WildFit Challenge – Week 11 & 12 – A Small Break

Still in Spring, still enjoying it, still losing weight! All good so far. The only change really during this period is that for Week 12 we came out of Spring together as a group. Now that doesn’t mean going wild, cheating and eating all kinds of junk (still no sugar, dairy etc).

But it does mean you can eat some fruits in the morning (preferably start with berries) and towards the end of the week indulge in some complex carbs (sweet potato and brown rice for example).

Week 11

The shopping began at this point! I’d lost so much weight I couldn’t comfortably wear my old clothes anymore – they looked ridiculous and were just tremendously lose.

You can see my process of getting rid of my old stuff here:

Shopping at FOS

May not look the best in this at this point, but it’s an XL in a regular store (FOS) AND it’s muscle fit. So yah, progress for sure. I can actually shop in high street stores now like H&M, Uniqlo, Old Navy and FOS.

Amazingly I’m only an L in H&M, not even an XL!

And I got my first item ever from Uniqlo, a pair of jeans – quite a monumental moment for me.

Uniqlo Jeans

Happy days!

We managed to squeeze another meal in at ChimiChurri Jaya One too, probably our favourite place to eat on diet. Totally sugar free, a great selection of proteins and cauli rice!

ChimiChurri Jaya One

Week 12

So this week we were supposed to go out of Spring, but honestly for us we’d been kind of in and out anyway and as we were in December and we knew we were very likely to go way off the rails over the Christmas period we decided just to stay in (pretty) deep Spring.

I had a 2 day company meeting off-site, so that was a bit of a challenge. But as with anything, a bit of effort and planning can mitigate against less than ideal circumstances in most cases.

Hotel Buffet Lunch

The one thing I do appreciate more now is hotel buffets, because it allows you to select what you want, what is on diet and you can try a small amount of a few things to see if they are sweet/not suitable etc. This is what I had for lunch basically, loads of steak and prawns and sparkling water – and it was delicious.

We also went our for dinner too, and I managed that on diet with rotisserie chicken and rattatouie – it came with potatoes so I just asked them to swap that for more vegetables. It was delicious!

Dinner Out

Yah I’m also that weirdo that brings their own tea to events now haha. Rooibos ftw!

Rooibos Tea

I also did a bit of cooking this week, a typical Summer type dinner – Spatchcock chicken with a lemon mayonnaise, sweet potato wedges and some stir fried spinach in coconut amino’s.

Spatchcock Chicken

We did have some summer meals during the week, just not all the time and we chose not to have any fruit at all.

Week 11 & 12 Summary

Pretty interesting times for us as it felt more like we were learning how to live with a WildFit type diet for the long term, what was below our line of acceptability (things that you absolutely wont eat) and what we thought we’d keep in our lives even knowing it was bad for our health (butter!).

Excercise wise, I’m still keeping up my Couch to 5k, although week 4 got REAL tough, I’ve had to retry it a few times. And I’m doing my daily pushups, I’m up to 14 a day now – from the beginning when I couldn’t even really do 2 pushups properly. Quite a lot of progress.

We will keep going, living mostly in Spring and cycling in and out when we feel the need (or desire) to, but eating as much veges as we can at every meal, drinking plenty of water and keeping the bad stuff to a minimum.

Up to date, I’ve lost about 15kg (around 33lbs) on WildFit and in total since June I’ve lost around 22kg (around 49lbs) including losing 5% body fat on WildFit and 11% since June (still a long way to go).

My ideal weight according to the ‘charts’ is around 95kg and my current target for Body Fat % is to get below 24% which would put me back in the normal range. Although my long term goal is to get to 18% or below, ideally around 15%.

I started WildFit at 125kg and 32% Body Fat, right now I’m at 110kg and 27% Body Fat (In June I was 132kg and 38% Body Fat).

If you’re interested in measuring your Body Fat (which is a way more relevant measure than weight) the most accurate way at home is with the Accu-Measure Body Fat Calipers.

You can also get a scale that measures pretty accurately and is much easier (and less painful) like the Tanita BF680W Body Fat Monitor or what I use which is the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale.

