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Racial Bias in Malaysia and Racism in General..

First up I believe intrinsically everyone is racist to some degree, every single person. It’s human nature, people fear what is different from them and are generally most comfortable with their own ‘kind’. Granted it varies hugely (From Nazis and skinheads with pure hatred for non Arians to Positive racism). I mean here’s an example, you would agree that Africans/Carribeans/African-Americans are the best atheletes in the world right? Well it’s true, they are, but that’s a racial stereotype, and well it just happens to be true, and yes it’s a positive thing, but it’s still a judgement based on race, thus racist. Positive racism in some cases however as gone so far, that is another rant for another day tho..

People of every race tend to whine about other races, it’s normal. Whites in UK moan about pakistanis, eastern europeans, the french, the germans and vice versa.

When I was in UK I had Chinese, Pakistani, Bengali, Black and Burmese friends, so I tasted many sides of the equation.

There is a big problem with racism in Malaysia, it’s mostly in the sense of positive racism and the ‘Bumi’ status (cheaper houses, lower interest rates, easier acamedic lives and so on)..

Malay folks get many easy breaks and advantages solely based on their race, which in turn makes them lazier as they aren’t required to work so hard as the other races to acheive the same thing. The sad thing is the policy was a good one initially, it’s just too out of date now and it’s doing more bad than good..

Jordan Macvay also wrote something interesting about this called Malaysia’s Two Solitudes, he also has a leg in each culture, being married to a Malay lady and working mostly with Chinese.

Pick Yin also followed up on this..

It’s mostly like an open secret, it’s always discussed, but never openly, always without the same racial group.

Here also I have a diversity of friends, Malay, Baba, Nyonya, Chinese, Sino-Kadazan and Indian (Both Indian Indian and local Indian), so I also get to hear many sides of the story…

There has also been books about the issue, the most recent one being The Chinese Dilemma, in part this book is a follow up or revisit of Mahatir’s famous first work The Malay Dilemma..

The power of the Chinese is exaggerated and the laziness of the Malays is overrated, they still both exist in pockets but apparently the field is more even nowdays..

What sparked this off anyway? Hmm shall I just cuss everyone?

Some dude in this office eating like he’s a third world tree ape, wtf man, no one wants see your half digested food, shut your mouth when you eat and stop smacking your lips[/url]. I don’t know why it just causes the rage to rise in me and I start mumbling insults under my breath and feel like punching the guy in the face.

Anyway…I find a lot of Malays in the business world arrogant, and yet they have nothing to be arrogant about, they have no skills, the work they produce is poor, they are in the position due to a family tie, someone they know, and mostly because of their race. Do they realise this? And do they care?

The Tidak Apa[/url] attitude still prevails, mostly born from the all the easy breaks the Bumi’s get, from the education system, through into the work place. The civil service in Malaysia is a joke and many mostly Malay companies are the same, they work short hours, do little work and when you expect them to do some work they do everything to get out of it. Mostly it’s not their fault, it’s the systems fault, the government, the establishment, the society, the culture…not the individual, but every individual could work to change it, but due to the problem itself, they wont.

An example is customer service in Malaysia, it’s still non-existent, it’s still secondary, take the money first, fuck the service, fuck the return business. The big companies are monopolies here so they don’t care..I will say however, Maxis customer service is getting pretty good.

The work place is still fairly segregated too, most big companies in Malaysia are Malay..

Like where I am now, this floor has 0 Chinese, >5 indians and 1 matt salleh (me)..The whole company from what I’ve seen so far (1000+ employees) has less than 10 chinese, probably less than 50 indians, the rest Malay.

Look at all the small start up companies, those fighting for business, those people making money, those people taking risks, are any of those companies Malay companies? Very, very few…they are mostly Chinese and Indian.

The Malay start-ups only start up when they can get a lucrative government contract that they don’t have to work hard on through a contact. It’s like the way tenders and proposals are done here for the big companies, generally it’s who you know, or how much you bribe, not who does the best work and has the skillset for the job (Look at the MRR2). This is changing somewhat, but the whole system still stinks, and it’s actually bad for the country..

Most of the talented people in the country leave, because of this exact problem, the smart Malays have two options, they can use their skills abroad, do something interesting, exciting, innovative, or stay in Malayia, learn to abuse the system and their family ties and make shit loads of money.

Many of the late twenties Chinese also go overseas to earn more, and have qualms about coming back, an interesting E-mail was posted on Jeff Ooi’s blog recently.

The reasons keeping Malaysians away from Malaysia..

