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Fish and Chips by the River..

I wanted Fish and Chips, of course being a British staple food..

So we were pondering which chippy to get the meal from, the quality tends to fluctuate, we chose one near the middle of the city which has always been good..

So I suggested, seen as though it had stopped raining for a while and cleared up we should go and eat down by the river.

Turned out to be a good idea, apart from one idea, during the walk after dinner I lost my friggin camera case, it was expensive..and nice…and had a memory card in it! Oh well…at least I didn’t lose my camera.

Mom had the bright idea to bring a couple of bottles of beer…she looks so happy opening one, she does enjoy her drink though 馃槈

This r proper fish and chips in paper down by the river with a bottle of Carslberg Export, laced with salt and vinegar of course..

For me I have to have mushy peas too..but some people think they are disgusting.

You can’t beat that, crispy fish, squishy fresh chips and a cold bottle of beer!

After that we had a walk along the river past the cathedral and back up to where we parked.

It was a lovely evening.

There were swans everywhere, they are elegant creatures.

God bless Worcester.

I do take nice photos 馃槈

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I Love Gammon Steak!

We headed up to Birmingham again the following day to take my nan out for lunch, she’s older than God’s dog, yeah she looks something like Yoda!

“Shaolin my grandson, that he is, strong be the force in this blogger”.

She was born in 1911, work that out..

We headed to another pub, near my nans place, this time called The Old House at Home.

I had a 10oz Gammon steak, which is like a really huge peice of bacon, or a thick slice of cooked ham.

It’s usually served with pineapple as it’s quite salty, the sweetness is nice, I had it with both pineapple and egg.

Topped off with one of my favourite things in the world, Blackcurrant and Apple Crumble! AWESOME!

Drenched in thick creamy proper custard.

Here’s my mom, and her mom…

I have a lot of memories from my nan’s house and her garden, I spent a lot of time there when I was young.

She had a great dane called Bruce that I used to ride on like a horse..

I also remember she made the best cottage pie in the world ever and the best blackcurrant and apple pie..

Ah those were the days.

Blessed be nans bungalow..

Hopefully I’ll get to see it again.

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Pubs, Pool and Pub Lunches

In UK there are a few things in every area, every few streets there is:

1) A Pub

2) A Fish and Chip Shop

3) A Convience Store

In most areas, the older ones there’s usually a flower shop, a grocers and a butcher too (an often a hairdresser).

So the next day we headed to Birmingham to meet my aunt for lunch, hit a classic brit pub called The Black Horse.

Normal city pub, most have the same menu and they don’t really have any proper country food, but a few things on the menu are usually decent.

Of course they have the number 1 dish in the UK on the menu (it’s on EVERY menu) and no it’s not fish and chips…


The menu is pretty normal for a pub menu..

I went for the classic and hearty steak and ale pie.

Served with ample chips, peas and carrots smothered in gravy.

Followed by a large coffee and a hot chocolate fudge cake with real vanilla ice cream!

We went to my other aunts for dinner after that, so unfortunately no pictures..

But we had pasta anyway, so nothing typically british to take pictures of!

Managed a nice picture of their garden though before batteries totally died..

Got home and headed out with me homes for a game of pool…the typical British past time.

Pretty normal pastime for many people here, couple of pints, packet of crisps or a basket of chips and a few games of pool.

My buddy kicking my ass….I haven’t played for a long time.

We used to be pretty even…I did catch up in the end though, lost 7-5 I think..

And yeah we have proper pool tables, not those poncy american things 馃槢

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Mom’s Bday Dinner – Strawberries and Cream

So after some hardcore shopping we were pretty hungry, we headed home and sparked up some snacks and Gin and Tonic (How English I know..)

After that mom started up the cooking machine again, whipping up another one of my favourites! Chicken escalopes with potatoe wedges!

We used turkey this time though, take a couple of turkey breasts and slit them down the middle, fill them with cheese and thick ham..

Then take a couple of bowls, one with milk, one with breadcrumbs, dip the breast in the milk, then coat it in breadcrumbs..

Then shallow fry the badboys so the breadcrumbs stick on and they are golden brown, but not totally cooked.

While you are doing that toss some potatoes in olive oil, pepper and salt, then stick em in the microwave for 5-6 minutes.

After that put them on a baking tray and shove em in the oven.

After they are part cooked, put the escalopes in the oven on a baking tray to finish them off.

Stick them all on a plate with some lightly boiled veg and voila! Lovely.

Wash down with LOADS of gin and tonic 馃檪

After that of course because it was mom’s bday I treated her to some Strawberries and Cream, English classic dessert.

Take the strawberries and slice them (not too finely), sprinkle a little caster sugar over them and leave them to sit for a while (not to sweeten them, but it really brings the flavour and juices out).

Take some whipping cream and whip it up.

Add a little sugar if you have a sweet tooth, then serve together (With more gin and tonic of course).

And well that was the end of my mom’s bday, she had a great day, of course the best present was me being home!

