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The weekend, the curtain rail and sweat!

Well Friday I had a rotten gut, so I didn’t make it to work, gave me an opportunity to get my snapped anti-roll bar fixed though.

There was a horrible knocking noise, and I had a look under the wheel arch to see a piece of metal dangling there, which wasn’t good, mentioned here..

I sent the car in Friday, but the part my mechanic had didn’t fit so he had to keep the car ’til Saturday, so I got him to service it too and change the oil. He fixed the back brake-light bulb aswell, but somehow managed to stop the main 2 brake lights working…have to have a word with him about that.

Friday I managed to get fix the holes in the wall and remount the ciplak curtain rail, so it’s back up now and the world and his brother can no longer stare into my living room. I didn’t hang the super heavy curtain again as I feared the curtain rail couldn’t take it, the concrete in the wall prevented me from drilling as deeply as I would like, and I don’t have a super pneumatic drill to kick it’s ass.

But the net is back up, so place is looking pretty cool after I hung up the xmas lights my mom sent me and tidied the place up.

Pic is a bit grainy as it was taken with a long exposure, rather than flash as flash doesn’t look so good.

Went to try and pay my summons too, but the computer was offline and the guy said try PJ State police station, but I had no freaking idea how to get there so I’ll go back to Eneos in 1U this week some time.

Did some other boring crap like paid my 20 bucks worth of electric and water bills (hey I haven’t been there for a month, I’m suprised I managed to use so much)..

I managed to get my much sought after jacjac cushion aswell, rock on!

Saturday night heaved my TV and DVD cinema thing across, sweaty old business that was.

Had to run out and have a beer immediately after, with some not bad Wah tan hor (Cantonese fried noodles).

Sunday slept till late, went for some Banana leaf rice (it’s definately better early in the day), watched a movie for a while and then went to Breakers in Hartamas to watch the National Foosball Competition finals (Single, Doubles and Mixed Doubles). Some pretty awesome players there, I can’t play for crap, I’ve only played twice I think. The faggots are pretty good though, and had some other friends there.

Had a couple of jugs of beer and the company of some pretty hot beer girls, so all was good, went to Misai for a while after and crashed..

Then Monday began…damn monday.

Telephone line should be in by the end of this week, might be able to post at the weekend too 馃檪

Oh yeah, I’m sure you all want to see my reindeer too, here is it:

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Shaolin Kung-Fu – Bukit Jalil Style

So I went to the Shaolin Kung-Fu show[/url] in Bukit Jalil, and it was even mentioned on Yahoo! News.

Yeah the original ang moh Shaolin master.

The show was cool, started with a traditional lion dance on the plum flower poles (Mei hua Zhuang) from a local club. Very impressive strength and skills and entertaining too.

The only bad point was as it was a charity thing, there was a good 30 minutes of arse licking and Datuk this Datuk that, which we could have done just fine without.

Apart from the Shaolin stuff, there was also a performance from the Malaysian national 24 drum champions, a nice fusion of beats and movement, a very enjoyable experience. Their timing was fantastic.

There was the normal shaolin stuff, spears on throats, spears in stomach, pushing a bus with a spears (this was a new one), lots of flipping and spinning and some impressive iron shirt kung-fu (a fat making taking punches from audience members).

I was with the faggots as usual, I think 8 of us made it to the show.

TheGreatFaggot was contemplating the real meaning of chi-kung and how he should be a monk seen as though he already look like one.

He then proceeded to demonstrate his amazing Iron Head kung-fu.

Then KY proceeded to school him Iron Geek-hand style.

The full photo gallery is HERE. If I get any more pics from Suanie[/url] I’ll post them here.

After that we of course went to Misaiand has some great Nasi Goreng Ayam Kunyit!

More to come…

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Racing brakes, sunsets and kung-fu

Not much to write about really, tried to fix the curtain rail last night but there is a concrete layer a few cm into the wall and it was damn hard to drill, the plaster is really extra crumbly too, I’ll try again tommorow night probably.

The curtain rail was held up with fucking WOOD SCREWS can you believe wonder it fell down, wood screws with local fibre wallplugs aswell…not the stronger plastic ones.