To summarise:

– Drink more water (at least 6-8 large glasses a day)
– Drink the Alkagizer Prime every day (no fruits)
– Add an EXTRA portion of vegetables at every meal
– Continue removing refined sugars
– Continue removing all grains (rice, wheat etc) and white potato
– Continue removing dairy (and all byproducts)
– Continue to remove Food additives, Nicotine, Alcohol and Caffeine
– Continue to Remove fruits, sweet vegetables, beans and honey

Food wise, no changes, apart from having a bit of Summer in Week 12. Remember the tips if you are struggling with the switch and energy (more good fats, plenty of salt, aerobic exercise etc) and keep on in WildFit Spring!

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VLOG002 – How To Install A NATO Watch Strap – 22mm AVI-8

NATO straps are super in at the moment, here’s a video on how to install a NATO watch strap – specifically on a 22mm lug AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II watch.

How To Install A NATO Watch Strap

The watch is an AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II my wife bought my for my birthday <3 - http://amzn.to/2h1xmvb

And the strap is an olive (military) green NATO strap with black hardware to match the face, 22mm for the AVI-8 watch – http://amzn.to/2gUXTeM

Camera used: Canon PowerShot G7 X – http://amzn.to/2gMBMKh

Remember to Subscribe!

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WildFit Challenge – Week 9 & 10 – Yah Still Spring

Nothing much to report here really, still in deep spring on the WildFit Challenge, still avoiding all middle vegetables (including carrots, red peppers, root vegetables, sweet potato etc).

It’s getting easier as time goes on, and we quite enjoy it. It makes grocery shopping really easy, cooking is simpler and less messy (no sticky sugar residue anywhere) and washing up is really easy (fringe benefits of eating like this haha).

It may seem a little more costly at first as you have to buy some new stuff (Aminos, organic balsamic, good oils etc) but after that, it’s pretty much cheaper all the time with very little eating out (Expensive!) and no snacking, junk food or cakes (really Expensive!).

Week 9

We still regularly eat out (At least one a week) and always at Nando’s haha, safest place in the mall. Whole chicken, plain flavour, 4 grilled veges with no carrots.

Liam can eat a whole quarter chicken by himself now (taken off the bone of course).

Liam at Nando's

And then after that he can polish off a whole bowl of peri fries, what a beast. And sometimes he’ll ask for some ‘trees’ too (aka Broccoli).

We did manage to find somewhere else to eat out finally haha, Opika in 1 Utama – an organic market and restaurant. They have some great gluten-free cakes too and the food is really nice and reasonably priced.

Opika 1 Utama

They were really cool too, I messed up my order as I thought it came with sweet potato mash, but I read it wrongly, it was actually sweet basil and potato mash – but they were super cool and changed out the potatoes for me to sweet potatoes with no charge and no fuss.

Opika - 1 Utama - Meatballs

It was delicious, and on diet (if you’re in summer, which I wasn’t but hey you gotta have some leeway).

And yah, we folded and had some cake to feed our Candida haha. It was incredibly delicious and mostly guilt free (gluten and dairy free).

Opika - 1 Utama - Coconut Cake

Really nice cake!

Week 10

Nando’s again of course haha, here’s our full order (plus 2 bottles of water).

Nandos Again!

It’s actually pretty easy to eat clean at Nandos, it’s a tasting and satisfying meal, totally on diet with no guilt! And for the portion sizes, pretty decently priced.

I find myself constantly judging people in Nandos now though, with 1/4 chicken, double carbs (chips and rice) and no veges in sight. It’s a healthy place to eat only if you choose it to be, otherwise, it can be just as bad as anywhere else – it comes down the choices YOU personally make each day and each and every meal.

I was starting to show real signs up weight loss and was able to wear old clothes I haven’t worn in 4-5 years (that were tight then) and have them be pretty loose.

Wearing Old Clothes

Time to start shopping for some new stuff I reckon!

Week 9 & 10 Summary

So yah, not too hard really, still having delicious meals, bitter green smoothies each morning (about 32oz or 1L each) and not going hungry ever.

I’m keeping up some moderate excercise with Couch to 5k and doing some push-ups too, to build my upper body strength, core and give me some toning.

We will keep going in deep spring as it’s working well, we feel very focused, very energetic and are doing great. Up to date I’ve lost about 12kg (around 26lbs) on WildFit and in total since June I’ve lost around 20kg (around 44lbs) including losing around 5% body fat (still a long way to go with that one haha).