As I read all this, I tremble with fear. I love my country and long to return. I am willing to take a 70% pay cut. I am willing to face a demotion. I honestly want to contribute my expertise in complex financial services and capital markets. But really, is there a future for me, for my children and for their children? I am truly frightened.

I can deal with the lack of democracy, the lack of press freedom, the ISA, our inefficient and bureaucratic civil service, our awful manners and even a little corruption. But I cannot deal with racism in my homeland.

There are also cases like Dr Gomez having no reason to return to Malaysia because of stupid short sighted views.

The lack of meritocracy in the Malaysian education system is frightening, the problem is it creates more disparity and continues into the work place..

The Chinese and Indians have to work much harder to get the same results, by doing this they are also improving themselves, the Malays however can sit back a bit so when they both reach the corporate world, even tho the non Bumi’s have been at a disadvantage, they actually end up better of, so in the end the system is hurting everyone.

Anothere interesting article from Nicster Rants, I agree with his sentiment and I do agree though the people that run away and come back now and then to moan about how crappy things are in Malaysia should just shut the fuck up and go back wherever it is they think is so wonderful seen as though they don’t have the balls to stay in Malaysia and try and change things for the better. There are some interesting comments on the post.

I made all these observations because I care about Malaysia and want to improve, my situation is fine pretty much, so it’s not for personal gain, I chose to live in Malaysia so I want it to be a better place..

I think that’s enough for today…I shall let you digest this first.


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The Interview Game

Here’s my 5 questions…I shall endeavour my best to answer them.

They are from Silent Room. Was gonna send a TB but I don’t think you can trackback to blogspot.

1. Regardless of cost or status, if there is one thing you could do to make the world a better place, what would it be?

Hmm that’s a tough question. I guess I would completely remove religion, all religious concepts and along with that the angst, war and hatred that exists today. Racial issues have all but disappeared, all that remains is religious differences.

2. You’re given a piece of land on the Moon. Besides selling it, what would you do with it?

I would build something there, not sure what, perhaps the first space health spa, get away, bored of the country? Go to the moon!

It’s not so unrealistic, space holidays are starting to happen.

3. Are white lies worth telling and why?

Yes if by telling a small lie, or different version of the truth you can stop something getting seriously hurt (physically or emotionally) it’s worth it in my opinion.

4. What was your favourite childhood pastime?

Pass-time I’m not sure, perhaps doing nothing or taking afternoon naps without having to worry about studies, class, assignments, work or other responsibilities, the complete lack of having anything important to do. Pure bliss.

5. Two treasure boxes are each located atop a mountain on the Alps and the other in chasm in the Pacific. Which would you rather go for, and why?

The top of the Alps, nicer scenery and I’d feel safer up a mountain than in a chasm at the bottom of the ocean.

The Official Interview Game Rules (copied to be passed on)

1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions – each person’s will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

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Sexual Education in Malaysia

As it stands there is currently no sex ed in the Malaysian education system at any level, only the dubiously named ‘Moral Studies’, which is a different thing entirely.

There was a debate on the radio this morning as the government are currently discussing implementing sex ed in schools, so the viewers phoned in with their thoughts.

Obviously it’s a good idea and it’s long overdue, there is a lot of sex crime in Malaysia, although that is a different subject entirely, and one I shall address another day.

Kids need to be educated, I think in some part there should be two levels of sex ed, one for young kids, so they know what is right and wrong, so they know when their ‘Uncle’ touches them like that it’s not right.

Then later on at early teens, the normal birds and the bees, contraception, safe sex, responsibility and the biology of it.

As someone who called into the radio station mentioned, the general Malaysia teachers are not equipped for such a thing, and it shouldn’t be considered part of the curriculum as it’s not an academic subject. As in UK it’s provided by outside experts a couple of times per semester, in UK we have something called the Family Planning Association[/url] with trained counsellors (it’s the place you go to get free condoms, sexual health checks, enquire about contraception, the morning after pill and so on).

The ‘lessons’ we had were quite graphic with slideshows of sexually transmitted diseases including such horrors as genital warts and fungal infections. Plenty enough to make you go ‘ewww’

The talks were given by experts, you can split it into areas and the classes should be open to debate, not the typical student-teacher heirarchy, kids needs to ask questions and really understand this stuff, not go along believing old wives tales and whispers from the playground.

Subjects that can be covered would be sex itself and the biology, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, moral and emotional issues, law (age of consent, statutory rape etc.) and so on.

I think Malaysia needs to go ahead with this, but it needs to approach it properly, and make sure it’s implemented correctly, it doesn’t need to be another typical ‘all-talk’ Malaysian effort, which amounts to nothing in the end. This is an important subject.

