well, I say that but if Shaolin gets back and has no readers, I might very well have to find a large rock to hide under. Unless, of course I cunningly blame it all on Suanie…
I found quite an interesting article on the bbc today.

What a total gimp, sent it to the wrong addresses, and then tried to recall it. God, we are not all use out look and exchange you monkey, so the recall thing doesn’t work. Still, funny. Thats what you get for using an address book and mailing lists 馃檪

And then there is I am not sure what to make of that, is google right or wrong. I guess it depends on what information they really want. If it was just a list of words, and search rates then its not a big deal. Unless they want the ip of the person searching as well. Then that would be a bit out of order.

鈥淧rivacy groups say any sample could reveal the identities of Google users indirectly鈥. I like privacy groups, they say so many stupid things. Thats a statement with just so much commitment. It goes on to say that it worries them because the government want to make more use of Internet data to fight crime. So, they are against fighting crime, no wonder they are so into privacy.

One of the things they want is a list of sites for the keywords, so one wonders why some little government monkey doesn’t just google it? Or is it to complicated a task? I am sure they could get a temp or some thing to do the job….

I am not I guess really in to the whole privacy thing, I don’t worry who is watching my Internet activity any more then I worry about the hundreds of CCTV cameras watching me as I walk around the streets. Its not like I have any thing to hide. Ok, I have my secretes, card numbers, passwords and such but I really couldn’t care less who knows I visited the BBC today, or I surfed porn last week. I don’t even mind the idea of ID cards, I have to carry my passport as ID any way, and some a small card that fits in my wallet would be better. Oh, hold on… thats a driving license, so for most people they have to carry that if they drive, which is to say when they go any where. But ye, so, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

God, talk about getting all serious, on a different note I have next to no ability to spell, so I thought in the name of being understood I would use a spell checker, Interestingly Open Office doesn’t think 鈥淕oogle鈥 is a word, or 鈥渂log鈥. I can go with the blog, but isn’t 鈥済oogle鈥 a word officially now?

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Spicy Kittens

Right, well, I mentioned the other day on my own blog that one of my cats has given birth, ye, that right the miracle of creation happened right here…. for 12 HOURS!!!!

Any way, wont go in to details but obviously these new mouths to feed are going to increase the food budget. So I have come up with a money saving plan. Spiced Kittens.

In a way I am lucky, because the mother quite enjoys spicy food, so we can start flavoring the kittens right now. If I feed her chillies with all her food the chillies should, in theory make it to the kittens.

Give it a couple of weeks of that and it should be like a marinade. Soft and tender spiced kittens. Failing that though once they reach a worth while size it will probably be worth stuffing them with more chillies before cooking.

To cook your own spicy kittens simply place your stuffed kittens on a baking tray and cook in a preheated oven at 200 degrees C for 20 to 25 minuets or until golden brown.

Its important to note that you should prepare you kittens as soon as possible, but depending on the size of dinner party and the size of your litter you may have to wait several weeks. In the even to using older kittens it is important you remove all hair, as any one knows that owns a cat, there is nothing worse then getting a cat hair in the back of your throat.

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How to spice up boring instant noodles to feed a Suan!

Following Din's insinuation that I may be rather lacking in my culinary skills, it just so happened that I bought some stuff for dinner and a few photos will prove to you cynical lot that I am indeed, mighty and great and can do just about anything! Except for the tying a cherry stem into a knot with the tongue thing; we shall leave that to Fireangel.

Tis' true the simpler things are, the better. Nevertheless Paris Hilton can't even manage a simple life, hence proof that extra things and reinventions are always needed, else we'd be all watching 14″ black and white TV sets.

Whoever invented instant noodles should be totally worshipped and have their feet kissed to death, if they ain't already. When I was in Form Six (that's almost A-level/Diploma equivalent to you n00bs) and mightily poor, I would buy instant noodles in bulks and have them for almost every meal until my next allowance. Now that I am not so mightily poor, I am able to add this and that to my humble instant noodles in order for my physical development to reach its fullest potential. So here we go.

First, the star and its sidekicks.

super maggi mee ingredients

Maggi Mee (curry flava please), some greens because I am a vege person (siu bak choy and watercress), some white oyster mushrooms and golden needle mushrooms, some of those imitation crab flavoured sticks, a bit of ham which is so not halal to our Muslim friends so feel free to substitute with turkey ham or goat meat or whatever, and a nice Grade A egg.

super maggi mee procedures

Clockwise: Dump the vege and mushrooms into boiling water and let it cook for a while. Then if you have only one pot like me, remove the vege and mushrooms to a bowl so you could boil the noodles in a new pot of water. This is because the boiled watercress will make the water look sick and mouldy-ish greenish like KY's pond and you don't really want that in your dinner.

Then add the crabsticks and the eggs, boil it for a bit then pour everything into a bowl and add the curry seasoning. Some people like to add the seasoning while cooking the noodles, but I say No and my word is Queen.

Then add everything together, sprinkle the non-halal ham on top and voila! dinner for Suan!

super maggi mee end result

Actually the photo above was today's lunch, because I was so hungry yesterday that I finished eating everything before I remembered that I'd forgotten to take a photo. Weird how the stomach controls you like that.

Then finish off with a glass Amarula while watching the LOTR movie appendices.

Or a whole bottle if you are so inclined that way.

This whole guest blogging thing is rather fun. If it's just me and Haydies, I am so going to knock myself out.

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Guest blogging… live from London town.

So here we are, guest blogging. Why? Well I would love to believe its for my amazing writing, or because I have some thing actually interesting to say, but sadly, neither are true. Alas, I suspect its because no one else was interested, or he just thought unleashing my mindless rambelings on an unsuspecting world might be funny…. for him…
Any way, all that aside, what can I say? While ShaolinTiger is off on holiday, get a nice tan no doubt some of us are sitting over here in London looking at a nice layer of cloud. But at least its not raining. Actually, the weather has been quite good for the last couple, quite sunny, if not very warm.

Wow, can you believe the most interesting thing I have to talk about is the weather, how sad am I?

Suanie, thinks they have taken over, but little did they know…. I’ll fight you for it 馃槢

Now, now, must behave my self. Shaolin is bigger then me, and he might beat me…

So in a more sensible vain I was reading some thing on the BBC that I think sums up living in London.

Only in London would a a bunch of people trying to save a whale get parking tickets. You can just imagine the little yellow peril sitting there, every half hour or so going down the line of cars and putting tickets on them, while at the same time keeping an eye out for any of the people down on the beach coming back. I would hope, that at least in the name of good publicity, they wont be made to pay.

Ok, so now I have covered that, the interesting stuff. There isn’t much else I can think of to say. I could twitter on about my self, my relatively dull, and interesting life. Or I could just go….

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