To summarise:

– Drink more water (at least 6-8 large glasses a day)
– Drink the Alkagizer Prime every day (no fruits)
– Add an EXTRA portion of vegetables at every meal
– Continue removing refined sugars
– Continue removing all grains (rice, wheat etc) and white potato
– Continue removing dairy (and all byproducts)
– Continue to remove Food additives, Nicotine, Alcohol and Caffeine
– Continue to Remove fruits, sweet vegetables, beans and honey

Food wise, no changes, remember the tips if you are struggling with the switch and energy (more good fats, plenty of salt etc) and keep on in WildFit Spring!

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VLOG001 – Easy Paleo Mayonnaise Recipe (Whole30 Compliant)

I started Vlogging (yay) and here’s my first video an easy Paleo Mayonnaise recipe which is also Whole30 compliant and of course SUGAR FREE.

Easy Paleo Mayonnaise Recipe

WildFit has changed me so much (totally changed our lives in fact) and I had a bit of a milestone today – I managed to buy a pair of Uniqlo jeans – which means I no longer have to wear ‘fat man’ clothes (which my wife calls choosing between ugly shirt A or ugly shirt B) and I can wear things I want to wear as I can fit in regular sizes on normal shops now – so I’m SUPER happy about that.

Anyway, I decided to try something else new as well, which is vlogging – many people asked about how to make Mayonnaise so that’s my first video, if you are interested in this kinda thing and more WildFit/Paleo/Whole30 compliant tips and recipes (nut butter, pickles, pancakes, deep fried oysters etc) tune in.

Here’s the video:

I’ll also be vlogging about other random other stuff as I’ll just be recording my life with my family and what I get up to (so expect to see some Liam too).

So please subscribe, share the videos if you find them useful and give me feedback!

If you have any questions, ask them below or on the video.

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WildFit Challenge – Week 7 & 8 – Staying In Spring

Into WildFit Challenge week 7 we go (and week 8 really as they are pretty much the same). Honestly being in Spring gets easier and easier and week 7 is significantly better than week 6 (which is by FAR the hardest week of all) and then 8 is better than 7 and so on.

So yeah, things were going well – during week 7 I was down to about 119kg which is around 6kg down from the start of WildFit when I was 125kg.

Week 7

Spring is actually not too difficult, especially for us as we both enjoy cooking, we have the equipment, the tools and the skills to cook tasty food within the constraints of Spring.

The only really danger in Spring is boredom, I don’t really feel hungry, my energy is stabilised and I find eating much more salt helps (ketosis is diuretic and fat stores a lot of water and mineral content) so 3-5 grams a day is good (high quality pink Himalayan salt or unprocessed sea salt).

We had some amazing meals nevertheless.

Paleo Ikan Bakar (yes you can find chili boh and sambal with no sugar).

Paleo Ikan Bakar

Served with cauliflower and broccoli rice of course (our go-to for Asian food).

Yah I was in a spicy, Asian food mood haha – one of my favourites – Petai Prawns!

Paleo Petai Prawns

We also found a great and completely compliant place to eat out – Chimichurri Jaya One. They have 2 really nice dressings without sugar and you can assemble your meal to be completely spring/paleo compliant.

Chimichurri Jaya One

More Asian food haha, this is something we have every week now seen as though we shop at NSK every Sunday night we grab a lovely fresh Siakap and steam it or oven bake it with ginger, garlic, chilis and some coconut aminos or Bragg’s aminos.

Paleo Steamed Fish

Week 8

We had another go at eating out at a place called Goodness Greens Cafe in TTDI, not even gonna talk about that as I had a bad experience and won’t be going back. Basically, a place that’s pretending to be healthy-ish – but really isn’t and has NO Dressings on the menu without some form of sugar (apart from plain olive oil, which I ended up having to have).

Bah Kuh Teh with konyaku noodles. If you have noodle cravings, these will be your saviour. In the US they sold as Miracle noodles or something like that, basically carb free, zero calorie noodles. 97% water and some undigestible fibre.

BKT with Konyaku Noodles.jpg

There’s no real secret to this phase, or staying in Spring other than to keep yourself fed well, make the effort to shop – learn to cook better and be creative.

Google whatever you want to eat + Paleo and then adapt it to fit in Spring.

