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Kung Fu Hustle and the New Links Page

Hey ho, I’m back again. Just found out the Stimx engineer didn’t even bother coming, so I won’t be having any broadband loving this weeked. Oh well..So I thought I’d post now, get it out the way so I can enjoy the party tonight and the hungover weekend. My curtains were fitted today though, which is rocking, can’t wait to go home and see them 馃檪

Probably as usual be back posting on Monday.

I have finally got around to making the Links Page, I have added all the posts which I think are more interesting, so if you are new or here from BlogExplosion, go check em out!

Also added a cut down version of my information security bible of links, get reading if you want to be a l33t h4x0r like me.

Have had a lot of SMS/E-mails yesterday and today from UK and various other places asking about my well-being and things like;

Good job you weren’t in Sri Lanka after all, that’d be a hell of a swim!

My Mom called me too. It’s a nice feeling to know people care 馃檪

Found the most beautifully written article about the Tsunami incident, I’m not going to write about it any more…sad shit…but if you can, donate a little money, it will make a difference.

I watched Kung Fu Hustle[/url] last night. It was a Stephen Chow[/url] movie, so well I got what was expected. But I must say after Shaolin Soccer[/url] (I true masterpiece), I was in fact expecting more…much much more.

It turned out to be a very simplistic movie, spoofing a lot of modern films (Matrix 3, Spiderman 2, some scenes from Bruce Lee) and was pretty plotless, it was just an excercise to string together a bunch of CGI-enhanced fight sequences. The jokes were funny and it was definately and entertaining film, perhaps it was just overhyped and due to the uniqueness of Shaolin Soccer[/url] I was expecting more.

The BUTT is classic and got regular laughs through-out the movie.

The fight scenes were pretty impressive and the Iron-fist fairy was classic.

It’s worth a watch, but perhaps wait for Uncle Ho’s DVD.

I’d give it maybe 6.5/10.

Anyway better finish off the last work I’ll do this year so I get home early and prepare to PARTAY! Yah! Happy new year to Everyone. Let next year be better in all aspects than this one.

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Inconsiderate Drivers & Road Hogs.

Ok last night….it was a normal night in most aspects, a little worse for traffic as it was raining..but low and behold I reached Puchong toll (the start of the LDP) and it was jammed solid..

It then proceeded to be jammed all the way to the other end of the LDP (where I live).

The LDP is Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong, a big ass highway that runs through KL and PJ.

Unsurprisingly the cause was 5-6 inconsiderate bastards who had a crash (no one was hurt), it was just one of those stupid nose-to-ass collisions caused by an idiot who doesn’t fully appreciate their lack of driving skills. And this…this caused a 20+KM traffic jam, the LDP was barely moving, I had a movie date, left work on time (for once) and it took me like 2 bastard hours to get anywhere near home…I didn’t actually have time to get home, I grabbed a Ramly burger, made a U-turn and headed back down the LDP (the other side was normal traffic flow).

So let’s summarise, if you are a dickhead who can’t drive, has the reactions of a drunken amoeba or you drive a car without the capability to stop in 0.001 seconds flat…when it’s raining please dont..

1) Tailgate, it’s not big and it’s not smart and no it doesn’t make you look grown-up
2) Gas away on your shiny new mobile phone and put the world and their dog to rights
3) Flirt with your passenger to the point where you no longer look at the fucking road
4) Apply makeup/lipstick/brush your hair/shave
5) Any combination of the above.

If I do catch you doing any of these I’ll stick your Wajalution/Kancil/Kelisa up your arse with no lube.

While I’m on the subject, what the fuck is with you girls wearing those sock things on your forearms?? I mean don’t you know glass cuts out all U.V. rays, you can’t get a tan through glass..All dressed up in some sexy office gear with some dirty grey rags on your arms?? Nice..

And SUV drivers, go fuck yourselfs, you wouldn’t know what off-road was if it kicked you in the face. You are the bane of the roads, most of you don’t know how to indicate, cut lanes like no-one else exists, hog the outside lane going 20km/h slower than the traffic flow and various other prick-ish behaviour (especially those Harrier/fake Lexus drivers).

BTW if you want to read a funny thread about women drivers you can do so HERE.

