Malaysian Theme Parks – An Interactive Guide

There are quite a number of Malaysian Theme Parks, many of which people aren’t really aware of – Expedia has come out with a great Interactive Malaysian Theme Parks Guide which allows you to explore the various options available.

Malaysian Theme Parks - An Interactive Guide

It allows you to filter the list in various ways by location, price or the activities available. Most of the Malaysian Theme Parks are in KL/Selangor area or Johor.

If you click on “Find out more” on any of the parks there’s quite detailed information including opening hours, some reviews, a description, the admission fee and food and accommodation available.

Legoland Malaysia

It also includes a map with the directions to get there from your current location + driving time and the full address.

Legoland Malaysia Directions

We actually really love theme parks so this is a great way to keep track of them, we actually went to Legoland way back in 2005 just after it opened and had a fun day out! Really great place to take your kids (please ignore what I’m wearing, OMAIGARD what was I thinking).

Badly dressed man at Legoland Malaysia

So it’s great to have a place to keep track of what’s available, where it is and how much it costs. I recently went to Fuji-Q in Japan and that was amazing so I’m definitely looking forwards to more theme parks, especially when 20th Century Fox World opens in Genting.

Fujiyama - King of Coasters

Do check out the guide, it might give you some ideas for your next family trip:

Malaysian Theme Parks Guide

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Visa payWave Security – Yes IT IS SAFE And So Convenient

I’ve seen threads about Visa payWave security crop up on my Facebook timeline quite a few times, especially with Malaysia mandating the usage of “Chip-and-PIN” cards to be compulsory January 2017 (last month). Most of these cards come with contactless payment options, most commonly Visa payWave.

Visa payWave Security - Yes IT IS SAFE And So Convenient

I’m pretty sure by now everyone is familiar with contactless payment, Visa payWave being the most common type and NFC phone type payments (not currently supported in Malaysia) like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

I mean look at my old ass UK Barclays Card, we’ve had contactless payments since 2007 and hardly anyone in the UK uses cash anymore as it’s just so convenient. And no, we don’t have a bunch of security issues, cloned cards and RFID card theft.

UK Barclays Debit Visa

So what is the deal with the security of them? For a brief layman’s type overview check out this video first:

A lot of the concerns come from viral-type videos of people in the Subway ‘cloning’ people’s credit or debit cards whilst they are inside their handbags or wallets. It’s a neat trick, but in reality, it’s not so useful and the person reading your card with their RFID reader is actually getting less info than if they just peeked over your shoulder at the shopping mall and looking at the front of your card.

And of course a bunch of wallets on Kickstarter to go along with this, that protect you from that via “RFID protection”.

I’m glad to see my Malaysian cards finally getting up to date with Chip-and-PIN implementation + Visa payWave contactless payment, both Debit and Credit.

Malaysian Visa payWave

I use payWave quite a lot, I’ve gotta say the Malaysian implementation of it right isn’t bad, but I’d like to see some improvements. I’ve had no real issues at shopping malls or places like Tesco but I’ve struggled a bit at petrol stations. And more shops needs to rewire/adapt their terminals so we can enter our PIN more easily and securely (UK shops usually have separate permanent terminals solely for contactless payment and PIN entry).

But let’s talk more about the security of it, as that seems to the concern of the majority of people. Let’s start with putting it this way, I’m an information security professional (trained, experienced and certified) and I have no issues with carrying or using contactless payment cards.

And I don’t think you should either.

In theory, if someone managed to scan your card they would have had to get their reader within 4cm of your card, with your card not being near other cards and all they would have got is your card number and your expiry date.

Your name and the most critical of all, the CVV2 code (the 3 digits on the back of your card on the signature strip) are not stored on the card so they can’t be read. Plus the card itself has a unique cryptographically signed chip in to verify it’s original (that’s why chip cards are more secure than magnetic strip cards).

To do an online transaction you need those AND your physical home address and then you’ll be sent to the Verified by Visa page where you will need to enter the code sent to your phone via SMS to proceed with the purchase.

Maybank Verified by Visa

So in reality, its not that straightforward to steal, clone or misuse your card details.

In the absolute worst case scenario, someone stole your phone AND your card, you just need to call the Telco to cancel your SIM card and call the bank to cancel your Credit or Debit card.

If you have any further questions ask below and I’ll do my best to answer you, security is a top priority for Visa so use your cards without worry.

Please note the views express here are my own and do not represent views of Visa and associated companies.

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VLOG003 – Getting Rid Of Clothes After Losing Weight (20kg/44lb)

So here’s a great problem to have, getting rid of clothes after losing weight! I lost about 20kg (23kg to date) and obviously, my old clothes didn’t fit anymore, not even vaguely.

Getting Rid Of Clothes After Losing Weight

This video documents the fun journey of going through my old clothes (some of which I was deeply emotionally attached to) and getting rid of them.