Honestly don’t have a whole lot of meal pictures after this point as it stopped being a novelty and just started being how we eat every day, we don’t feel hungry, we have amazing energy, we sleep great and even when we don’t sleep that long we don’t feel tired all day.

Cravings are 99% gone (the odd devil conversation does pop-up now and then).

Pretty amazing really.

Buying some Ketostix – Ketone Measurement Sticks

This is also the stage when you want to know if you are entering Ketosis. So I bought some Ketostix aka Ketone sticks to test how I was doing, apparently, I was doing great (or not depending on how much you read..).

Ketone Sticks Malaysia

I bought the Sensatest Ketone Urine Reagent Strips 100 Strips from Lazada.

So yah, definitely in Ketosis, in optional nutritional ketosis? Probably not – but on the way for sure! It’s good to have a sign that we were doing the right thing. Now you have to understand Ketone urine reagent strips and that they measure what equates to excess ketones and also don’t measure the type of ketones you produce when you are fully keto or fat adapted.

So they are a very blunt tool. If you want an accurate measurement you need to do a blood test with something like the FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System – but that’s a step too far for me.

You can read this to understand more:

Week 7 & 8 Summary

This is the time to buckle down, get into a rhythm and commit to doing this for as long as you need to. We surprisingly didn’t struggle too much, of course, cravings hit us hard sometimes – and we succumbed to some compliant as possible treats from time to time (almond coconut cookies and similar).

We ate a lot, made sure we had plenty of variety and still ate out at least once a week (our weekly Nando’s outing – a whole chicken with 4 portions of grilled vegetables, no carrots).

With the odd other meal at Paleolicious, ChimiChurri or sometimes we had to make do with whatever was available that was most supportive of our health (Subway salad is an option).

This is also a great time to start working out with a little more intention, which is why I started back up my Couch to 5k training.

And if you want to go a little deeper, here are some great books to read on the subject:

The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living
Keto Clarity: Your Definitive Guide to the Benefits of a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet
The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance
Why We Get Sick: The New Science of Darwinian Medicine
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health
Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar–Your Brain’s Silent Killers
New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great.
The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss
Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It
The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted

Read all of the above and you’ll be in an educated position to take complete control of your health. It’s a powerful position to be in.

If you are struggling to switch into ketosis, remember the following tips:

– Up your salt intake (my preference is Himalayan pink salt as it’s very mineral rich and pretty cheap and easily available here)
– Eat plenty of healthy fats (Coconut oil, fatty fish, avocados)
– Even more water than usual
– At minimum some moderate exercise (brisk walking for 20-30 minutes every day is enough, especially when you feel low energy)

To summarise:

– Drink more water (at least 6-8 large glasses a day)
– Drink the Alkagizer Prime every day (no fruits)
– Add an EXTRA portion of vegetables at every meal
– Continue removing refined sugars
– Continue removing all grains (rice, wheat etc) and white potato
– Continue removing dairy (and all byproducts)
– Continue to remove Food additives, Nicotine, Alcohol and Caffeine
– Continue to Remove fruits, sweet vegetables, beans and honey

Yup, so no change – keep on in WildFit Spring!

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Resuming My Couch To 5k Training – Learning To Run

I started this journey way back in 2013 with my Couch to 5k training and my dusty treadmill and unfortunately this category on my blog has remained lonely with only 2 posts in it for the past 3 years.

But now I’m eating well with WildFit, I feel great and have loads of energy, plus I’m way better at committing to things now – I decided to take it up again.

I think last time I only documented the first workout of week 1 and probably didn’t manage to get much further than that: Couch-to-5k – Week 1 Workout 1 Conquered!.

This time though, I WILL FINISH IT! No promises I’ll actually be able to run 5 kilometres at the end, but I’ll give it a damn good go.

So yah, I started again. Started with walking at 3.2 mph and jogging at 5.2 mph – not too bad. Got a good sweat on and heart rate maxed out (my Fitbit Charge 2 arrived just in time!).

Resuming My Couch To 5k Training

It’s a good work-out, nicely paced and with 3.2/5.2 mph I find it very manageable to complete. The first week has you going about 2.6km in 28 minutes.