Back to lane hogging, lane discipline in Malaysia is terrible, if not close to non-existent, there was actually an article in the paper the other day saying how we are losing 11,000km of highways due to bad lane discipline. I mean wtf, why is everyone in the middle lane, forcing some other slow pussies into the ‘fast’ lane who are going 40km/h slower than me, it’s not that I’m driving like a maniac, I’m cruising at a comfortable and safe 140km/h…that’s what the FAST lane is for.

You can see an empty highway with someone in the outside lane…or usually in the middle lane, not that this doesn’t happen in the UK too, and it pisses me off too, why are there huge traffic jams? Because of idiots in the wrong lanes, because of excessive braking (the red-light effect)..and people in Kancils driving like idiot-sticks. (This guy has a point[/url]).

Hmm, what else pisses me off. People in the wrong lane at traffic lights, you know the right hand lane for U-turns, when people are blocking that trying to squeeze into the second lane to gain a 3 car advantage, WHAT THE FUCK? Like making us wait another 10 minutes when we don’t need to is going to make your life better by getting 3 cars ahead, ignorant assholes.

Also people that wanna race me when there’s heavy traffic, fuck you. I’m not going to endanger my life or my passengers life or anyone elses life for that matter to race you in your fucked up turbo-charged Saga, I know I drive a car that looks like it likes to race…and yeah it does, but only when it’s SAFE to do so ok.

Ok some more…I’ve seen a few pricks lately with normal-ish cars like a Gen-2 with a GT alloy spoiler with a freaking flourescent strip along the back, are you trying to blind us when you brake or what? FUCKING IDIOTS.

Pic courtesy of Rkaru[/url].

I think I might make a ‘Got Rice?’ gallery soon with pics of stupid car mods I find. Ahbengs[/url] galore around here.

Enough ranting for now, lest I give myself a brain haemorrhage.

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The Asian Concept of ‘Face’

Face, giving face, saving face, showing face, losing face..

These are foreign terms to many people, bring confusion to some and blank looks from others. It’s something that is at least partially ingrained into Asian culture, most noticably amongst the Japanese but also strongly with Chinese too.

Let’s start with a quote (my usual style).

To gain face, give face; to lose face, try to save face or take face away. Frydherik Eysenkopf

If we look at the dictionary definition of the word, the most applicable in this context would be:

6. a. Value or standing in the eyes of others; prestige: lose face.

So there we have it, face is the societal standing of a person from the perspective, this ‘face‘ thing is all about how others see you, how they percieve your value, status, credibility or social standing. The Chinese terms for face are ‘lian‘ and ‘mianzi‘.

By understanding face and how to ‘give face’ one can suceed in negotations and avoid conflict with all egos and relationships intact. As with anything it’s always better to give than to take, especially in Asian culture, they are a very respectful and honour based society, so people get higher social standing by ‘giving face’ left right and centre. It boils down to tread carefully and avoid humilating your opponent, in Western societies, we have thick faces, so we tend to be more sarcastic, less polite and a hell of a lot more open when we criticise..In Asia this is not acceptable, criticism must be done very gently, a lot of ego rubbing is required.

This is known as low-context and high-context cultures. Most cultures would combine the two in part, but sway more towards one side. Western countries would tend to be low-context, this means it’s an individualistic society, and believes in freedom of the individual. Due to this most verbal communication very often direct, and that there is very little concern about non-verbal cues. So in UK and US for example the right to individuality supercedes any non-logical duty to your family, clan, race, or country. People are direct, they “say what they mean and mean what they say.”

High-context countries would be those such as Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, parts of the Middle-East and South America. These would be considered more traditional, hierarchal countries which are referred to as collectivistic, or interdependent.

The main difference is in low-context societies, conflict is normal, it happens, we deal with it, it’s nothing special. In high-context societies, it’s a big deal, group harmony is paramount. For example people from high-context societies will tend to avoid conflict and in general (Especially Japanese) will rarely utter a full-on ‘No’. For us barbaric Westerners, saying ‘No’ is not a consideration, it’s a normal answer to a request or question.

All these subtle societal nuances cause conflicts, I mean…how are people supposed to know?

Ok so now you understand what ‘face‘ is. Let’s get onto the others.