This book helped a lot to be honest: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Those that were pretty worn out went to H&M for recycling and 2x 15% off vouchers for every 2 bags.

Those that were wearable and some honestly were like brand new went to Kedai Bless in 1 Utama.

And the MOST fun part started after, shopping for new clothes now I can fit into Old Navy, H&M, Uniqlo, FOS and even Top Man!

Remember SUBSCRIBE NOW for more VLOGS.

Camera used: Canon PowerShot G7 X

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Where To Go In Malaysia – Interactive Travel Map

Say you’re travelling to Malaysia for the first time, or like me, you live here and are looking where to go in Malaysia – for something new and interesting. This new tool by Expedia could come in really handy!

It’s an Interactive Travel Map of Malaysia that provides info about the major cities and points of interest including things to do, where to eat and Flight + Hotel info.

Where To Go In Malaysia - Interactive Travel Map


It currently covers:

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Langkawi
  • Melaka
  • Labuan
  • Johor
  • Putrajaya
  • Penang
  • Kota Kinabalu
  • Cameron Highlands
  • Kuching
  • Ipoh

With a ‘Things to Do’ and ‘Food’ section for each place plus a link to a Flights and Hotel guide for each.

Food in Kuala Lumpur, some great suggestions:

Food in Kuala Lumpur

Points of Interest

If you click on the pin on the map, it has more details for each location. Including the full address, opening hours and a description of the place.

Fierce Curry House

Fierce, one of my favourite places! (When I still at rice and bread..haha).

There’s plenty of interesting places to visit in there too, even for KL natives it might give you some new ideas for weekend activities (Farm in the City or Broga Hill for example?).

So do have a look through.

You can find out more about Malaysia by checking out the Expedia Interactive Travel Map.

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VLOG002 – How To Install A NATO Watch Strap – 22mm AVI-8

NATO straps are super in at the moment, here’s a video on how to install a NATO watch strap – specifically on a 22mm lug AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II watch.

How To Install A NATO Watch Strap

The watch is an AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II my wife bought my for my birthday <3 -

And the strap is an olive (military) green NATO strap with black hardware to match the face, 22mm for the AVI-8 watch –

Camera used: Canon PowerShot G7 X –

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VLOG001 – Easy Paleo Mayonnaise Recipe (Whole30 Compliant)

I started Vlogging (yay) and here’s my first video an easy Paleo Mayonnaise recipe which is also Whole30 compliant and of course SUGAR FREE.

Easy Paleo Mayonnaise Recipe

WildFit has changed me so much (totally changed our lives in fact) and I had a bit of a milestone today – I managed to buy a pair of Uniqlo jeans – which means I no longer have to wear ‘fat man’ clothes (which my wife calls choosing between ugly shirt A or ugly shirt B) and I can wear things I want to wear as I can fit in regular sizes on normal shops now – so I’m SUPER happy about that.

Anyway, I decided to try something else new as well, which is vlogging – many people asked about how to make Mayonnaise so that’s my first video, if you are interested in this kinda thing and more WildFit/Paleo/Whole30 compliant tips and recipes (nut butter, pickles, pancakes, deep fried oysters etc) tune in.

Here’s the video:

I’ll also be vlogging about other random other stuff as I’ll just be recording my life with my family and what I get up to (so expect to see some Liam too).

So please subscribe, share the videos if you find them useful and give me feedback!

If you have any questions, ask them below or on the video.

Here are my WildFit posts:

WildFit Challenge – Week 1 – Inner Dialogue
WildFit Challenge – Week 2 – Alkagizer Mild
WildFit Challenge – Week 3 – NO SUGAR!
WildFit Challenge – Week 4 – NO CARBS Or Dairy
WildFit Challenge – Week 5 – No Alcohol or Caffeine
WildFit Challenge – Week 6 – Entering Ketosis AKA Spring
WildFit Challenge – Week 7 & 8 – Staying In Spring
WildFit Challenge – Week 9 & 10 – Yah Still Spring
WildFit Challenge – Week 11 & 12 – A Small Break

And you can find out more and buy WildFit here: Why WildFit – a 3 Part Video Series

And remember to subscribe to my VLOG:

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Resuming My Couch To 5k Training – Learning To Run

I started this journey way back in 2013 with my Couch to 5k training and my dusty treadmill and unfortunately this category on my blog has remained lonely with only 2 posts in it for the past 3 years.

But now I’m eating well with WildFit, I feel great and have loads of energy, plus I’m way better at committing to things now – I decided to take it up again.

I think last time I only documented the first workout of week 1 and probably didn’t manage to get much further than that: Couch-to-5k – Week 1 Workout 1 Conquered!.

This time though, I WILL FINISH IT! No promises I’ll actually be able to run 5 kilometres at the end, but I’ll give it a damn good go.