Fitbit Charge 2 - Couch to 5k

I’ve actually complete 3 weeks of the program now and am starting my 4th (tomorrow night will be Week 4 – Day 1) and I haven’t missed a single session yet, plus I’ve completed them all.

My speed is up as well, now I’m doing 3.4 mph for the brisk walk and 5.4 mph for the jogging sections (the past week had 2x 3 minute jogs – which was pretty intense).

Couch to 5K Training

It’ll be interesting to see what the coming week brings, I can definitely feel the difference in my cardiovascular fitness, stamina and ability to run. It helps a lot of Badminton (which I try to play at least twice a week) – and burns insane calories (1500-2000 in a 2 hour session).

Definitely getting thinner, fitter and healthier every day!

Get a great book to help here: 5K Training For Beginners: From Couch To 5K Runner In 8 Weeks Or Less

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WildFit Challenge – Week 6 – Entering Ketosis AKA Spring

Week 6 is here, winter is over, fruits are gone and we are entering ketosis – also known in WildFit terms as ‘Spring’. I think the past 5 weeks have been leading up to this, week by week eliminating the most obvious bad stuff (sugars, dairy, grains, carbs) and the toxins which cause fat storage (alcohol, nicotine, caffeine) – all that’s left now which could make us gain weight is..

THE FRUIT – so yah, no more fruit platters for breakfast – fruit is OUT. No more apples in the Alkagizer, no more Alkagizer Mild. Now we switch to Alkagizer Prime which is basically a bitter green smoothie.

It’s not too bad at this point as our taste-buds have normalized a lot, so we can even detect sweetness in Lemon Juice now..

Day 1

Wow the first few days after cutting the fruit is TOUGH, your body is just screaming 24/7 for sugar, for carbs, for something to give it quick energy, you feel a crushing tiredness, headaches, body aches, cramps and I had pretty bad nausea too – this is called Keto Flu.

We continued having delicious meals, but Kimberly kept talking about Krispy Kreme donuts every 5 minutes, all day, and I kept having dreams of big piles of baguettes slathered in French rolled butter..

Steak, Mushrooms and Broccoli

Day 3

By midweek we were feeling kinda better, slightly.. Energy was still hard to manage, especially if you exercised – aerobic exercise is recommend but not anaerobic which I did (Badminton). I feel asleep on the sofa immediately after getting back from badminton and woke up at 5am!

Badminton in Ketosis

The Rest of the Week

Of course we continued having amazing meals, this was one by me – sous vide salmon with stir fried mixed vetables in a little Bragg’s Aminos.

Sous Vide Salmon

We also realised we were shopping very differently and Malaysia does have healthier options available in all shops pretty much, you just need to look for them. Jaya Grocer has grass feed beef and a decent organic section where we could replace our normal Balsamic Vinegar with an organic option containing no sugar, caramel or colourings.

Healthy Foods at Jaya Grocer

This was a winner too, sous vide grass fed steak with roasted mixed vegetables and lightly pickled cucumber.

Grass Fed Steak

Selling my Nespresso Coffee Maker

I also got hardcore committed not not ingesting caffeine any more and decided to sell my Nespresso Pixie – it sold within an hour of me posting it.

Nespresso Pixie for Sale

Feels good to not have a daily drug addiction any more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure caffeine will pass my lips on occasion in the form of chocolate – but it will be minimal and infrequent. Coffee and Tea is pretty much below my line of acceptability right now.

Making Nut Milk

Nut milk is REALLY expensive in Malaysia and usually has all sorts of crap in it, including sweeteners, chemicals and only about 2% nuts.

Making Macadamia Milk

It’s really easy to make at home with some raw Macadamias bought from a baking supplies shop for about RM80-90 per kilo.

– Soak them for 2 hours with some good salt (pink himalayan or sea salt) and a splash of apple cider vinegar
– Blend them (1 cup of nuts with about 3 cups of water)
– Season to taste
– Drain with a nut bag (or we just used a cheese cloth)
– Chill and enjoy!

Honestly it’d be a lot nicer with a little sweetener (raw honey or maple syrup) but we can’t have those right now, and it’s pretty nice without.

Week 6 Summary

I’ve got to say, as far as this program goes, this is by far the toughest week so far – last week was pretty hard, but the fruit keeps your energy pretty high so you don’t suffer too much.