Partially I feel there is also a problem with parenting, the asian culture being less open to discussing things like sex, did you parents talk to you about the birds and the bees? Or did you learn from friends and on your own? (Pun intended).

It’s a subject that needs to be discussed, that should not be taboo and that kids growing up and experienced hormones need to understand and be comfortable with so they can make the correct, informed choices.

We also had a drugs talk towards the end of highschool, which I think is also a good thing. The police came along with all the different drugs and explained what they were, how much they cost, were they came from, what the effects and dangers were and the legal ramifications for posession, supply or use.

Anyway just my 2 cents as usual 🙂 Feel free to add your own opinion.

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The Butterfly Effect

The “Butterfly Effect” is the propensity of a system to be sensitive to initial conditions.Such systems over time become unpredictable,this idea gave rise to the notion of a butterfly flapping it’s wings in one area of the world,causing a tornado or some such weather event to occur in another remote area of the world.


Touted as one of the best movies of 2004, something different for a change, not a sequel, not a remake, an actual original idea. I’ve been meaning to watch it for a long time, since I first heard about it.

I finally got around to watching it tonight, I grabbed it along with a load of others during one of my Sungei Wang 3 for 10 trips I think.

It’s a thought provoking movie, which would you have chosen? Your perfection or others…

Definately not a feelgood movie, but tragic and dark, makes you wonder, imagine and try and work out what will happen next as things inevitably go from bad to worse.

The acting on the whole is good, it was written off my most serious ‘critics’ due to the lead actor only having played cheesy teen movie roles, I personally think he did very well though and the support actors were good too (Kayleigh, her brother and her father).

It’s definately worth watching, something a little out of the ordinary. The concept itself is not original (time travel, changing the future by altering the past), but it’s well done and artistic and the way in which it’s done is original.

It’s a shame it was taken off the cinema so soon too, I guess a lot of people wouldn’t get it, or it’s too much effort to watch, oh well that’s commercialism for you.

I saw the Directors cut, so extra scenes and a different ending from the theatrical release and ending I prefer, I always prefer the darker ones rather than the theatrical endings which are cheesed up for the happy American style ending. It’s happened in a lot of movies, the cheese at the end kills it for me, when I see the directors cut I’m like “Wow this was actually a good movie”..

If you haven’t seen it, go ahead.

I give it a well worth it 8 out of 10.

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Tioman, Salang Indah – First Dive of the Season


As I mentioned in my last post, my friends were heading to Tioman[/url] on Friday night after work, so I tagged along..

I dutifully went to work on Friday, finished a bit early to beat the jam, came home and prepared my stuff..

Knocked out a couple of games of DOTA, then headed off to Pudu around 10pm to catch the 11pm bus to Mersing.

Cost of bus = RM23 each way

I arrived there around 5.30am and bumped into some old diving friends and my previous instructor, so I caught up with them, sadly they were staying in a different part of the island (Panuba).

Got to the Jetty just as the sun was rising.

Cost of speed boat = 35RM each way

Saw the actual sun rise as we started out our journey to the island..

We reached there an hour or so later, (Salang is furthest along the way), and checked into to our little home on the island..

Amazingly cheap at RM30 per night for a double room, so RM15 each if you share, ensuite bathroom, decent condition, fan (No air-con or hot water though). But when diving you hardly spend any time in the room anyway, if you want to nap in the day you lie in a hammock on the beach or something cool!

A nicely laid out place, very relaxing.

The resort is called Salang Indah, you can find out more information at

This was the view from the balcony on our chalet:

The first day diving was a disaster, as we rested in the morning after the overnight journey and headed out in the afternoon, right into the heart of a raging rain storm, thus visibility was around 2metres…I didn’t dare take any pictures in case my camera got more fucked.

The sky was beautiful after the storm cleared tho..

Yes, yes I know I’m a prosu photographer 🙂

The next day was clear blue skies and clear blue water, so we kitted up and headed out early..

Super hot weather, hence my pink tan..

I’ll try and get hold of the underwater pics we took later in the week and post them up.

We dived with Dive Asia[/url] at Marine Park (first day) and Chebeh and Batu Malang (second day).

Worked out at about RM80 per dive (including rental of BCD and Regulator as I have everything else).

After that took it easy in the afternoon and lazed around in a hammock..

..and strolled around taking some pics…was a beautiful day.

I managed some real nice shots this trip.

I had some other really awesome ones too, but anything with white in it (including the sky) came out pink, so they looked horrible (like the hammock pic above, but that’s not toooo bad). If anyone knows what causes this please LET ME KNOW[/url].

I think this is probably my favourite, really could be a SCUBA diving advert!