So yah, I started again. Started with walking at 3.2 mph and jogging at 5.2 mph – not too bad. Got a good sweat on and heart rate maxed out (my Fitbit Charge 2 arrived just in time!).

Resuming My Couch To 5k Training

It’s a good work-out, nicely paced and with 3.2/5.2 mph I find it very manageable to complete. The first week has you going about 2.6km in 28 minutes.

Fitbit Charge 2 - Couch to 5k

I’ve actually complete 3 weeks of the program now and am starting my 4th (tomorrow night will be Week 4 – Day 1) and I haven’t missed a single session yet, plus I’ve completed them all.

My speed is up as well, now I’m doing 3.4 mph for the brisk walk and 5.4 mph for the jogging sections (the past week had 2x 3 minute jogs – which was pretty intense).

Couch to 5K Training

It’ll be interesting to see what the coming week brings, I can definitely feel the difference in my cardiovascular fitness, stamina and ability to run. It helps a lot of Badminton (which I try to play at least twice a week) – and burns insane calories (1500-2000 in a 2 hour session).

Definitely getting thinner, fitter and healthier every day!

Get a great book to help here: 5K Training For Beginners: From Couch To 5K Runner In 8 Weeks Or Less

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Web Application Security – DevFest + GDay George Town 2016

Recently I was invited down to Penang for DevFest + GDay George Town 2016 to give a talk on Web Application Security. This is my 3rd year in a row attending (for a panel and last year a talk) and this year I managed to record (most of) my talk with my own camera.

Web Application Security Talk

The subject I covered was titled “An introduction to Web Application Security” mainly focused for web application developers (although most principles also apply to mobile and native or embedded apps). The talk covers the basic principles of infosec (CIA), do’s and don’t and the top 5 from the OWASP Top 10.

I thought what was the highest value subject that I have some decent expertise in and is relevant to the audience (mostly young or junior web and mobile devs), last year I already covered CI/CD and the tools used + some agile.

So this year I decided to go back to my roots and dive into security in a fairly holistic manner (without getting too technical).


The slides are up on Slideshare here:

And the (almost) full video is here:

Apologies for the last 5-10 minutes being cut off as the camera battery ran out 🙁

Hope you enjoyed it.

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Doctor Ringgit – Get Cash Loan Within 24 Hours in Malaysia

Doctor Ringgit is an online licensed money lender in Malaysia focusing on small loans, a simple stress free process and a quick 24-hour turn around.

Doctor Ringgit - Get Cash Loan Within 24 Hours in Malaysia

Loans are available from RM500-5000 (capped at RM2000 for first time borrowers) with a maximum of 18% (around the same as most credit cards charge annual interest rate).

Sometimes you just need that little extra cash, you need it fast and you can pay it back once you get your salary. The initial term for the loans are at a maximum of 30 days, but if one cannot afford to pay it back when due, they can opt for an extension of the loan for another 30 days by paying the minimum payment. Much like credit cards, if by only paying the minimum amount required, one can finish paying off the loan by the 12th month.

The application is super straight forwards.

Doctor Ringgit Loan Application

Doctor Ringgit promises to be:

  • Rapid – A few minutes to apply using their hassle free application process, upon approval money is disbursed within 24 hours (for business days)
  • Simple – Skip queues, complex application procedures and long approval times
  • Transparent– They make it a priority to be transparent about your loan details and conditions

Who Can Apply For Doctor Ringgit

The application process is as follows:

  • Step 1 – Apply on the website using your phone number, full name, current salary, occupation, NRIC and full address
  • Step 2 – Their Risk Department will call you to verify the above details and to explain the loan details
  • Step 3 – Verification department will validate your details and give approval (or not)
  • Step 4 – Their Riders will meet with you to sign the Loan Agreement
  • Step 5 – Money will be disbursed to your account

You can find out more here: and get some quick cash if you need it!

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JavaScript To Mass Remove Facebook Group Members

So it turns out to delete a Facebook group it must have no admins, and no members, which seems kinda silly. So I found this JavaScript to Mass Remove Facebook Group Members and tweaked it a bit so it worked, it takes multiple runs to go through a large group – but in the end it got the job done and I could delete the group.

JavaScript To Mass Remove Facebook Group Members

Offical from Facebook:

If you’ve created a group, you can delete the group by removing all its members and then yourself. To delete a group: Go to the group you want to delete and click Members below the cover photo. Click next to each member’s name and select Remove from Group.

How do I delete a group? | Facebook Help Center | Facebook

The below code can help you with that, make sure you edit the excludedFbIds and enter your own Facebook ID so it doesn’t delete you first. You can find it here:

It works fine in Firefox, so edit it, then paste in the JavaScript console and run it. It might have errors sometimes and hang or pause, just reload the page and execute it again. I did a fairly big group with a few thousand members and it cleaned them all out eventually.

And that’s it, just keep running it and you’ll get there in the end.

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