Pubs, Pool, Guiness, Pie and more coming soon..

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Happy Birthday Mom!- Cider and Cheese..

The topic reminds me of one of my old housemates from my Uni days, nutter from Wales by the name of Taffy.

The first time I walked into the flat he was there, he introduced himself as such:

“Hi, my name is Taffy, I like Cider and Cheese”

He proceeded to open the fridge and show me…it contained only cider and cheese, anyway that’s going off topic..

Got up in the morning, mom opened her presents and we headed into out so I could treat my mom lunch for her Birthday..

It’s her 60th next year, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to come back for that one, double party, 60th AND retirement, hopefully she’ll be able to visit Malaysia more often (And cook for everyone :P)

This is the view from the place we parked..

That’s the railway line over the old aquaduct and another car-park, it’s a pretty small city (120,000++ population).

Managed to get my cream cakes, passed a few traditional English cake shops on the way through, not the commercial chains..

We headed to a small place called Elgars which has been an eatery since around 1830, before that it was a Shoemaker.

The name comes from the composer Edward Elgar, one of the few famous people that came from here..

I had a nice pint of English Cider (something like beer but made with apples, very ‘countryfolk’).

My mom wouldn’t stop talking for me to take a picture, so I just had to take it anyway..


I had myself the perfect meal to go with cider, a Ploughmans Lunch.

A very typical, simple countryside kinda meal with a big lump of cheese, some thick ham off the bone, a chunk of bread, some pickled onions, some branston pickle and some salad.

Did a bit more shopping after that, got my work shoes (For 12 pound!) and mom managed to get a pair of deck shoes for a stunning 4 pounds because one had been in the window and was slightly faded.

Next up..Mom’s Bday Dinner

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Shopping and Lamb Chops

So after the fantastic English Breakfast to start out my day, hung around for a while and headed into town for a couple of hours, managed to pick up a pair of casual shoes, a couple of pairs of work trousers and a pair of jeans from next.

I mainly planned to buy work shoes and work trousers, so the rest is a bonus, was a bit late though, and living in Malaysia I’m really not used to all the shops closing at 5.30pm sharp..and all the cake shops were closed so I didn’t manage to get my cream cakes 馃檨

Headed home and mom started up dinner, another masterpeice of classic simple English cooking.

Start out with some nice fresh beans, take the stringy bits off and chop up some carrots..

Roast some lamb chops in a cake tin, until the rind is crispy and the chop is still juicy..

Slice some potatoes fairly thinly, put a layer of milk in the bottom to stop them drying out, put a little salt and pepper on each layer, microwave them for 10 minutes, then stick them in the oven with the chops.

After the chops are out of the cake tin, pour in some hot water, mixed with corn flour and a bit of beef or chicken stock and boil it up till it’s nice and brown and thick from the meat juice and fat..

Serve it all up on a plate warmed under the grill (yes we warm our plates here, if you don’t, it’s so cold the cold plates cool the food down quickly).

Take some mint sauce (made with fresh mint from our garden and malt vinegar)

Pour gravy all over and an ample serving of mint sauce with a touch of salt..

A lot of people ask me what English food is like, “Isn’t it boring?”, well this is what it’s like..

Actually you can’t really get anything like this in resturants, UK is all about home-cooked food, and no, I don’t think it’s boring anyway 馃槈

We didn’t have any dessert after that, was kinda full.

Next up…Mom’s bday lunch 馃槈

*EDIT* Sorry these are lamb chops, not pork chops, I got confused, pork chops are much bigger and are served with apple sauce, lamb chops with mint sauce!

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English Breakfast – JUST WHAT I NEEDED!

So after sleeping like a zombie for 14 hours I crawled out of bed and took a shower..

Take a shower is quite an experience here, like in Malaysia you take a shower to cool down, when you take a shower here, the temperature is about 15 degrees so as soon as you step out you start freezing to death..

Got downstairs and my mom had started cooking up one of my favourite things in the world, THE FULL ENGLISH!

You need some nice juicy mushrooms, man I REALLY MISS MUSHROOMS..

Yeah, good big fresh mushroom, can’t beat it..

Stick them mushroom and some huge tomatoes in the grill (in the bottom of the grill under the mesh)..

Then you grill the sausages and bacon on top of the mesh, so all the juicy goodness drips onto the mushroom and tomatoes and they soak it all up…hmm nice

Fry a couple of eggs to perfection

Then whack it all on a it makes me salivate just looking at it.

Serve with crusty white or wholegrain bread and orange juice, perfection!


More posts coming soon…its 2am now so I better go to some visiting to do tommorow.

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The Arrival..and the STEAK!

So after the gruelling journey and the drawn out stop-over in Amsterdam (which turned into an impromtu blogging session[/url]), I finally arrived safely back in fair old England.

I was greeted of course, in style with typical beautiful British weather….GREY SKIES AND DRIZZLE..