They have however built one completely hideous monstrosity in Salang…the ‘Salang Complex’

It was beautiful the day we left too, headed off the island around 3pm after lazing around eating ice cream in the sun..

After that it was back on the sweaty speed boat and off we went..

Full picture gallery HERE.

So total cost around…

Bus: RM46
Speed Boat: RM70
Accomodation: RM30
Dives: RM240
Food etc: RM200


Reached back KL around 11.30pm, grabbed a burger, headed home, whacked some DOTA, next thing I know it’s 5am and it’s time to leave home (after I’d uploaded and messed with all the pics trying to fix the pink problem).

Left KL at 7.25am and reached JB around 8:15am, did my work then slept in the meeting room till 1.30pm, had lunch at a Penang resturant (some not so great Prawn Mee)…and caught the 3.50pm flight home around 7.30pm due to the horrible jams and rain in KL..

And here I am (after running to the laundry as I had zero underwear for tommorow…)


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Pukers, Partiers and Perverts

Yeah check out my alliteration!

Well was a party on Saturday, it was in honour of Margie the Goddesses[/url] 22nd Birthday, neh neh you getting old!

Loads of hot chicks

And I brought loads of chicken wings of course, all gone pretty soon, best chicken wings in the world kthx!

Just beware, looks like sharksfin soup when regurgitated as you’ll see later..

Carol was insane as usual, humping, licking or fondling everything in site..

The bday cake

Gay Wahchai looked damn cool, like a HK movie star…yeah a gayish one

People watched pr0n

You can see it in the background here

Loads of drinking went on of course


and Lesbian action YEAH

And gay action NO THANKS

Me and Dave did the obligatory ‘yeah we are fucking tall’ picture

We got Margie completely blasted of course

And she puked all over herself, nice one! I cleaned up the puke, seen as though I’m a nice boy.

Then proceeded to pass out on the sofa..

She looks so happy 0_o

Was good, great to see everyone together again having a good time, drinking, chatting, eating and being merry, that’s what life is all about.

Full gallery HERE.

Loads of pics from Cass HERE and some from Suan HERE.

I’m off to Tioman[/url] tommorow night for a Diving trip, FUCKING ON, haven’t been since April last year and been missing it like crazy, wanted to go since the season started.

Better go pack my stuff anyway, laters gators, see you on the flip side!

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I will, I will…I WILL

I will update soon, honest..

I am still here, I didn’t drop off the face of the planet, man my average daily unique visitors is crawling down to 200, when it goes below 200 I’ll cry!

Used to be 450 in March, then Sri Lanka screwed me, now being stuck in an office with only limited dial-up for a couple of months isn’t going to help me either.

Halved in 2 months, the fickleness of people eh?

Oh well must resolve to try and blog more from home, instead of just playing DOTA[/url], watching movies, drinking cold beer and eating chicken wings.

At least I still love my site and the new news pages even if no one else does (first post in ages that got 0 comments LOL)..

Oh well, I been doing some shitty ass business impact analysis all day and I’m about to die, hardcore concentration on a monotonous jumble of figures and statements and conclusions and DIE MOTHERFUCKERS DIE!!!

Oops sorry.

Anyway I’m gonna go to the toilet and cry.


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Wappening, It was Happening!

Well been kinda busy, and am online now but in the office, thus on dial-up, thus not able to upload pictures.

Sad eh, had a mad party again on Saturday night 🙂

Friday night was home well early so chilled..

Saturday went and serviced my car, changed oil and oil filter, changed brakepads (just ngam ngam, less than 1mm left 0_o), swapped wheels front to back to distribute tyre wear (the thing with front-wheel drive cars), skimmed brake discs, tightened compressor belt (it was squeaking)..

It’s shcmoove again now.

After that went and bought a massive chest of drawers, I have too many clothes in my wardrobe cos of lack of drawers, so it was overflowing, also nowhere to put linen or towels..

Noticed a couple of missing things aswell that the fat bitch dobi cunt lost, my favourite tailored pearlescent scarlet shirt 🙁 And my sexiest white shirt hehe


So yeah kinda spent a fortune at the weekend…but it didn’t stop there.

Anyway will post on party later so I won’t mention that, there some pics up though with Suan[/url] and Cass.

Sunday woke up and decided it was time to buy a fridge!

So I can have cold beer now at home…cold beer and hot chicken wings, omg, that is gonna be the pwn!

I’ll have ice….I’ll be able to cook things! (After I get some gas that is..)

I got another summons too, just arrived from february, when I paid all my summons off in March…it wasn’t showing up yet. Oh well have to pay it off so can get the car transfer done.