I’ve got the drill at my place though so should be fine.

Am going to the Shaolin Kung-fu show[/url] tonight though, so I don’t think I’ll be drilling.

Will post pics, even though my zoom is b0rked because of the stupid E18 thing[/url].

It was only like 11.05 last night aswell and some nosey neighbour came and complained you can’t be drilling at that time of night…I was like wtf, STFU YOU NOOB..but I stopped anyway bleh.

Bah..I miss my TV! I had good company last night though so it was ok.

I added the latest DOTA maps to my download post[/url] aswell, 3.8 BETA 4 and DOTA TE 8.3.

Also put some descriptions to the photos from my moms trip, and I’ve gotten some more from Malacca from Suan[/url] so I’ll add those soon.

I managed to snap another sky pic last night, I’ve uploaded’s not as good as the other 2 but it’s pretty cool still.

Anyway back to the original topic…I fitted some hybrid racing brakes on my car when my brakes wore out a few months ago…I’m not sure which brand they are, but if you have silver wheels I recommend against it.

You end up with wheels like this:

They are supposed to look like this:

I also found out last night there is a place in 1U where you can pay summons, so I’ll go and try and find it…I’ve been copped 3 times on NKVE for speeding 馃檨

I want to pay as they are having a clamp down and everyone has to pay before December 31st..if you want to check if you have any summons you can do so at Catcha.

Must remember to send my mom a Christmas card…I think I’ll have to use DHL to get it there in time! Haven’t had lunch yet, no mood to eat today…pissed off with work.

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Oceans 12 and more Lala

Grabbed some more lala last night, was very good, Malay style this time from some stalls near my appt, sadly the infamous chicken wings stall wasn’t open…so we missed out on that.

Caught up with some friends, one of which forgot to bring a drill so fixing the curtain rail plan went out the window, I guess we can do it tonight 馃檪

Oceans 12[/url] just came out so we decided to go and watch that instead of re-hanging my curtains and moving the TV, far less effort, but with obviously diminished returns.

Not as good as the first one, but entertaining nevertheless. Worth a watch and guarantees a few cheap laughs and ‘woo that’s cool’.

Seems lacking in plot and the originality of the first one (inevitable), just cashing in on the big stars and the name of the first movie to make a shit load of cash. Don’t except any Oscar winning performances or stunning plot twists, it’s not a clever film, but it is fun.

Catherine Zeta-Jones did very well as usual and fitted in seamlessly with the rest of the cast, the performances were good as usual with appearances from a few more class actors (Bruce Willis, Albert Finney and Robbie Coltrane).

It’s pretty much the same as Bridget Jones 2[/url] though, it’s been americanised, commercialised, dumbed down and it’s lost the spark, wit and intriguing twists from the first one. There is some decent character development, a bit of romance and some stupid time wasting (script writer had a block?) like the whole Julia Robers episode.

The first film Oceans Eleven[/url] was very good for a modern remake, they really made the most of a fairly simple concept, the classic ‘Heist’ movie with the trendy ratpack actors.

To summarise this is definately style over content, it’s shot in a very ‘Indie’ style with cool actors, cool sets and cool clothes (Prada sunglasses anyone?). Worth a watch, if you enjoyed the first one you’ll enjoy this, just don’t expect too much, it’s no Bourne Supremacy[/url].

Found a cool Pentagon conspiracy link yesterday too, check it out HERE.

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Screw Telekom, Noob Drivers and Dodgy Curtain Rails..

Fuck Telekom[/url], fuck them in their stupid asses.

They want a $1075RM deposit because I’m a freaking ang moh…WHAT THE FUCK…

1. Expatriate 1000.00
2. Public 75.00

Like wtf kind of stupid crap is that…I mean a couple of hundred maybe, I can tahan (stand) but over 1000? That’s just ridiculous…

The thing is aswell, I think even if I did pay it the chance of me getting it back is slim to none.

Oh well, they are not so smart…I’m sure I can think of some way to get around it.

And the Noob drivers…I did a lot of driving this weekend visiting various shops, eateries and other such interesting places and I encountered so many fucking noob drivers….good job I am even tempered or I would have grabbed my parang and commited some genocide.