The most familiar term to most would probably be ‘saving face‘, which we can take to mean not being disrespectful to others in public, also it can mean taking preventive actions so that we will not appear to lose face in the eyes of others, or even helping out someone else in a situation where they could possibly lose face. Generally it’s meant as allowing someone to ‘lose’ with dignity and still allow them to be portrayed as a good leader/person/partner/colleague or whatever. Giving face can be said to be pretty much the same thing, to give someone face would be to let them come off worst but still look good.

Best defined as such:

“When one party states their needs and wants in an honorable manner, taking into consideration the notion of mutual face-concern, this is called face-assertive behavior. When one side purposely takes action to enhance the honor of the other, especially in regard to national face, this is called face-giving behavior. As can be expected, low-context cultures tend to engage in more face-threatening exchanges, while high-context cultures will focus more on face-honoring exchanges.”

Source: Face – Sarah Rosenberg

Showing face, is acting repsectfully and not causing yourself or others to lose face.

Losing face can happen under any number of circumstances that cause a damaging social event such as being humiliated in front of your peers, exposure to personal insult, failure to achieve goals, damage to a valued relationship, being belittled or losing your temper. Meetings often exist solely for the purpose of giving face to one another.

Some tips:

1. Don’t show anger, don’t lose your temper
2. Avoid saying no directly
3. Try and make everything win-win wherever possible
4. Apologise if you think you offended someone
5. Defer to those ‘above’ you (Age and seniority)
6. Address people using the Honorific
7. Be mild in giving criticism
8. Follow what others do (e.g. if someone hands you something with 2 hands, take it with two hands)


[1] Culture’s Influence on Managerial Behavior
[2] Face – Sarah Rosenberg
[3] The Mediator as Face-Giver
[4] Revelations of Face and Self

On another note I also re-organised my side bar, added some new blogging widgets, some new links and removed some stale “blogs. It looks a bit tidier now.

Played some hardcore DOTA last night, mostly noob games though. Can’t wait to get my Stimx at home then I can pound some noobs every night (should be coming on Friday, along with the Telurcon engineer, the curtain guy and a lot of drunken folks).

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BlogExplosion – The Lowdown

BloxExplosion? What the hell is that you ask…well it’s a way to generate meaningless guaranteed pseudo-traffic for your blog, by reading other peoples blogs.

You can sign up at, click lots of blogs and earn me more credits so random people get to see my random crapola, yay!

Pimped from BE:

The concept is very simple. You read other blog sites and they in return visit your blog. Blogexplosion is the internet鈥檚 first blog exchange where thousands of bloggers visit each other鈥檚 blogs in order to receive tons of blog traffic. Imagine how many other people out there could be adding your blog to their blogroller and how many people would be reading your blog every day with this sort of attention. It鈥檚 free to use!

Pros of BlogExplosion
1. You will get more traffic to your blog
2. You will find some really interesting blogs to read/blogmark/blogroll
3. If you are bored it’s a great way to pass time and find out some interesting stuff
4. You will gain a handful of new regular readers
5. You might get a few link backs if your blog is any good

Cons of BlogExplosion
1. You will get totally meaningless traffic (30 second sessions on average)
2. You will have to trawl through endless boring drivel about politics, how god is great and peoples pets
3. If you have important stuff to do you might find yourself having wasted 2 hours surfing BE instead of working.
4. You might run into some weird stalkers/trolls
5. Some nasty men might write a review on your blog and give you an inferiority complex

Some of the good blogs I’ve found:

1. Bryan the Funny Faggot[/url]
2. ZeroBoss[/url]
3. Some others which I forgot to blogmark..I will add them later, promise.

If you haven’t checked out Xia Xue[/url], I also suggest you do so, bitch is funny (Not found on BE).

Anyway BlogExplosion, I think it’s worth it, give yourself a little press, find some other interesting souls to stalk, perhaps make a couple of new friends (I did), Hi Letti[/url]!

Here’s my stats:

It’s pretty hard to find blogs from this region, the large majority seem to be American, with a few europeans and people from other parts of the world.

My BlogStreet is finally working too, yehhaaa (although I’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to ‘do’ yet), maybe might add some other geekish random bloggery stuff soon, Suan[/url] did an update today and added more crap.

