WildFit Challenge – Week 2 – Alkagizer Mild

So into the second week of the WildFit Challenge we go, we introduce the Alkagizer Mild as a daily ritual and start eating a bunch of fruits every day before anything else. This was a reasonable enhancement, nothing to cut out – only more good stuff to add.

It felt very doable, it just required a little more planning and grocery shopping.

Day 1

So here was me Week 2, Day 1 morning before heading to work at the awesome Mindvalley office.

WildFit Challenge Week 2 Breakfast

After eating the 3 fruits (Kiwi, Apple + Plum), I actually felt quite full and had to consider if I even could finish the Alkagizer. But then I had the Alkagizer anyway (which took me far longer to ‘drink’ than I expected), as it’s more of a chunky than a smoothie – around 30 mins or so. And only half of it, there was still another jar left.

I thought we might need to water it down a bit more. Then after drinking the Alkagizer I felt more hungry, but not ravenous. I had to skip my bulletproof coffee I would normally have as I was out of time.

But I headed to the office and went to get a Subway tandoori salad as usual (with double meat), but they were out of Salad Bowls (what?!) so I had a wrap instead (still with double meat).

It was nice.

Was pretty hungry still be 6.30pm or so. I had the left-over Alkagizer after dinner, which on hindsight I probably shouldn’t as it has fruit in it – I should have had it before dinner on an empty stomach?

So yah, first day went fine so far. Honestly not super looking forwards to preparing a bunch more spinach and celery and blending a bunch of stuff tonight (without a blender..) – but onwards and upwards.

We tried our cheapo Elba blender last night, but it literally did nothing, just whirled a few bits around. It ended up in the bin.

So we did it in the food processor until it was basically finely diced, then stuck the immersion blender in and got it as fine as we could – yah am still pulling bits of celery out of my teeth.

Cheers, and here’s to day 2!

The rest of the week

It basically went fine, we didn’t run out of anything, Kim has been a champ preparing the Alkagizer every night (4 jars) as we aren’t morning people.


And we diligently at our fruits and Alkagizer each day, although it was hard to even think about eating lunch after that (especially with how long it took to down the rather chunky Alkagizer).

WildFit Challenge Week 2

I started rather enjoying it, and it became nice to sit down as a family and eat a bunch of fruits.

You can see how chunky our version is in the picture below haha.

WildFit Challenge Week 2

It was really fine, eating lunch was kinda tough, and we did start feeling very nutritionally satisfied – which reduces the cravings for bad stuff to almost zero. It’s gone very quiet in my head in regards to caffeine, sugar, bread etc.

Not much desire to snack between meals, good energy, good sleep.

Week 2 Summary

So the first enhancement this week, it went really well. A lot of people got a scare in the Friday video, but I’ll talk more about that in the week 3 post.

– Drink more water (at least 6-8 large glasses a day)
– Eat 3 pieces of fruit each morning on an empty stomach
– Drink the Alkagizer Mild
– Then eat lunch as normal
– Add an EXTRA portion of vegetables at every meal
– DO NOT give up anything
– Keep examining your dialogue

Feeling good so far, although a little scared about week 3 haha – it’s gonna be REAL tough for some people.

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