But as soon as you cut the fruit out, bam, your energy sinks to the bottom of the ocean and you feel all over the place as the last remnants of sugar leave your body.

It’s one time when you have to exercise some willpower, read about what is going on with your body and power through it until you flip your switch from sugar burning to fat burning (ketosis or entering a ketogenic state).

Probably the most valuable article I read about it was this one: Keto-adaptation: what it is and how to adjust

– So up your salt intake (my preference is Himalayan pink salt as it’s very mineral rich and pretty cheap and easily available here)
– Eat plenty of healthy fats (Coconut oil, fatty fish, avocados)
– Even more water than usual
– Some moderate exercise (brisk walking for 20-30 minutes every day is enough, especially when you feel low energy)

To summarise:

– Drink more water (at least 6-8 large glasses a day)
– Drink the Alkagizer Prime every day (no fruits)
– Add an EXTRA portion of vegetables at every meal
– Continue removing refined sugars
– Continue removing all grains (rice, wheat etc) and white potato
– Continue removing dairy (and all byproducts)
– Continue to remove Food additives, Nicotine, Alcohol and Caffeine
Remove fruits, sweet vegetables, beans and honey

Ouch. Those fruits were really keeping me going!

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Web Application Security – DevFest + GDay George Town 2016

Recently I was invited down to Penang for DevFest + GDay George Town 2016 to give a talk on Web Application Security. This is my 3rd year in a row attending (for a panel and last year a talk) and this year I managed to record (most of) my talk with my own camera.

Web Application Security Talk

The subject I covered was titled “An introduction to Web Application Security” mainly focused for web application developers (although most principles also apply to mobile and native or embedded apps). The talk covers the basic principles of infosec (CIA), do’s and don’t and the top 5 from the OWASP Top 10.

I thought what was the highest value subject that I have some decent expertise in and is relevant to the audience (mostly young or junior web and mobile devs), last year I already covered CI/CD and the tools used + some agile.

So this year I decided to go back to my roots and dive into security in a fairly holistic manner (without getting too technical).


The slides are up on Slideshare here:

And the (almost) full video is here:

Apologies for the last 5-10 minutes being cut off as the camera battery ran out 🙁

Hope you enjoyed it.

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WildFit Challenge – Week 5 – No Alcohol or Caffeine

This week was a shocker for a lot of people, WHAT NO CAFFEINE TO WAKE UP?! WHAT NO ALCOHOL TO FALL ASLEEP?! NO NICOTINE?! Indeed, no alcohol or caffeine and no nicotine.

WildFit Challenge – Week 5 – No Alcohol or Caffeine

Yah, those are the crutches most people are extremely reliant on, and the basis is that now you’re extremely well nutritionally satisfied at this stage (After having Alkagizers and fruits for 3 weeks now, any withdrawal symptoms you might have will be minimised drastically).

I already stopped caffeine earlier when we stopped dairy because honestly coffee doesn’t taste that great, especially without cream or milk – it’s just kinda bitter and very acidic. But alcohol haha, slightly harder for me as I love beer and whisky and enjoy them on a fairly regular basis.

I have stopped alcohol totally for 30 days before just to make sure I was an alcoholic (Which my family has history of) and I could do it just fine, so I know a few weeks in this case is no problem.

Caffeine was a real problem for some people, especially those with a 4-5 cups a day habit, they had terrible withdrawals (sweating, trouble sleeping, back aches, intense tiredness, shaking and more).

The Kitchen Clean-out

No real changes for us, but this week we got REALLY committed to this, I wanted to throw away some jam and a few things from the fridge and we ended up cleaning out the entire fridge, freezer and all our cupboards.

We were brutal, anything with ANY form of sugar, dairy or wheat is gone. Cupboard, fridge and freezer now only contain foods that support us.

I’ll be honest, it was hard, but not as hard as I thought, I have a strong emotional/cultural attachment to some things, which I don’t even really eat (which is odd) but feel much better now I don’t have to hang onto them any more.

The ones that really hurt me were:

– Branston Pickle
– Sriracha
– HP Sauce
– Worcester Sauce (its my hometown)
– Biscoff (malt biscuit spread)
– Bagels
– English Breakfast Tea (Yorkshire)
– Pickled Gherkins

For Kim it was her beloved jelly. For most I’m sure we can find more functional alternatives. I was surprised neither of us was really attached to the ice cream.