Getting excited about the new year party, hopefully my TV will stay in one piece and more than 4 people will turn up. Rock on.

On a sadder not, the Tsunami/Quake disaster[/url] death toll is over 61,000

Sri Lanka: 21,715 dead
Indonesia: 32,828
India: 4,371 dead
Thailand: 1,516 dead
Maldives: 52 dead
Malaysia: 44 dead
Burma: 30 dead
Bangladesh: 2 dead
Somalia: 100 dead
Kenya: 1 dead
Seychelles: 3 dead
Tanzania: 10 dead

Now toted as one of the worst natural disasters ever.

I have some pictures I received via e-mail, but they are not nice so I don’t think I’ll post em.

Stimx called today aswell said they’ll be coming on Friday, Woo! Broadbandalised at last.

Which is good as my laptop is still totally b0rked, with no sound nor modem…time for the dreaded re-install..need to get my other PC working first though so I can back up all my shizzle.

I called Canon about the dreaded E18 thing…but well I didn’t understand a word he was babbling about. He’s somewhere in Subang apparently..

Ciao for now dearies.

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Random Crapola

Well Monday yesterday after a heavy weekend…ouch. Typical Monday blur kinda day.

Was some kind of company dinner last night aswell, it was ok, food was good, some steak and lamb chop and great potatoes wedges all smothered in oodles of black pepper sauce. Might post some pictures if I can be bothered, feeling kinda sleepy…all that beer and Chivas I guess.

Had some fradulent charges on one of my UK credit cards too, so had to call back there and sort that out. Also phoned Telurcon about my super quiet phone line (I have to semi-insert the phone inside my ear just to hear anything the person on the other end of the line is saying), and the intermittent crackles. The technician phoned me today, fucker couldn’t speak a word of engrish, I asked if I could speak to someone that understood English….he said “I don’t understand” and put the phone down. Nice!

Still haven’t paid my summons, not through a lack of trying…useless bastards.

I want to buy myself a portable USB powered 2.5″ hard drive for carrying round various ISO images and h4x0ring tools…have to check out some prices, sofa and fridge would be better first, seen as though I have a stove but no fridge..

Will call the curtain guy today aswell see wassup…I can’t stand the damn granny curtains any more!

Hmmppphh…totally fucked up my laptop last night, lesson…don’t do computer stuff when you are drunk.

I tried to install an old USB webcam (AverMedia Elite) I found lastnight in a box on my WinXP Home laptop with disasterous results.

I had the drivers on a CD somewhere so I used those, not realising how old they were…the laptop promptly bluescreened during installation.

The cam didn’t fully install, so I couldn’t ‘remove’ it.

After this my CD-ROM stopped working along with my soundcard and modem.

I managed to get the CD-ROM working again by removing it a couple of times and re-installing, I’ve done the same with both modem and sound card to no avail.

They both show up in hardware as installed, working with no errors.

But if I try and open volume control for example it says there is no mixer.

If I try and dial the modem I get a 633 error, but if I run the modem diagnostic check it works fine..

I have removed them both numerous times, downloaded the latest drives and reinstalled them.

They are both now installed and apparently ‘working’ but well they aren’t functioning at all…which is frustrating to say the least (after rebooting about 25 times)


It’s offical writing documentation sucks.

Saw this too which was pretty funny, Tara Reid with her boob hanging out..

The whole series of pics is here

You can see a close up of her disfigured, mouldy, ugly ass frankentit HERE

Made some fake ass new years resolutions..

1. Smoke less

2. Excercise more (Hardcore sex included)

3. Get everything for my appartment I need

4. Don’t WHS (Wai Hai Sei)

5. Start saving

6. Get another phat pay rise

7. Use my time more efficiently

8. Call my mom more often

9. Don’t drive so fast on NKVE (Get less summons)

10. Get some mad mods on my car and a big ass dustbin lid subwoofer

Will be having a party at my place new years eve, probably a bit quieter than the xmas bash, just a few friends, drinks, dancing etc..

Hopefully will get the Sofa I found by Thursday.

On the Tsunami etc, there is a blog here with all the info you need about relief and aid efforts

The SEA-EAT blog for short News and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts.

Anyone taking exams now, good luck.

Enough rambling for today I think..