Yeah you know that little stick by the side of your steering wheel, if you push it up or pull it down, some little orange lights (or white if you are an ahbeng) blink on the side of your car INDICATING your intent to manoveur..hence it being called a fucking INDICATOR.

I almost got mowed down by some crazy bint gossiping aswell, my passenger was like ‘OMG she must have done it on purpose’…I was like ‘Look in the fucking car, she isn’t even looking at the road let alone her mirrors’….she was so busy chatting she was looking at the passenger…not concentrating on driving at all.


I also got some temporary curtains last night…so I put them up and duely discovered this morning the curtain rail had promptly fallen off the wall…what is up with THAT? I mean I hung some curtains on there, not a fucking elephant….*sigh* I guess the curtains were too heavy for the ‘curtain’ rail..maybe it should be called a pansy rail (Only use with light curtains).

Anyway I can’t blame the rail, I can blame the ciplak builder who fitted the damn thing, I’ll grab some Polyfilla and wall plugs tonight and try and fix it. If so then I can move my TV in, don’t really want people seeing my phat home cinema.

On a nicer note, my awesome 8ft TV cabinet arrived and the lazy bastards actually delivered on time for once…I wasn’t sitting around for 2 hours like previously. It’s so cool, it’s almost as cool as me (but not quite obviously), the only sore point is some horrible plastic looking chrome feet at the very bottom..I think I’ll paint ’em or cover them with something at least..

On a sweet note, my mom sent me some christmas decorations from UK! Some from our own tree at home, some from my favourite aunts tree and some old skool ones from my grans tree…so touching, thanks mom you are BEST! Oh yeah my aunt sent me a musical reindeer to hang on the tree too, rock on! Will take some pictures tonight 馃檪

Ate the lala again last night….damn bloody addictive that stuff.

Stared at the lava lamp for a while too, was cool 馃檪

Am looking forwards to tonight yay!

On some other notes, MSN7 Beta is out you can grab it HERE

More information is available here plus custom emoticons etc:[/url]

Colombo doesn’t seem to be a good place to be at the moment either with another bombing at a concert.

Found a really good site for information about phones, reviews and so on, it’s called GSMArena[/url].

And for those of you in KL you can go to the free iPod U2 party December 16th, this Thursday at Zouk, you can get your invites HERE.

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KL, I am glad to be back…and a Xmas tree! Awesome!

Wow, I haven’t posted for 3 days, I bet you are all getting a little worried eh?

Well as I said, service will be intermittent, especially at the weekends, ’til I get an Internet connection at home anyway.

I have a lot to write so bear with’ll probably be long and rambly.

The adage is true though, abscence makes the heart grow fonder..when you are away from something you miss it more, and when you get back you appreciate it more. I missed KL a lot, the people here, the atmosphere the food…OMG the first day I got back I was even happy to be stuck in a goddamn traffic jam…People in Brunei call a jam 15 cars waiting at the traffic lights..

I have spent most of the week eating, sorry was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures..but I will do over the following weeks 馃檪

I have eaten SO much this weekend…it’s been quite disgusting haha, Friday I was off work so I didn’t blog that day either..

Spent the whole of Friday going around doing various domestic things, looking at lights, getting quotes for curtains..after all the first place I went to was cheapest and nicest. The guys seems cool, it’s pretty close to my appt too. I went for some funky modernistic patterns, aight! Cost me the princely sum of $1200RM for the whole place, not bad considering I have a 9ftx7ft patio door. The highest quote was $3300RM OMG! But on the whole they were $1300-1400RM.

Chased up the fella about the TV cabinet, so that should be arriving tonight, fingers crossed. Went back to the place in Kepong with the nice sofa…but sadly they only had it in one cheesin cream and red colour…which wasn’t cool. So off I went.

Then went off to the LDP furniture store near Puchong, I heard it was pretty expensive..and well it is, the Imbi furniture plaza is better. There wasn’t much nice stuff there and it was all slightly over the mark. Had some awesome Taiwan pork chop noodles in SS2 (one of my favourites places).

Spent the evening tidying up.