Ended up with about 6 bin bags full of crap.

Started slow with condiments, yup they all have sugar in.

Condiments with Sugar

The first huge pile of stuff.

Non functional foods

More crap.

Sugar laden foods

Another thing we observed was that we had bought a lot of this stuff, but 90% of it was unopened and expired which means we thought we wanted it, but actually we didn’t and never ended up consuming it.

Which kinda shows we were already on the right track, just not consciously, not all the way and not fully committed.

Day 1

By now honestly I didn’t real feel the need to eat lunch, the fruits and Alkagizer were very filling and kept me full till about 3-4pm when we just needed something light to keep us going to dinner (an avocado) and one of our favourites, and the reason I made mayonaise is two 6-minute boiled eggs with some sea salt, mayo and paprika.

Eggs with home-made mayo

And of course we kept on with our carb free meals for now to flip our switch to fat burning as we move into week 6 and a new season.

Day 4

We managed to eat out and stay on plan, no pictures of the food as we were too hungry haha. We went to Nando’s after taking Liam for his play-time at Ikano.

He also had a fairly WildFit compliant diet but we got him some fries as he does need more carbs than us to keep growing. We weren’t even tempted to eat any of the fries, which was pretty amazing.

Liam at Nandos

I had grilled veges, half a chicken (which seemed too much) and sweet corn – totally on plan.

So the week went pretty well so far, no problems so far.

Week 5 Summary

So the week wasn’t too bad and for Kim was easy as she doesn’t have to change anything really (She doesn’t drink coffee, alcohol or smoke so ya) but we did cut out all processed foods just to follow the program as strictly as possible.

That means everything you can buy in a can, jar or vacuum pack is out for now to give our body a break from all the chemicals and preservatives in those types of food.

Everything we are eating is natural and fresh.

Honestly wasn’t too hard for me either, as I have a massive beer tasting coming up on 29th (gonna be TOTALLY off program) so I can stop for a while, and probably will enjoy stopping after that too haha.

To summarise:

– Drink more water (at least 6-8 large glasses a day)
– Eat 3 pieces of fruit each morning on an empty stomach
– Drink the Alkagizer Mild every day
– Add an EXTRA portion of vegetables at every meal
– Continue removing refined sugars
– Continue removing all grains (rice, wheat etc) and white potato
– Continue removing dairy (and all byproducts)
Remove Food additives, Nicotine, Alcohol and Caffeine

The enhancement for Week 6 was kinda expected too and we started during the buffer zone (for the first time). More on that in next weeks post!

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Doctor Ringgit – Get Cash Loan Within 24 Hours in Malaysia

Doctor Ringgit is an online licensed money lender in Malaysia focusing on small loans, a simple stress free process and a quick 24-hour turn around.

Doctor Ringgit - Get Cash Loan Within 24 Hours in Malaysia

Loans are available from RM500-5000 (capped at RM2000 for first time borrowers) with a maximum of 18% (around the same as most credit cards charge annual interest rate).

Sometimes you just need that little extra cash, you need it fast and you can pay it back once you get your salary. The initial term for the loans are at a maximum of 30 days, but if one cannot afford to pay it back when due, they can opt for an extension of the loan for another 30 days by paying the minimum payment. Much like credit cards, if by only paying the minimum amount required, one can finish paying off the loan by the 12th month.

The application is super straight forwards.

Doctor Ringgit Loan Application

Doctor Ringgit promises to be:

  • Rapid – A few minutes to apply using their hassle free application process, upon approval money is disbursed within 24 hours (for business days)
  • Simple – Skip queues, complex application procedures and long approval times
  • Transparent– They make it a priority to be transparent about your loan details and conditions

Who Can Apply For Doctor Ringgit

The application process is as follows:

  • Step 1 – Apply on the website using your phone number, full name, current salary, occupation, NRIC and full address
  • Step 2 – Their Risk Department will call you to verify the above details and to explain the loan details
  • Step 3 – Verification department will validate your details and give approval (or not)
  • Step 4 – Their Riders will meet with you to sign the Loan Agreement
  • Step 5 – Money will be disbursed to your account

You can find out more here: http://www.doctorringgit.info and get some quick cash if you need it!

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