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Natural Disaster Sweeps Across Asia

It’s a sobering thought amongst all the jovailty and celibrations that disaster can strike at any minute. Yesterday more than 14,000 people lost their lives (at the last estimate). It’s a sad time.

My condolences go out to all the families and people that lost loved and cherished ones.

Thanks to all those that enquired, I am fine here. There were tremors in KL, but they were minor, apparently one condo cracked. It happened around 9am yesterday morning, it was quite bad in Penang, according to Michael Ooi, bad enough to wake you up.

Lives were lost in 7 or more countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and as far as Somalia.

Region summary from the BBC HERE.

The epicentre was nearest toIndonesia’s Aceh province on Sumatra. It is estimated to be 8.9 on the richter scale.

8 and above is classed as:

Can cause serious damage in areas several hundred miles across.

There is 1 average anually of this scale, almost reaching 9 this is the strongest quake in 40 years.

The earthquake caused a lot of damage, but most was done by the Tsunami caused by the quake, as seen by Penang beach below.

In Thailand the effect was the same, a lot of divers are still missing..

Latest figures and disaster toll here:

Sri Lanka: 4,850 dead
Indonesia: 4,440 dead
India: 4,270 dead
Thailand: 430 dead
Malaysia: 44 dead
Maldives: 32 dead
Bangladesh: 2 dead

I’m so glad I’m not in Colombo now…bombings, natural disasters..not a great place to be.

Latest news from The Star here:[/url]

Videos pictures and information at BBC with a lot of info also at CNN

I have some other stuff to post..but I don’t think now is the right time.

Let’s just reflect upon what has happened, and be thankful we escaped with our lives. 15,000 is a hell of a lot of humans that just got wiped off the face of the earth.

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The Christmas Experience

Well here goes…gonna be long and lots of pics so be prepared.

Took Friday off, spent most of the day trying to pay my summons. I mean what kind of bullshit is that, I want to pay the freaking things but I can’t…the papers said all counters would be open ’til 6pm as they are having a clampdown…they lied. I went to a booth in 1U which was offline, I then went to PJ police HQ, the counter closed at 3pm. I mean people have to work you know, how the hell are we supposed to pay. Also the online payment system never works. It’s all crap. I think I’ll write to the star.


Did some last minute xmas shopping too, and had a nice lunch at a local italian joint.

Mushroom soup

And a good pizza

After that went and grabbed some stuff for the party, beers and ice and some ribena, to make vodka ribena.

Was a bit late to the party, in typical Malaysian style, but it was still warming up when I got there, so it’s all good.

It was Carol’s birthday so we chipped in and got her a present, a weighing scale, hahahaha, good job it’s not the voice type or when she got on it would say ‘One at a time please’

We had awesome bbq food (Marinated lamb, chicken wings, hot dogs, potatoes, mushrooms and corn)

A huge amount of alchohol was consumed

Everyone got drunk…really drunk..

Here you can see a few of the guys that knocked us about

We had a lot of laughs, the Faggot was on top form, and Wa Chai was hilarious.

The gift exchange was really fun, everyone bought a gift, budget 10rm, and they were put in the living room. When the time came, 19 tags were made with numbers on and everyone chose a number.

You got to choose a present when your number came (I was pretty unlucky I got number 4), then when you had chosen yours, you could take any of the presents before you, or choose a new one.

There was some funny ones like Wa Chai was number 1, and he chose the biggest gift…greedy boy, he ended up with a bottle of coke and a couple of packets of crisps craftilly wrapped in a plastic bag to look like something interesting hahahaha.

After 12 had passed and we’d done the gift exchange a few people left and just the hardcore remained attempting to make each fall down and finish all the liquor.

Later still we played Chor Dai Dee, your choice was press-ups, sit-ups or squats. 1 per card, 10+ double, 13 cards would mean 39. We were all a bit drunk for that though 馃榾

Finally passed out at about 5am I think. I decided driving back would definately not be a smart thing to.

The morning after we cleaned up..

It was a truly awesome party, thanks everyone for coming, thanks everyone for having a good time and helping me enjoy xmas here big time.

Full photo gallery is found here: Xmas Party 2004

Woke up early at 9am to go for breakfast, the famous pork noodles, read the paper, had a headache, normal stuff.