Friday night decided to go clubbing on the spur of the moment around 1am…after a yum cha/mamak session at Misai with the gang, as Audrey was in town. So off I sped home, got changed and we went to Rush…was there about 45 minutes when the music stopped and the DJ said they had to close early…fucking police raid…was just getting into it as well.

So after that went to one of the faggots houses and had some JW Black label and talked cock.

My car also has developed a weird knocking noise when I cornered suddenly, also a horrible scraping noise sometimes on bumps…I checked under the wheel arch and OMG WTF there was something dangling there knocking on the axle…I suspected it was something suspension related…and it was..

Saturday morning (or afternoon by the time I woke up), I went off to my mechanic and he whipped the dangly part out, turned out it was the anti-roll bar…he’ll give me a call when he gets a new one in. Car will be fine without it, just not so sturdy when cornering on the nearside. Exhaust also rasps at 4,000rpm…so I’ll have him check that, I guess it’s a resonant frequency of something metallic and it’s causing that horrible BBQ set ahbeng[/url] exhaust sound.

After that got stuck in a resturant opposite the workshop because of torrential rain..once I’d escaped I headed off to Ikea! (Prounounced Eye-Keah, like Idea…not Ik-eyah)…spent an absolute fortune! But got loads of great stuff…matts, clocks, shiny things, stuff for the kitchen, glasses, mugs a huge and cool black and white print to hang in the living room, waste-paper bins, tea-light holders and so on…seen as though I was there had to indulge in some Ikea style meatballs with cranberry sauce, man those are great!

After that headed off to Tescos, as it’s near by, bought some pillows, towels, bed linen, cleaning stuff and a few other bits and pieces…managed to blow about 1000 bucks in Ikea and Tescos…ROCK ON! Seemed like a lot after I looked at the paltry 2 ringgit left in my wallet after…but after looking at my appt and all the cool things I got…really it’s not much.

The star purchase of Saturday was definately the most awesome Christmas tree and decorations!

The naked tree:

With tinsel:

With the works:

In the dark with the lights:

Cool as hell right!

As a side note, someone mentioned to me that I should enquire about the facing of my clock as clock sounds similar to ‘funeral‘ in Cantonese.

To set this straight I enquired…and got the relevant info from those in the know. Clock on it’s own doesn’t sound like funeral, but ‘give clock‘ does. Give clock in Cantonese is ‘sung chung‘ and ‘sung shung‘ in the correct context, means those people who accompany you in death. Grandmas would thus say, it’s not a good idea to give clocks as a present…which still holds true, the facing of the clock with a room, appt or house however has no relevance. So Neh!

I have been looking everywhere for a freaking sofa, it seems impossible to find one that satisfies all 3 criteria (I don’t ask for much):

[list][*]Looks good
[*]Is comfortable
[*]Is within my budget[/list]The most common seems to be either looks damn cool… and is uncomfortable as hell, or comfortable as hell but costs a freaking fortune.

I went to Lorenzo…awesome, sofas that cost $16,000RM…Fuck you noobs…

I actually ate so many times on Saturday I can no longer even seperate the eating..see Sumo Shaolin this time next week!

Also…I have no bitten my nails forever…must be like almost a week now, there are visible white bits…so cool. I have very proportionate hands, so it seems like a terrible thing to diminish their aesthetic value by chomping my nails off.

I SO MISSED DRIVING MY CAR…perhaps that’s why the anti-roll bar snapped…cos I’ve been hammering it a bit…oh well!

By the time I woke up on Sunday it was almost over…so I went out to eat, again I can’t even remember what I had. Went to check out some more sofa places, at dinner at KTZ in SS2, nice Szechuan noodles and fried stuff (Yam cake, dumplings etc) and big Sago to finish.

Bought a Lavalamp in SS2 Kedai Lampu, so cool, been looking for one for a while. It’s hard to capture the beauty of a lava lamp in a still picture…but I’ve tried.

I also spent some time sorting my pictures out, so I’ve updated the Brunei Gallery, I think there’s 53 pics now. Just need to add the comments and stuff.

I added some pics from my Mom’s trip to Malaysia in June too HERE, and a gallery of the new Ferrarri F430.

I’ve found some other pics too on a CD, so I can populate some more photo galleries before I fix my PC and start the mass upload.