Will take some pics of my new stuff soon..

Am also having phantom mouse sydrome, you know like amputees still feel itches and pain in their limbs when they are gone..

My laptop mouse has completely gone tits-up, and I feel like it’s still there, I keep reaching to move it to unlock the machine or click something, only to find it’s deserted me 🙁

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Aggregated Asia Pacific , IT, Infosec News & Virus Alerts

Yah I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, had to hack the RSS backend plugin to get it to accept more than 9 feeds, but that’s sorted now!

I’ve aggregated General News, including Malaysia[/url] specific and Asia-Pacific region feeds.

One stop shop for all your news needs!

Saves browsing through dozens of sites, can just pick out the news stories that interest you, RSS is teh pwn!

Also done the same for IT news and Information Security news, mostly my interests. Includes the normal big boys like Slashdot[/url], The Register[/url] and CNET[/url].

The final section would be Aggregated Virus Alerts, just so you can keep an eye what is going on.

Spread the word, make life easier for people, all the news in one spot!

Don’t forget the links page either with a massive IT and IT security links list! It also contains links to my best articles and some things I’ve written on other sites.

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Road Rage Incidents in KL & My Experience

They are on the rise..there have been a few fatalities too..people stabbed to death, beaten into a coma and so on.

There are adverts on the radio too about ending up in prison because of road rage, must be getting serious.

Even our own Kimberly de Cun kena before..

I have a bit of rage now and then, I get pissed with those people hogging the express lane, like I wrote about previously[/url]…

Or those Mercedes with permanently ‘broken’ indicator bulbs..

Those moto’s that NEVER have working back lights, I mean wtf, the bulb costs like 50 cents.

Mac also encountered a situation, with polis some more..

Do you guys suffer from road rage? Or have experienced the other side before? (Been followed/tailed/attacked?)

I’ll outline one situation I recall from personal experience.

I was driving along the LDP towards SS2 from Sri Damansara on the express lane, not going particularly fast or weaving in and out of lanes..

I came up behind a car going considerably slower than myself, probably 80km/h to my 110km/h so I slowed down (middle lane was empty so he could have pulled in to let me pass) but he didn’t, so I changed to the middle lane to go past (probably gave him the finger too I can’t remember).

Anyway little did I know there was a moto rider riding on my rear quarter panel (one of the blind spots), literally, so when I pulled in the middle lane I gave him a nudge.

I checked back and he was fine so I continued my journey and exited at TTDI, I saw the moto flying up behind me and thought hmmm….maybe he wants something..

So anyway I carried on, then I noticed him riding along side me shaking his fist at me furiously like a rabid chimpanzee.

I proceeded on not wanting to have to get out of the car and kick the shit out of him, but then the inevitable happened, I reached a red light..

So I stopped, he squealed to a halt next to my car and started hammering the window.

So I wound down my window and the conversation began..

Me: Wassup?
Guy (Jabbering at 100 words per minute): Blah blah, almost killed me, blah blah idiot driver, blah blah, police, blah blah, arrest you blah blah, idiot, blah blah *shakes fist more*
Me: What you talking about?
Guy: I’m gonna make police report about you
Me: (Peers out the window, looks the bike up and down, checks guy out) Are you hurt?
Guy: No..
Me: Is your bike damaged?
Guy: No..
Me: So what the hell are you going to report?
Guy:…..*dumbfucked silence*…
Me: *Smiles*
Guy: (Waves his fist some more) I know you, I’ll see you around

Then he proceeded to speed off, scary eh, he’ll see me around 0_o

Anyway saw some good guidelines from from an OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council) report.

The following practices and tips can be used to avoid becoming a victim of road rage. Please share this security notice with your family:

* Avoid eye contact and if you need to use your horn, do it sparingly
* Get out of the way. Even if the other guy is speeding, it’s safest to not make a point by staying in your lane.
* If someone is following you after an on-the-road encounter, drive to a public place or the nearest police station.
* Keep your doors and windows locked at all times.
* If you are involved in an accident notify the police immediately.
* It’s a good idea to carry a cell phone in your car, making it possible for you to call for help for yourself or someone else.
* Most of the violent incidents occur late at night. Use prudence when planning your night out and try to return home at a reasonable hour.
* Never fully roll down your window to talk to a stranger. If required, roll the window down only enough to be heard.
* Do not stop to aid disabled motorists. Telephone for help instead.
* If you are in need of help, make sure you have police emergency numbers available at all times.

The tips are not meant to cover every single situation that you may face. Each situation is different and you must use your judgment on what the appropriate action should be.

This be a public service announcement from teh ST 😀

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