Went back and tidied up, washed up the stuff and straightened everything out, headed home to have a shower then as I was stinking, totally minging.

Back out after that, saw a lot of furniture sales in the paper so went to check some of them out, saw a nice sofa, think I might go and get it later.

Had A&W’s after that, great ice cream waffle!

Was feeling a bit sleepy after that so we just chilled at my place, watched some Ali G and chatted.

Watched White Chicks after that too, OMG that film is hilarious, we laughed our asses off.

Went to Misai for a while later, had a xmas day burger and some ikan bakar (no beer sadly).

Then went to KY’s hooked up my lappy and played DOTA ’til the early morning 馃檪

Then it’s now…I’m pretty hungry so I need to go out and get some food, maybe go and get the sofa too.

This is what xmas is for me, friends and loved one, fun, food and a lot of laughs.

Thanks to all involved.

Merry Xmas everyone.

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Newsflash: Shaolin almost dies of heart attack..

Well there I was…standing on the balcony having a cancer stick, when lo and behold I was like OMFG WHERE THE FUCK IS MY CAR, IT’S GONE..

I had parked my car here:

Had it been stolen? Had it been towed away?

No, fortunately it just happened to be an optical illusion..the car was perfectly hidden behind the bastard tree!

My heart actually started beating I rushed downstairs to see if it was true, and there was my beauty, just as I’d parked it, phew!

The car…and the bastard heart tremour causing tree:

I’m doing some work today, how weird is that?

Anyway, I called Stimx just now, and they have a port free so I’ll be connected to the world soon, which will be like TOTALLY AMAZING…yeah, rock on, bring on DOTA[/url] at home (and live pr0n streams), I can’t wait 馃檪

They said 1-2 weeks, so that’s ok.

Dialup officially sucks, I connected to Jaring last night at 12Kpbs..

Did some chrimbo shopping last night, ran out of time though, malls should close at midnight, cos you get there like 7.30 (straight from work) then have dinner..leaves you only just over an hour for shopping.

Had dinner at Nando’s, the best chicken salads in the world! (The only place I’ve found a spicy salad! Apart from those I make)

Followed by a half chicken, man I was stuffed, but it’s Christmas, to hell with it!

Hung around for a while in TGIF, apparently Chilis is much better.

I also think you should all print out multiple copies of this, and use them at your will:


Will post something meaningful soon I think.

BTW BlogExplosion Readers, Welcome, come again soon, or don’t just stay here for 30 seconds and never return…really it’s up to you, but reading my blog will enrich your life, there is no doubt.

If you are from BE or not, and you want to read the ‘serious’ things I wrote you should check the Deep Thoughts[/url] section.

I got my first comment spam today too, that sux0rs!

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Vegetarians and MEAT

There are many arguments for and against Vegetarianism and Veganism, I just felt like talking about them a bit today.

Veggies say if you you’ve been to a slaughter house and seen the animals killed it will put you off meat…Not really, I’ve been to a slaughterhouse before.

Yes it stunk, was I disturbed or put off from eating meat? No..

I’ve killed an animal with my bare hands before.

I’ve butchered a rabbit with a knife before.

Yes I’ve been to a battery chicken farm, so no I don’t support battery farmed products. Because that is inhumane.

I like freerange and organic stuff, it’s a bit more expensive but at least the animals were healthy and happy before they were butchered into my steak.

I like meat, and the animals that I eat wouldn’t exist if they weren’t going to be eaten. They are bred to be slaughtered, butchered and consumed.

Yes it maybe sad, but to quote, I haven’t pushed my way to the top of the food chain to become a vegetarian.

I just have to voice some annoyances aswell.

Ok there are two main things that REALLY annoy me about vegetarians and vegans.

1) Veg* people that wear leather products. Shoes, belts anything. I always ask them why they are vegetarian, moral, health, don’t like the taste/smell etc. If it’s moral I’ll say ‘So what are your shoes made out of?’ reply is usually something like ‘Emm…leather…’


2) A similar sort of thing, fake meat.

Vegetarian BACON?!? Meat replacements, texture same…vegetarian sausages…vegetarian meat

People who eat these things are ridiculous. You obviously really WANT to eat meat if you are eating this cr@p, so just do it. Stop lying to yourself.