For the past 5 weeks they’ve been having 30 degree temperatures and mediteranean weather, nothing like me coming back home to turn that to shit.

Was kinda weird to be back and nice at the same time, Malaysia feels more like home now even though I’m more familiar with UK after living here (in different parts) for 26 years.

Nice to see my mom after so long of course too..

I bought her back loads of nuts and stuff and some of the weird Indonesian snacks I picked up on my travels (and a few of Uncle Ho’s favourites, plus a bottle of decent Whiskey for her birthday).

As expected my mom whipped up a storm on the first night…cooking up classic salad with horseradish..

Smoked salmon with lemon garnish on wholegrain bread..

A nice bottle of Wine..

And a glorious rump steak and chips (YEAH PROPER ENGLISH CHIPS NOT SOME SKANKY FRENCH FRIES!).

After the lack of sleep for a day and half and half a bottle of red wine and a lot of chatting, I was ready for bed, so 10pm I crawled off to bed and knocked out til mid-day next day..

The story continues (Watch out for more gratituous pictures of food soon).

BTW Win98 sucks….I had to download a 3MB driver just to install my pen-drive…that’s why I’m so slow blogging, and dial-up, I can’t get my laptop to dial even with an RJ11 converter, because of a stupid cross modem cable or something. Annoying shit. So I’m blogging from an ancient PII-333Mhz I gave to my mom a few year ago. I just installed Firefox though and I gave her MSN (Had to download IE6 first though which took some time..).

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Stop-over in Amsterdam – Hardcore porn anyone?!?

Ok so I’m in Amsterdam, Schiphol Aiport to be exact.

I left to KLIA last night only to find out the plane was delayed 1 hour 20 minutes because of a connecting flight from Jakarta, luckily I managed to jack some free WiFi near KFC….

…and had a few smokes, the time passed fast enough.

The train to the terminals was the emptiest I’ve EVER seen it, obviously Sunday night is not prime time to fly.

The plane finally left around 1:40am from KLIA, with me in a crappy seat, I mean really crappy, not even an aisle seat, no exit, no bulkhead, luckily the guy next to me didn’t mind swapping to the middle seat, perhaps the “I’ll crush you” look on my face persuaded him, I was kinda pissed with the attitudes of the MAS staff.

So I spent 12 hours sitting like this:

Not the best experience ever.

There was a lot of kids around but they were all pretty well behaved, just the fat old aunty in front of me who was determined to jam her chair back as hard and often as possible and break my knee-caps in the process..

I was walking around in the middle of the night as I couldn’t sleep…I took a seat on one of the crew seats to stretch my legs, bitch came up to me and said..

Bitch: “You can’t sit there”
Me: “Er why not? Where do you want me to sit then, on the floor?”
Bitch: “Isn’t the seatbelt sign on anyway?”
Me: “You are the senior stewardess, you should know, and as it happens no it’s not on.”
Bitch: “Well you can’t sit there, because of the safety equipment”
Me: “Oh I see, so you need special training to sit on this seat? Give me a logical reason why I can’t sit here and I won’t mind”
Bitch: “Well you can’t and you can’t sit on the floor either”
Me: “Ok I’ll just wonder round then because if I sit in my seat any longer I’ll be crippled”
Bitch: “I’m sorry”
Me: “I’m sure you are, you look extremely sorry”
Bitch: *nods*

I was kinda pissed then, so I drank like 6 gin and tonics and tried to get some sleep, I think I managed about 4 hours for the whole flight.

I saw the sunsight but was too sleepy to get my camera, extremely beautiful site, sunsite from the air.

It was and clear after that..

Then I woke up and had breakfast, am still feeling a little dehydrated though.

I’ve been here around 4 hours, so I’m quite bored, I went shopping for a while, bought some perfume, ate my super rings and bought 24 hours of net access for 10 Euros, it’s 6 Euros for 30 mins or 10 Euros for 24 hours so…

Yeah I know it’s still RM45, heavy eh?

But still using the broadband here makes me miss European Internet connections..

Stops me dying of boredom though, or falling asleep and missing my flight.

I checked out the bookshop, for some, er books..but found this instead:

Ass Parade was pretty price though at 60 Euros..

Now here I am blogging in a cyber thingy in Amsterdam airport listening to hardcore Vocal Trance…

More reports of weird European stuff coming soon.

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Leaving on a Jet Plane.. (To UK)

Don’t know when I’ll be back again..

No, not really I’ll be back on August 3rd, I’m heading back to UK for a deserved break and to see my family, which I haven’t done for about a year…

Service may be intermittent for the next 8-10 days as the day I get back I have to fly straight to Manila for an audit. Should be back all in all, 7th August.

Promise to take loads of pics, and I will be avoiding London, I stay near Birmingham so should be pretty safe.

I’ll try to get online whilst I’m away, super power UK dial-up.

Thanks all who came to Kim’s party, it was short notice but was a nice turn-out.

I’m sure Suan[/url] and Kim[/url] herself will post pics soon.


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