Anyway that’s my weekend…contrary to popular belief, I do have some work to do, so laters!

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International Man of Geekery

Went into the office yesterday to submit a report on the Brunei assignment, it was well received, which is nice. It looks like Colombo is definately delayed, until when I’m not sure, I’m petitioning to have it postponed ’til 2005, then at least I can spend Xmas and NYE even in the big smoke with my loved and cherished faggots and various others. Gonna be a big Xmas party aswell, with some sexy santa action, lots of alchohol, dancing and fun if I have anything to do with it.

Caught up with the faggot trio last night, went for dinner with God and his Saint, had some great La-La, gai juk (chicken congee), Satay and tried the Perak style Asam Laksa, was pretty ok. The La-La was really good! No pictures to make you all salivate though, will remember my camera next time..

My trusty Canon A70[/url] is still under Warranty thankfully as it’s developing the dreaded E18 error..

Got rid of the chicks and God, then picked up TheGreatFaggot and had some boys talk and beers. It was schweet, missed those guys and talking about weird stuff like Teabagging in a public place 馃榾

Went home and worked on some stuff…having an off day tommorow to get my appt sorted, so have a few things to catch up with. Had supper at some bizarre time. Still feeling pretty crappy today, need to buy some multi-vits and get some Lemsip!

Made a massive list of stuff I have to do…and buy, first on the list still curtains, looks like I’ll have time to get it done though before I leave again which will be nice..might go and see how long the sofa would take too, and I’ll go and get the TV cabinet sorted tommorow, perhaps move my TV across too 馃檪

Downloading some Christmas albums now, awesome!

Get that xmas spirit on the go..

It’s gonna be a great week any which way, thanks.

Suan went to see a play last night too, so she wasn’t there, you can check her post about it[/url].

Btw Suan, congrats on your 100th post 馃榾

Am listening to BBC Radio 1 right now, if you wanna be cool like me listen to it. (Favourite shows Fabio & Grooverider of course, Chris Moyles, Sunday Surgery and Radio 1 Rap Show with Tim Westwood the original Wigga).

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Maxis service…..good!

Ok I got a new SIM card today, it’s all good…am back in the office.

Boss has deigned fit to give me Friday off to sort out my shit..

Managed to buy a mattress last night, went for some uber Coconut Fibre thing with a bit of foam so it’s not SOO hard, the pure King Koil coconut fibre deal was like lying on marble. They delivered it promptly too, which was nice. Bought some el-cheapo bedsheets too so at least I have something to lie on. Also grabbed a broom, mop, bucket and associated smelly cleaning liquids to sort the place out.

After inspection of the appt, dead cockroach count = 2, so not too bad.

Went to get some quotations for curtains last night with ‘Blackout’ curtains for the bedroom as my room faces the carpark, pretty expensive stuff.

Some a nice sofa too within my budget, might go and check it out again..

My TV cabinet never arrived…so I’ll have to go and chase that fella up.

Had dinner with the FAGGOTS, my partner in crime was absent though, just getting back from Miri before I departed, so I’ll catch up with him tonight. Good to see you guys, shame Misai wasn’t there though (was his off day), but I grabbed a burger and it was awesome and had 3 teh-o-ais-limau’s..

For the uninformed and uneducated, Misai means moustache in Malay, he’s a mamakian Indian guy at our favourite hang out place in SS2, Petaling Jaya..His drinks are good, the place is happening and it’s just a really nice place to hang out chat and eat good down to earth food. It’s my first home pretty much, along with Horus there the local cybercafe and DOTA marathon place.

If you want to find me, go to Misai in SS2 and look for the tall hairy, ham sup, ahbeng gwailoh 馃檪

Looks like I’m consigned to the desert tommorow (Cyberjaya the *cough* intelligent city).

Will take some pics of the appartment in it’s various states of transformation with all my kinky furniture.

Ok am gonna run out now and get some more quotations for curtains, will catch up with the faggots and perhaps GOD[/url] later for dinner.

Sorry nothing deep and meaningful today 馃榾 And no pics, cos am in the office 馃檨

So droll I know, my sincere apologies.

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Intermittent Service

Ok Shaolins blog gems will be intermittent for a while..