There are plenty of great vegetarian food you can eat without using crappy fake meat.

Guilt is by intent not action, if you want to eat the fucking meat, just eat it, stop pussy-footing around. Like if you ate meat by accident, you didn’t know it’s not so bad as wanting to eat meat but not eating it.

I make sure I am vegetarian for 1 day a week where possible..I dunno why I guess it feels healthy now and then.

But if I don’t get my meat regularly I get pale and pasty like those other faggot veggies.

As for Vegans

Essential Amino Acids!!!!!

A person who is truly vegan cannot survive because they are not getting any Essential Amino Acids.

Amino Acids are molecules that are used to make protein. Our bodies can synthesise most of the Amino Acids that we require, but there are a few that we cannot make for ourselves: these are the ones called Essential Amino Acids, because it is essential that we get them in our diet.

The only problem is that Essential Amino Acids are not found in any plant or vegetable matter: they are only found in animal products, and therefore to survive we MUST eat animal products. This means that although it is possible to be a healthy vegetarian, true vegans will get less and less healthy and will evenually die through protein deficiency.

What about all the vegans who have been around for years and still look healthy? Here’s the thing: they must be getting their Essential Amino Acids from somewhere! Whether it’s weevils in their rice, or eating spiders in their sleep (we each eat an average of 8 spiders per year in our sleep), or taking supplement pills (which, incidentally, are made from animal product), they are getting some form of animal product and therefore cannot be considered to be true vegans.

Yeah unhealthy bastards!


On some other unrelated notes…I got the phone line in yesterday and it works, awesome! Can surf from home and make phone calls and stuff.

Filled my face with crabs last night, which was nice.

Then we went to Swensens and had 2 Earthquakes (Tuesdays all day 1/2 price Earthquake day), 8 big scoops of ice cream and 8 different toppings with cherries and cream.

There is a new worm out today too targetting phpBB version previous to 2.0.11, more info HERE, the lesson is keep updating 馃檪

Also if you have a Blog you should join BlogExplosion, it’s pretty cool. You get to surf loads of blogs and then people get to see yours, I’ve found some neat blogs and some interesting people. So sign up to BlogExplosion if you are bored and get surfing.

SFDC finally reached 20,000 members too, woohoo, great work guys 馃檪
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Torrent Sites Under Attack by MPAA

The infamous Torrent site[/url] went down yesterday along with[/url] seemingly under pressure from the MPAA who have vowed to go after the Torrent sites[/url].

TheRegister reported on the story HERE[/url] and Slashdot HERE.

MPAA of course being the Motion Picture Association,[/url]

BitTorrent, developed in 2001 by Bram Cohen, speeds file transfers by segmenting the content and downloading parts from multiple users according to who offers the fattest pipes to your machine. As you receive a file, so other BitTorrent users are able to grab it from you in the same way. The idea is to ensure a more even sharing of bandwidth between participants.

It’s not a classic P2P application in the sense that it’s about improving download performance rather than sharing files per se. Files are found not through the application itself but through links on websites. These trigger the code to download the content, grabbing files where possible from peers rather than the initial server.[/url]

The client I use is BitTornado which you can get here,[/url]

Torrents are a great way to share legal files aswell such as Linux ISO’s and other larger open source software releases, they have gotten bad press from their usage in the typical P2P application of spreading pirated software and bootlegged movies.

There are still numerous other sites hosting torrents, some of which are outside the jurisdiction of the draconian U.S. laws.

You can read some humourous legal threats here[/url]

Torrent sites technically don’t actually host anything illegal, the ‘Torrent’ files themselves are just hashes of the small bits of the file you wish to download in text format, which enables you to download the actual file itself. But the MPAA et al have such power they can make your life hell, so for the guys hosting the sites, without legal superpowers and a shit load of cash, it’s not really feasible for them to fight.

For those interested there is a Suprnova mirror here[/url] and there are plenty of other sites I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding.

On another note, phone line should be going in this afternoon, so I’ll be connected, I just want it on before Christmas day so I can call my Mom!

Wanted to eat crab last night, but the damn resturant was closed, maybe will make it tonight.

Was up late last night finishing a stupid presentation, or at least trying to.

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