I am lounging in the Mon’t Kiara office now in the heart of civilisation! Awesome!

I have shifted my stuff to my new appartment, which is a complete mess right now but it’s somewhere to sleep….I think I am ill…I am sneezing and snuffling and I feel like I’m burning up…it’s always the same though, when I don’t have to go to work I fall sick..

A great case of murphies law, when I have work to do…I don’t get sick, I stay healthy…the day I get off…I fall sick bleh and magically recover perfectly in time for work to start again.

Anyway I am rambling off topic, my new appartment has no phone line….my SIM card is burnt so I am totally incommunicado..I can’t even get my phone numbers out without a SIM card.

I might just try and grab a Prepaid first, I should get a replacement Maxis SIM tommorow…

Also I’ll be very busy trying to grab some stuff for my appartment, tidy things up a bit, get my stuff washed, clean up a bit and wonder WHY THE FUCK MY BACK CAR SEAT HAS A HUGE BURN MARK ON IT..

Other than car seems to be a reasonable condition still, although terribly dirty, I washed it just now when I was grabbing lunch, looks 100x better.

Had an awesome dinner last night, some malay food in my area, sadly the chicken wings weren’t there last night, but I had some other stuff that more than made up for that.

Gonna go shopping now…hope to catch you guys in SS2 later, will give you all a call if I managed to get a prepaid.

I am off to Colombo on Sunday I think, so this week I’m not sure when I’ll be blogging…also next week the same can be said 馃榾

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Food, movies and even MORE food!

Friday was a big blur, all day watching presentations..*yawn* Was a long and tiring day, 13 30 minute presentations with Q and A’s too, I managed to ask everyone a question they couldn’t answer though, so that was my job done 馃檪 Friday night just had dinner, went online to chat for a while and went to bed.

Well Saturday was cool, went into class early and watched the final presentation, yay, all work now complete! After class went to lunch with everyone at a resturant called Nyonya:

The food looked great, but didn’t taste all that fantastic:

It was pretty edible though, and the drinks were great! We had a cool time laughing and joking and eating rather too much….I even managed another Shaolins Legendary Gay Pose in their honor…

Ya ya ya…go ahead laugh, I don’t give a shit 馃榾

After that we headed to The Mall for a movie marathon, thriller, comedy then HORROR!

Here’s a rundown:

The Forgotten[/url]

Decent thriller type movie with some emotional angst, decent acting and a couple of shocks, a bit reminscent of The Outer Limits at times, but worth a watch.

Bridget Jones 2: The Edge of Reason[/url]

As I’ve read both the books I pretty much knew what was going to happen and was mostly waiting for the trip to Thailand which is a much larger part of the book than it is of the film, the prison was much nastier and longer…it was a all a bit jolly and easy in the film..

It was ok though, I laughed a lot through-out the film, it didn’t seem as cleverly made as the first one though, it was a lot more banal and dumbed down, perhaps for the American audience…seemed almost slapstick at times. I still enjoyed it nevertheless but the first one was definately better.


Fairly routine Asian horror movie, not really ‘scary’ as such, but lots of shocking moments, really nicely directed and can make you jump 3 feet out of your seat…I enjoyed it, I went to get scared and I did 馃檪 The Ringu/Ju-On images of chicks with long hair, white faces and blah blah is all getting a bit much though (The Phone, One Missed Call, Shutter etc).

Worth a watch though, at least a bit of originality was shown in the plot and the acting was fairly good. The movie website is HERE.

After that we went for some food nearby then to the stadium to check out Max Power Brunei style, but sadly the police got there before us so there was a mass exodus and everyone was on the way out. So came home and crashed.

Just went to lunch at Pizza hut and I’m waiting for my gay buddy to pick me up so we can all go bowling then perhaps for dinner after that.

Oh yeah I managed to sneak a picture of my spot in Coffee Bean too, so you can check out the most happening place in Brunei, look at all those people! Oh yeah…only me there LOL

Other than that back to KL tommorow, so looking forward to it, it’s gonna be cool. Being away makes you appreciate what you have and there’s some things I’m REALLY looking forwards to eating and doing 馃檪

See you all there! *hugs*

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